HUGE ABANDONED PALACE w/ TV Studio & Dancing Hall (Lost Place) | Explore #7

Wow! Right now we are in a sick location! …as you know already. And… Wow! This door is locked. WOW… It means it’s not possible to open it. Wow! Over here… A grill door! It look’s like it’s from back then. …from the past! Yes! What else… Over here – CABLES! Check out these cables! …how colorful they are! Wow! Cut off! There were… copper thieves at work! Look at this girl. …and this boy, too! Wow! It’s only possible to find such things in abandoned places. WOW! Let’s keep moving, guys. What’s the meaning of this? “It’s only possible to find such things in abandoned places.” “Name: Rupf” “Erdmann Rupf” “From Neukirche” “Erdmann”?! That’s a funny first name. Better than “Rupf”. “Erdmann Rupf. Office/establishment: DSF-SV…” Marco, what have you found? Wow! Over here there is… …nothing. Awesome. Let’s get up there! We are in the attic… We are in the attic… and there is a tunnel over here. Under the roof. Let’s pass through, right? Well, have fun. – Yeah. Okay. Um… Too tight? No, but I thought I’m sitting on concrete. But it is… …sheet metal. So I’d like to go back. “Enjoy the view!” Huh?! What’s this? Look at this! Damn good. Marco…? You should view this. How old they might be? 30 years old? Well, I mean the stickers, not the women. Why… …is there… …in the basement of a swimming pool… …some kind of forklift? It is at least… …the system of a forklift with a shovel in front of it. Sick… I wonder what all this stuff is supposed to do? Drams… There are trolleys, too! These are trolleys! Let’s get downstairs. Goodbye, nice roof. We are most likely coming back soon. Cya!


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