How To Open Coconuts Without Any Tools

Learn new things..with brilliant minds hey guys i brought you out to the islands of hawaii today to show you the method that i use for cracking opening coconuts Now when you going down to the store and buy coconut its already riped out of the husk for you. But out on an island if you stranded like you are on castaway you have to get through the husk in order to get to the coconut But these husks are deceivingly tough they take an enormous amount of energy to rip through and so if you are in a survival situation trying to conserve energy the last thing you want to do is burn it all up trying to get to your source of food *grunts* So here’s a little method I’ve played around with to crack these things open using as little energy as possible When you give your coconut a good shake you should be able to hear the water sploshing around inside if you don’t hear anything it’s either choked full or completely empty and you can tell that by the weight of the coconut itself now when you look at the coconut you will notice it kind of has a sharp pointy end on one side and a blunt end on the other and what we’re gonna need to do is smash the top so we crush the fibres, and peel this thing apart if we tried using rocks to chip at this we would be chipping all day and we are not strong enough to pry this open with our fingers what we actually need to do is crush the fibres and make them weak enough so that we can pull them apart with relative ease and the easiest way to do that is by using gravity now if you are on an island like I am, all you need to do is come down to a rocky part of the beach set your coconut upright on a hard surface and surround it with other rocks and then grab a rock that is about as big as you can lift on your own raise it 4 feet high and throw it straight down into the top pointy part of this coconut and it might take a few tries to really get the fibres broken up so throw that rock as many times as it takes until you actually physically see the strands of coconut starting to bust loose *grunts* Whoo! So you can see after two smashes with a heavy rock how there is busted lines down this husk that is a very good sign, it is already weakening the structure and now if we turn it over and give it one more good smack from the bottom side it should be enough crack that so instead of spending hours peeling away at this thing we can let gravity do the hard work for us sweet thats looking pretty good! so at this point i can feel this has softened up quite a bit and look at that it just peels right apart that’s exactly what i was going for right there so it took three hits with the rock two on the top, one on the bottom and now it is to the point where we can just peel this off almost like husking corn it is not difficult, doesn’t take a lot of energy and there we have it there is our coconut (looks tasty!) needs a little bit of a haircut, but in essence that is what we are after right there and the rest of this husk makes really great fire tender, for starting your survival fire there it is! so i just gave our coconut a little bit of a haircut and you can see now this is what they look like in the stores… Don’t they? which is already where the hard work has been done for you now we need to just find a sharp rock that we can bang this against and crack it open which shouldn’t be to difficult on a big rocky beach like this now to get inside our coconut there is a cool trick we can use that involves these three dots on the face of coconut and if you think of it as a face, you can see two of the dots look very similar were gonna call those the eyes the other one is a little bit odd shaped and we are gonna call that the mouth now if you split the eyes and follow it straight up the back, you will see a hard ridge line and if you stop right in the center, that is the place that we need to smack very hard against a rock so find a rock with a nice sharp edge and set your coconut so that your line is perpendicular to it and what we are going to do is give it a nice crack right in the center of the coconut and it should split a line right across the center *cracking sounds* Look how cleanly that splits the coconut open there *cracking sounds* *cracking sounds* and now if we just put our fingers into that line and pull back we can pop it open and salvage the water from our coconut as easy as that Mhmm That’s good stuff So there you have it guys! If you are ever stranded on a desert island and need to survive on coconuts! (Crazy right?) There is a quick an easy way to get the nutrition you need Thanks for joining for this experiment, and i will be looking for you in the next video! Talk to you then! *Punch Sound* *Punch Sound* Multi-Purpose! Aw dude one shot! Look at that! With the green coconut all the milk just cracks right out! There’s not even a shell thick enough to withstand it!


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