How to Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN’T Sleep! 10 Sleep Life Hacks!

Hello there I’m Natalie, sleep and i we used to have a love-hate relationship You see I used to sleep late and regret it every single morning raise your hand if you’re guilty of staying up late every night It’s okay. I am too in this case good this video thumbs up I won’t judge you I’m gonna show you the best sleeping hacks to help you fall asleep faster hold up I’m doing huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber A cannon your rule to enter just subscribe to become a part of the family, and that’s it that’s my challenge you guys to get this video to Half-a-million thumbs up. Oh my gosh where all those sleepless nights you guys have been beating every single one of my challenges I dare you to turn this to this by clicking below and giving it a thumbs up I want to give a huge shout out to Halima for watching my videos Thank you so much So if you want a shout out in my next video make sure you comment below right now hashtag nanofication squad And if you’re here within the first 30 minutes that every video goes live I will be choosing one of you so make sure you’re here early I’m gonna Instagram because I’m currently doing a huge giveaway where I’m giving away my favorite essentials makeup brushes Stationery Polaroid basically now essentials to you and let’s get on into the video What a stressful day, okay I have that math exam tomorrow and presentation but stop thinking and go to sleep Natalie if today and tomorrow’s problems are keeping you from a good night’s sleep a really simple hack II should try sir journal every night take a few minutes to jot down all your thoughts and emotions this will clear your mind from any anxiety you’re building up in your Head you’ll soon feel so relieved and unstressed you’ll be ready for bed If that’s still not enough try these stress relieving points. Please at any time to release anxiety or negative tension If you’re feeling hungry gravity for a quick light snack like cherry juice or cherries cherries are a natural source of melatonin This is what’s in charge or making a body’s internal clock say hey go to sleep Not only is it delicious But this light snack will make you have a better night’s sleep and just know that’s more tart the cherry is the more will help you regulate your sleep I Love being on my phone at night to relax But I also see myself going through the social media loophole and once you’re in it It’s hard to get out, but when you finally choose to decide to call it a night well if this happens And you know it does so to prevent yourself from staying up all night surfing the web do yourself a favor and? Disconnect put your phone on airplane mode and that way all notifications are silenced and there are no more distractions all you might need to Do now is relax Pillows may not seem like a big deal But soft pillows are actually harder to fall asleep with they don’t really support your body And you’ll find yourself tossing and turning more throughout the night So I recommend a firm pillow a curve like this is ideal to give your body good form when you sleep your pillow will fit You right if your nose points straight up at the ceiling and your shoulders touch against the pillow this will guarantee a sound and comfy sleep Creating your ideal sleep space is so important and you can start with the following choose an oil that’s lavender scented studies show that when Exposed to lavender people reported a 20% overall better sleep experience You’ll feel less stressed agitated and more relaxed Also getting in the routine of stretching at night is an easy fix falling asleep fast you see after a long day your body is more tense And it makes it more difficult to relax stretching will allow your muscles to be more relaxed to find a comfy position to sleep As for music set the mood with ambient music to remove any distracting samples Creating a space to keep your favorite books will help ease your mind because reading requires Imagination and storylines will entertain you your eyes are rapidly moving through the pages and this attention causes them to grow tired Studies have shown that any light give it off of electronics will affect your sleep health the best thing you can do for a healthy Sleep cycle is to avoid having any electronics such as a TV and you’re gonna trust me your quality of sleep will thank you Investing in a cozy blanket is ideal It’s ruined that people sleep the best at temperatures between 62 and 70 degrees when it comes to sleep temperature make sure you stay cozy What 11:01, are you kidding me? No, sleep sleep. It’s only been a minute is this thing wrong oh? My god. I can’t sleep okay All right quick hat placing your alarm where you can see it is only gonna keep you focus on a time and you will not sleep instead turning around or place it somewhere far from you that way you can focus on relaxing and not the Time if you put it far from you this is also great hack to help you get up in the morning to turn it off if you have the option to dim your lights before sleep do so and a yellowish tint will help you regulate your sleep and your Biological clock will prepare itself when your room is darker if you don’t have a dimmer use yellow tinted fairy lights and this will create The ambience you need plus your room will look extra cute If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep treat yourself to a warm cup of tea if you add honey even better because honey contains a sleep-inducing amino acid called tryptophan which is Used in helping patients minimize insomnia and of course if you haven’t diagnosed with insomnia don’t refer to honey as your only source to help You sleep Ah Nice warm bath light some candles get comfy use your favorite bubbling wash. This is mine I love it it smelled like lavender which we learned will help you relax your body for a more fulfilling sleep and Indulge in a nice warm bath. You deserve it hmm meditation You can call us what you like? But it’s also a practice to help you learn and breathe take some time for yourself get into comfy position And if you don’t know how to meditate use the simple trick close your eyes And think of one color my color is white breathes deeply and repeat the same color your mind over and over Focus only on the color every time I fall asleep. I’m telling you it works like magic oh My god, I just fall asleep. I’m so sorry these hacks really got to me I hope you enjoy a tasty pack video if you did make sure you get a huge thumbs up Also, check out my last video right over here by clicking on it Where show you the best DIY? Organizational life hacks if you’re a messy person like myself subscribe you right over there by clicking on my face I post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday and just make sure you have Notifications turned on by clicking on this little bill right over here that way I can see you twice a week No come on. You want to see me twice a week I wanna wish you an amazing day, and don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye!!!


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