Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera

– What’s going on guys,
it’s your boy Potato Jet. I feel like I should start off this video with a little bit more energy,
so let me restart this intro. Blah-la-la hi guys. So this is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, look at this thing it says Leica up here, so you know its expensive. Is it any good? I have no idea, but it’s
expensive, it’s Leica, look at it. It’s got three lenses, it’s
got like 80,000 megapixels or something in that range and enough artificial intelligence
to take over the world. Seriously if this thing
started growing arms and legs, then just go and buy as many machine guns as you possible can find. Elon Musk knows what he’s talking about. So of course we’re gonna test this up against a very fair competitor. This is the Red Cinema Camera used to film a whole bunch of movies and we currently have it on
a Freefly Movi Pro system which is kinda like the
cinema grade Gimbal. You can get one for your phone or you can get one for your little DSLR but this is what it looks like to put one on a cinema camera. Isn’t it beautiful? But here’s what’s about to go down. We’re gonna take this and rig
it on the side of a vehicle and get some moving car shots kinda like if you’re
shooting a car commercial. Will this look as good as this Red Camera and the answer is, not really but we’re gonna make this video anyways because these videos get a lot of views. We got the wireless follow focus system, we got wireless video
feed, all the cool toys. And this is the coolest of them all, whatever I do the camera does. Can you see that? How cool is that? Steve’s gonna drive, he’s
gonna drive crazy fast and we’re gonna try get
a couple of test shots. So we were cruising around
looking for something to film. We eventually met these two
bikers in a parking lot. We asked them if they were down to get some footage with
us and they said yes. So, let’s start off by taking a look at some footage from the Red Camera. And there you go, it looks super cinematic which is a surprise to nobody. I mean cameras like the Red or Arri Alexa that just have that cinematic feel, you just point that camera at anything and you’re like, wow,
this feels very dramatic. I mean these weren’t even planned shots, we were just filming
random cars on the street. Some people were cool with
it, some weren’t (laughing). So that texture or characteristic is what really makes these
cinema cameras valuable. So how does this same shot
look like from the Huawei? Well, not bad, I mean
the lighting is good, the angle is good, it’s just missing that super cinematic look
that the Red provides. I mean there’s a lot of
factors that play into it, from resolution to dynamic
range, the clarity of the optics, codec color science, the
size of the photosites on the sensor, I could
literally go all day. So even though the Huawei
Mate 20 Pro is smart enough to grow arms and murder you in your sleep, the Red Cinema Camera is just about always gonna look much, much better. And the Huawei Mate 20 Pro
looks great for a phone, but again that’s exactly
what it is, a phone. If it’s in your pocket, a
little bit easier than the Red. And also the Red can’t order you a pizza, so minus points for that. And taking a look at this shot, I mean, that’s looking pretty impressive to me. The lighting is coming
in at a really good angle and the shot just looks really cool. So if the Huawei Mate 20 Pro
is what you have access to, you can achieve a whole
lot with this thing. So cinema cameras and phones are still in completely different leagues and I don’t see that
changing anytime soon. But I still like doing these
side by side comparisons. You really get to just
put all the specs aside and just look at the image it produces and see it next to kinda
the flagship camera. And we’re still pretty
far from it, but trust me, when that day comes where phones look just as good as the
professional cameras, I will be the first in line to
be selling all my film gear. Unfortunately that day is still very far, so I will continue to spend
all my money on video gear. So well yeah, we’ll take
a look at a few more shots of some doggies and my girlfriend. Yup, that’s right, I said
it, she’s my girlfriend for all of you who have
been asking in the comments. I don’t know why you guys ask,
I’m not Justin Bieber okay, I review cameras and tech and (bleep). Is that your girlfriend?
Yeah, she’s my girlfriend, so if you guys could stop
commenting about her thicc booty, that would be fantastic, yes, that’s, but you’re right, it is, that is true. She’s a middle school PE teacher and she’s actually very
passionate about her job of keeping kids healthy and active. If any of Miss Kennedy’s
student’s are watching, let me give you a little bit of advice, when you grow up you will
realize that life isn’t fair, there’s a lot of injustice, but people wanna be friends
with good looking people, people wanna help good looking people and you get Instagram followers by standing in front of a colorful wall. So when Miss Kennedy asks
you to run those laps and pump that iron, she just
wants you get those gains so you can bathe in confidence and be baller when you grow up. And try not to eat processed sugar. Anyways I’ve been doing
an absolutely terrible job of narrating this video. I guess I’m supposed to be talking about how the footage looks
side by side, but, I mean, I guess you guys can
just look at the footage and decide for yourself. Ooo, now one thing about Huawei phone that I’m not a huge fan of
is just kinda how pasty. This is something I saw
on the P 20 Pro as well and just like, look at the pasty, oh wait, I think I got beauty mode on,
I can bring it up even more, oh my God, look at this,
this is horrendous. Alright let me bring
that beauty level down, but it’s still pretty pasty. I don’t know, this is just like at thing that comes out of Huawei’s
phones and because of this, I’m not really planning on
switching to the Huawei. I’m in the selfie mode, that looks like a lot
of digital sharpening, like, you can tell, cause you
can see every little pore, looks pretty disgusting. So I actually need this
beauty mode on, come on, alright all the way up to 10. Oh my God, now I look
like a smooth, piece of, what’s something smooth? Apparently all this
artificial intelligence was used to turn you into
a lubricated water balloon. How do you like that analogy (laughing)? Look at that. – (laughing) That’s kinda weird. – [Potato Jet] Dylan, you
look absolutely beautiful. – Right? This is really how I look. – You look like you just
came out of a Hasbro factory. But if you turn off beauty,
it looks like weird, it looks like you see every little pore. – Yes, it’s kinda awful. – It’s like way too over sharpened. This is disgusting, some fake
ass (bleep), I’m not a fan. I think Huawei might be one
of my least favorite phones. I mean, just real quick,
I’m gonna show you guys what my iPhone looks like. Maybe not super crazy high res, but I look like a normal human,
so okay, I’m good with this. Oh God, this is the
downside of over sharpening. Legitimate sharpness is cool, but when you try to
digitally sharpen something, just like what this Huawei is doing you look like this, so eww. I look dead on the Huawei. That’s one of the really
challenging things of all cameras is how well can a camera get skin tones. Skin tones, one of the hardest things for cameras to get right.
