How To Make Movie Theatre Snack Box | Pajanket Movie Night For Kids

– Are you ready, guys? – Today we’re gonna show you how to make a movie theater snack box. (Axel claps) (upbeat music) – Hi everybody, I’m Ava. – And I’m Axel. – And today, you might be
wondering what we are wearing. These are Pajankets. Pajanket, Pajanket. I just love saying the word Pajanket. – [Both] Pajanket, Pajanket. Pajanket, Pajanket, Pajanket. (Ava laughs) (short beeping) – They’re pajamas and
blankets mixed together. (upbeat music) Thank you, Pajanket, for
sponsoring this video. – The awesome part about these Pajankets, is when you walk around in the house, you won’t get them dirty because
they don’t drag behind you. It’s like a warm burrito
wrapped around you. – Burrito. – And if your arms get cold, you can pull in your arms like this. See, I have no arms! – Burrito! (upbeat music) – [Ava] You can also pull in your feet if your feet get cold. – I wear mine to walk around
the house and be lazy. – And jump on the trampoline! – Peekaboo!
– Hi! (upbeat music) – But, our favorite thing to
do in them is watch movies. (claps loudly) – That’s why today, we
are going to show you how to make a movie theater snack box. Let’s get started. (bell chimes) (laughter) – This is so easy, you guys. What you need is an empty cereal box. – And some tape. – Okay, and then you’re
going to tape the box shut. (upbeat music) See, now it will never
be able to open again. (thumps loudly) For this next part, you
need a water bottle. You also need a bowl that is smaller than the width of the box. – Next, you are going to grab a Sharpie. Trace out your bowl and your water bottle. (upbeat music) Now we just cut along the lines. (upbeat music) – Got the first hole done! (thumps loudly) (upbeat music) (loud crashing) (loud squishing) All right, let’s see if they fit. The water bottle fits, and the bowl fits. Yes! – All right, let’s put some snacks in. (upbeat music) – Carrots! – Grapes! – And, of course. – [Both] Popcorn. ♪ You stole my peace of mind ♪ ♪ I shiver when you talk to me ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ You took care of me ♪ ♪ Oh so easily ♪ ♪ So my prayer to thee ♪ ♪ It’s gonna set me free ♪ – [Both] Movie time! ♪ To feel the rush ♪ ♪ So just leave me alone ♪ ♪ Right on my own ♪ ♪ I want you to cry when I’m gone ♪ ♪ This time I will fight it alone ♪ ♪ I’ll be all right ♪ – Thanks again, Pajanket,
for sponsoring this video. If you want to hear about Pajanket, go follow the link in
the description below. – Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment down below what you would put in your
movie theater snack box. – See you guys next time. – [Both] Bye! (upbeat music)

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