How To Play “Hall Of Fame” by The Script | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

(electronic music) – [Phil] Hey there everyone, welcome back to HD Piano. I’m Phil and today I’m
excited to be teaching you Hall of Fame by The Script. Today we’re looking at
the intro and the chorus. Which sounds a little something like this. (uplifting piano music) Excellent, you got it. That’s all folks, just kidding let’s start
with the right hand. If you notice there’s
plenty of notes happening in the right hand right, and they’re all the same rhythm. (piano music) All this toggling back and
forth between the thumb, see that? Okay so relax, take a breath, that’s not the exact part, that’s a little much, but I’m just showing you that
the rhythms are all the same. (bopping) So what I’d like to do to show you this is just kinda stack each of
these on top of each other. Show you the beginning couple of notes, go back and review. Show you the next ones past that, go back to the beginning and
review all the way to there. Show you the next notes after that, go back to the beginning
and review up to there okay? Starting with the Bb, above middle C. So Bb then A, back to Bb, G, back to Bb, D, back to Bb again, G, and another Bb. That’s a good place to pause I think and review. Here we go. Bb, A, Bb, G, Bb, D, Bb, G. (slow piano music) Nice work. The next group of notes we’ve got Bb, Eb, Eb, G, Bb, Eb, Eb, Bb. Okay so that next group
again goes like this. Bb, Eb, Eb, G, Bb, Eb, Eb, Bb. Now let’s go back to the beginning and try all the way up to there. Here we go. Bb, A, Bb, G, Bb, D, Bb, G, Next Bb, Eb, Eb, G, Bb, Eb, Eb, Bb. Way to go we’re half way there guys. Next note D, Bb, Eb, Bb, F, Bb, C, low F. Okay, again that’s D, Bb, Eb, Bb, F, Bb, C, F. One more time on that last section, ready? (piano music) Okay now from the beginning
we’re gonna try all that. Here we go. Bb, A. Good. Now Bb, Eb, Eb. Good. Here comes the new one. D, Bb, Eb, good. C, low F. Okay guys we’re three
fourths of the way there. Next up A, F, high F, Bb, C, F, Bb, A. Okay that fourth group
one more time, ready? A, F, high F, Bb, C, F, Bb, A. Okay from the beginning all the way to where we just left off which
is the end of the section. Bb, A, here we go. Bb, Eb, Eb, good. D, Eb. C, F, A, F. Phew, nice work guys. That’s the whole thing. Now I want you to practice along
with what we just did there by pausing and rewinding
at that slower tempo, as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable with that okay. Then when you do that, we’re gonna start here
at about a medium pace. The whole thing. One and two and ready go. (uplifting piano music) Phew. It’s a work out. Again pause, rewind with that medium tempo as many times as you need guys. Then we’re gonna go to the final
exam here of the right hand which is playing it up to speed. Which is a bit faster than that. It goes about one, two, here we go. (uplifting piano music) Okay again practice along with
that guys until you got it. And then we’re gonna
add that left hand in. Now don’t fear. Take a nice breath here because the left hand is only
doing four notes total. G, Eb, Bb, F. And that’s it, that just repeats. So. That’s where that matches up. G in the beginning. Eb. Bb there. And then F. Again G. Eb. Bb. F. All together now here we go. (uplifting piano music) One more time. (uplifting piano music) Phew we’re almost there guys, that was a medium tempo there. So again pause, rewind, do that as many times as you
need until your comfy with that and then we’re gonna try it up to speed. Graduation time guys, here we go. See if you can get into the hall of fame. One, two, ready go. (uplifting piano music) Phew nice job. Alright guys that was
the chorus and the intro. Also the outro, you’ll see it at the end for Hall of Fame by The Script. If you haven’t watched it yet check out the video for the verse, that’s the only other
section to this tune. So guys I think you’ve got it. I’m Phil and this is HD Piano. Thanks so much for watching. Please keep tuning in and we’ve got a lot of videos for you. So we’ll see you around. Thanks. (electronic music)


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