So yeah, I’m not a huge fan of that Mate 20 Pro’s selfie
camera and that beauty filter. I don’t understand who
looks at that selfie camera and goes, whoa, I look beautiful. Well I just look like
I’ve been coated 30 times with just airbrush after airbrush. I’m using the rear facing camera
on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, hopefully the auto focus is tracking on me because I can’t see, I’m
just looking at the back of the Huawei at the moment (laughing). At least it has auto
focus, the Red does not, so I have to set up this follow focus, and wire up all these monitors every time I film myself on the
Red which kinda sucks. And yeah I do love that a
lot of phone manufactures are putting a lot of focus in the cameras and making it super specced
out, but at the same time remember that the skin tones is probably one of the most important things, so because of that reason I would never consider buying the Huawei. (laughing) No beauty filter
can help you with that look. Alright, time to read some comments. My last video was all
about if these cameras can see better in the
dark than our eyes even. Top comment was from Armando, “Help me”. (laughing) Sorry bud, it’s too late, you already agreed to get
tied down and blindfolded, so, sucks for you. “You can see the ghost
above Armando’s head at three minutes in”, what? Oh, I see what you’re saying, there’s like a little light flicker above his head right at three minutes. That would have been a much
better click baity title, I filmed a ghost with EOS R. Unfortunately it’s not as
cool, it’s just a little vent. Ah, dang it, I didn’t
realize the Huawei cuts after 10 minutes so I went and checked and I realized it only captured the first 10 minutes of
this segment, so dang it. “Gene help me M50 or G7?” I’ve never tested out the Panasonic G7 so I can’t really say. I can definitely recommend M50, I know for sure you get really good images and colors out of the camera, so I can definitely recommend the M50. I can’t say anything
about the Panasonic G7 ’cause I’ve never really tried it out. “Damn boy. That’s amazing.
You look like the boy from UP” Fff “You should rename yourself
Russell the Potato Jet.” “You should review the Canon 200D, it’s cheap and won’t break the bank.” I might actually do that, I’m
doing a little bit of research on low cost cameras ’cause
I wanna make a video about how to put together
like a little film maker kit for under 1000 bucks which includes a camera, the lenses, bag, all that stuff. So that’s coming and I will
definitely look into that 200D. “Damn! Your thumbnail is
gonna gimme nightmares, strange creature crawling
under the bed with an EOS R.” (laughing) My thumbnail is
actually pretty creepy isn’t it. I didn’t mean for it to become
creepy, I was just like, oh this will be good,
my eyes will be glowing and then it came out, it was like, this is terrifying, I’m gonna upload it. Denney says, “Thanks for the opportunity to participate Gene, I’ll make great use of
the lens, I promise.” Yes, he’s one of the first three winners that have won the lens. I’m giving away 10, so if
you haven’t checked out my last video, go check it out. “I’m not putting on
pants unless I have to, my favorite quote of all time.” (laughing) It’s very true, I’m
actually wearing pants today, I kinda felt like putting on pants today, there’s proof, I dunno why,
this is pretty unusual. “The Fifty Shades of
Ferreira.” (laughing) oh God. I think my channel’s taken a
new direction guys (laughing). (knocking on door) This was not planned by the way, the UPS guy literally just popped up and good thing I was wearing pants today. And this one too, I’m
excited for this one. The macro on this thing, insanity. Armando sold this one to me, he was like, dude you gotta check out this lens. It’s an L-series lens on sale right now, so I’ll link it in the description, you should go buy it using my link and give me that affiliate commission, no extra cost to you,
but makes me a baller. I’m gonna have to make a whole
video on this at some point but I’ll give you guys a
little sneak peek of this. Oh my God, look at that. Let’s take a very good
look at my face, whoa.

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