How to Keep Your Audience Engaged on YouTube — 5 Tips

so how do you keep your current audience and subscribers engaged on YouTube we’ve got five tips for you coming right now hey what’s up guys Sean here Benji here and this is video influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video and on this channel we share tips and trick videos and have weekly interviews with youtubers so if you’re new here consider subscribing so it’s challenging enough to just build your subscriber base in the first place but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to keep them engaged just because someone subscribe you know originally from the video they might lose interest they might get distracted so we wanted to share a few tips of why this is so important tip number one consistency it is so important to be consistently showing up in front of your subscribers not just on youtube on social media as well especially in this busy world of social media and so many things come in at people you can get easily forgotten if you don’t be consistent yeah so along with consistency is really conditioning if people know you’re showing up weekly then they expect it but if you miss a month it’s easy to kind of be out of sight out of mind so you want to stay top of mind to keep your audience engaged so stay consistent tip number two quality is greater than quantity with that being said about consistency you want to have dope content you want to have content that people actually want to watch because this is a thing if you’ve got a lot of uploads and people don’t want to watch it when it shows up on their subscription box they might not even click through so have dope content that people actually want to watch yeah your goal should be to create no miss content now we get it this is super hard it’s like the bar is always raising and every single time you post a video you’re really branding yourself like you’re only as good is like your last time at bat and if you put out a couple videos that are fives for a while then your audience is like whoa they’re dropping some fives and so if you think about your best stuff on a scale from one to ten I like to think never let your stuff drop below an eight if you can go to two times a week and keep it at an eight maybe a seven sometimes cool if you go three times and do that cool but if you start posting too much and drops to a three or four that speaks to your audience and they can start disengaging tip number three engage so what we mean by this is actually communicate with your audience actually respond to comments on social media take the conversation to a deeper level that is what’s going to keep people literally engaged to your YouTube videos absolutely and as Benji mentioned jump off platform you know you might see someone in the comments on your youtube channel go connect with them on Twitter all of these touch points keep you again top of mind and keep you engaged with your audience tip number four just keep growing it’s a fact of life that some people just lose interest they’re not going to YouTube anymore maybe their questions have been answered so it’s really important to always find new subscribers that you can add value to yeah and if you go into your YouTube analytics every you know month you’ll notice that yeah you gained some subscribers but you also lost some YouTube shut down a few accounts they may be unsubscribed and so you do need to really be focusing on growth progress hustling grinding because there’s going to be attrition on every single YouTube channel tip number five focused content what we’re really trying to say is don’t get unfocused you know people subscribe for a certain reason so like a Cooking Channel they’re subscribing for recipe videos so for if out of nowhere you’re doing like car reviews they’re gonna lose interest because the original reason why they subscribe is not being served yeah so if you want to keep your audience engaged try to stay on brand keep leveling up it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment but always consider that they showed up for one thing if you divert from that someone who subscribed might unsubscribe because your content is unfocused question of the day what do the youtubers that you watch that keep you engaged to or what are the biggest mistakes from the youtubers that you kind of forget about you subscribed but you stopped watching we’d love to get your feedback in the comments section below thank you so much for watching make sure if you haven’t already consider subscribing to this channel and share this video with someone that would be helped by this topic yes and if you haven’t downloaded our free guide with 19 things do every single time you upload a YouTube video you can grab that will link it up in the description below as well as on the YouTube card and as always here on video influencers will help him you build your influence income and impact with online videos keep crushing it and we will talk soon hey what hey what’s up guys sean here hey wait sean i got something my eye its aloe vera we could we get you know if we’re good at it we could umh take it down and make it okay


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