HOW2: How to Behave in a Movie Theater!

– [Voiceover] He’s Pear. – [Pear] And he’s Orange. – [Orange] And this is How 2! – [Pear] Otto Lockhorn
gave us this week’s prompt: How to behave in a movie theater! – The correct way to behave, of course, is like a snake.
(rattling) – [Pear] I’m sorry, what? When you’re at a theater you
should behave like a snake? – [Orange] Yeah, snakes are really quiet. (rattling)
– [Pear] Oh, yeah. I guess that’s true. – [Orange] Plus, snakes
never have to be told to keep their arms to themselves. – [Pear] Good point. Yeah, I guess behaving like a
snake is a pretty decent way of putting it. – [Orange] Now, another
thing snakes do is crawl on the floor. So when you’re in a theater, you’re gonna wanna do that. – [Pear] Um. – [Orange] Snakes also
swallow their food whole, so really make an effort
to get all your food into your esophagus at once. (Orange laughing)
(burping) – [Pear] Orange! – [Orange] Pear, I’m in the
middle of an analogy here. Finally, snakes can shed their skin. So if your clothes or
skin starts feeling itchy, go ahead and ditch ’em! – [Pear] Orange! (Orange laughing) The snake analogy doesn’t work. You cannot take off all your
clothes in a movie theater. – [Orange] Okay, well how ’bout a fish? Fish don’t shed their skin,
plus they’re super-quiet. – [Pear] I dunno. – [Orange] They are! When was the last time you
heard a fish make a peep? – [Pear] Never, I guess. – [Orange] See? So, when you’re behaving
like a fish in a theater, you’re gonna need to breathe, so be sure to bring some water
to sprinkle on your gills. – [Pear] They won’t actually have gills! – [Orange] And since fish
can’t read, you won’t be able to locate the bathroom, so just go ahead and poop wherever you’d like.
(loud farting) – [Man] Woo!
(Orange laughing) (Pear groaning) – [Orange] Well I’m sorry, Pear. What animal do you
suggest they behave like in a theater? – [Pear] A human! You should behave like a human
being in a movie theater. – [Orange] A human bean? (Man groaning)
What’s that? – [Pear] Being! Human being! – [Orange] Is a human bean like a human that farts a bunch?
(loud farting) ‘Cause that doesn’t sound like
good advice to me (laughing). – [Pear] I am not saying bean! – [Orange] You heard it here, folks! When you’re sitting in
a theater next to Pear, be sure to fart a bunch!
(loud farting) – [Pear] That’s not what I’m saying! – [Orange] And that’s
all the time we have. See ya next time! (Orange laughing)
(Pear groaning) – [Pear] Step 1: Pick a tie. – [Orange] Preferably an
orange one (laughing). – [Pear] Um, sure. Then you’re gonna wanna
hang it around your neck. – [Orange] Like a superhero’s cape. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Ba da da da! And then you take to the skies. – [Pear] Orange! – [Orange] What? – [Pear] We’re talking about tying a tie. You know, for people who want to look good at business meetings and what not? – [Orange] Hey.


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