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Today, competition is more, but the avenues are even more; television has made it very easy, for talented people to display their talent. But, this is also true that marketing has become really tough these days because these days, you make the product but doing its marketing is killing. So, a lot has changed but the thing has become difficult because now a lot of people have come. The aspirations in people have increased a lot. And, in today’s digital technology, one benefit is that talent from far, far away is able to reach us. For example, now in Ashiqui a music director from Kanpur named Ankit Tiwari came to us who has given us a wonderful song to us. Now, this became possible only through technology, he through e-mail could send us communication and could reach to us. Otherwise, in the age of our ancestors, that gatekeeper used to stand outside the door, until the he did not take the bribe he would not allow to enter. So, somewhere the access has increased but the competition has also increased. See, the young generation should understand one thing very, very clearly that there is no compass here, there is no map. The path that you will make that you can make only by walking. You will have to walk and while walking the path will be made by your footprints. There is no readymade super highway. And, as far as advice is concerned, see our poor kids get lectures from morning to evening. Every person gives them advice. People had advised me also that do not do this, do not do that, you would die if you do this. If I have reached here then I have reached because I did not listen to anyone. I listened only to my heart. I feel that kids should not listen to anyone and should follow only what their hearts say. Yes, sit with people and obtain knowledge from them, if you feel that it is right then accept it. The time in which I achieved success was different, my realities were different. The realities of today are different. The situations of today are different. So, you will have to stand on your feet, walk and make your way. The way, for last hundred years the achievers that were there, they had done the same. There is no readymade path. There is no compass.


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