How to Teach Children English Through Theatre // Kids English Theatre

Children make perfect language learners
because they’re curious enthusiastic to learn and above all they’re very
responsive. The problem in teaching young children is that they become bored and
distracted very quickly. So how do you make language learning fun and enjoyable?
My name is Miranda Flynn legge, I’m a professional actor and English language
teacher and I specialise in teaching young children English through theatre
I’m also the founder of the kids English Theatre Teacher Training Academy. The
Kids English Theatre Teacher Training Academy is aimed at helping open up
opportunities for people interested in working with children English and drama.
Our training courses are for both experienced teachers and those
completely new to the profession who would like to explore and develop their
understanding of the practicalities of teaching English through drama, music,
roleplay, storytelling, language activities and much more to make English
language learning a new and exciting experience for children of all ages and
abilities. Our courses are practical and will show
you step-by-step that by learning and adapting simple drama techniques you can
interact connect and energize your children and make your English lessons
more original fun and exciting. So if you can speak English and you love the idea
of working with children please get in contact and find out how we can help you

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