HU Office Hours Shakespeare

Hofstra used to have a Globe Theatre which is the theater in London that in the late 16th, early 17th centuries that Shakespeare produced all his works and our Old Globe Theatre was retired in 2008 and so we are building a new one now I was the one who designed the new globe stage so I began last summer and am working all the way up through the opening I got to go to London and talk to the people in London at the Globe Theatre there. They gave me access to their archives, I also traveled around England and looked at Elizabethan houses that still exist and then came back, put the whole thing together. It’s been an amazing journey. This stage is going to be different from the one before because this incorporates the latest information that we have about what we think the Globe looked like the entire shape is different, the interior decorating of it is different, it’s this kind of strange mix of the old and the new for that time period and it’s got this very unique character to it that, that I found and I tried to bring out in the design of the Globe. One of the ideas when we were first coming up with you know, “Okay, we’re going to do a new Globe” is how do we involve the Alumni? On the old Globe, all the students who performed on the Globe or helped build the Globe every year would sign the back of the globe and so what Alan has been doing is trying to get in touch with every single alumni who signed it and is cutting out their name from the back of these panels and then sending it to them. We’ve had some great alumni involvement. We’ve had alumni back to I think, who graduated in 1976 coming in to help paint, 1981. When it’s finally open i’m going to be very proud of the work we’ve all done you know there’s so many more people involved in it than just me who have helped me along the way and I think that it’s really going to be a sense of pride in what we achieved. If mine lasts as long as John Cranford Adams did, which his was here for at least 50 years, then that’ll be something that, you know I never really thought of a legacy before but it’s kind of “Wow, I’ll actually have a legacy” so that’s kind of amazing.

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