Humsafar Drama – Episode 21 SD + Eng, Subtitle

“He was a companion..” ‘How is this possible..’ ‘..that the love which I mourned for
four and a half years is still not dead?’ ‘Because your heart still pleads
in Khirad’s favour. It’s still alive.’ ‘Then, why am I behaving like this?’ ‘This is my daughter,
Hareem Hussain.’ ‘Unfortunately,
you are her biological father.’ ‘She is in this world because of you.’ ‘Despite being a man,
I couldn’t bear this shock.’ ‘How would I explain it to her?’ ‘Tell me?’ ‘That is not my problem.
My concern is only Hareem’s health.’ ‘As soon as she gets well..’ ‘..we will not stay here any more.’ ‘You hate her and she..’ ‘..despises you more
than your hatred.’ ‘You think that she is wrong,
and she thinks that you are wrong.’ ‘Now in such a scenario,
both can’t be right.’ ‘Both can’t deserve hatred
and both cannot be cruel.’ ‘I know this is a trivial matter..’ ‘..but a lie is a lie, right?’ ‘My father always said that, it’s
very easy to lie for the first time..’ ‘..and then it gets
harder and harder.’ ‘But speaking the truth..’ ‘ hard for the first time and
then it gets easier and easier.’ ‘Khirad is liked unbaked clay.’ ‘You can mould her
in any form you like.’ ‘If she makes any mistakes in life..’ ‘..then forgive her, considering that she
is naive and innocent.’ ‘What is it, Ashar Hussain?’ ‘What are you thinking?’ ‘That you have loved a woman
who did not value your love..’ ‘..who jilted you, humiliated you..’ ‘..who made your life, a living hell..’ ‘..who left you ashamed of yourself. Why?’ ‘Why is your heart
still drawn to her?’ ‘Why is your heart ready to accept her
innocence? Willing to forgive her?’ ‘Why is your heart
pleading for her innocence?’ ‘Because, after all that has happened,
you are still shameless.’ ‘Your heart is ready to take her back.
God, get me out of this dilemma.’ Have you spoken to the doctor? Yes, thank God,
Hareem’s condition is now stable. She should recover soon now. I’m going out. Do you need anything? No. Thank you. You don’t need anything?
Clothes? Any other essentials? No. Don’t you want anything?
Or is it because of me, that you are denying it? Look, Khirad. We are here as Hareem’s parents. So if you can ignore our personal
grievances and ask me for something.. ..there would be no harm in it. You are Hareem’s mother. You
are entitled to at least that much. I am not entitled
to any of your things. Khirad, you are my daughter’s mother. Whatever you have done for Hareem,
I will be forever grateful to you. Hareem has got a new life.. ..and you became the means
for that. I am grateful to you. Grateful? Khirad, Hareem is my daughter too. She is my blood, she
is a part of my being.. ..and I’ve done
nothing for her so far. I truly want do a lot for her. Yes, I am certain you will
do a lot for her. Whatever I was unable to give her,
you will give it to her. Why do I sense sarcasm
in your voice? And why is there only
accusation in your eyes? Anyway, I’ll be back soon. Come in. Madam, there’s a gentleman to see you. Who? Did you ask his name? Yes, his name is Khizar. Ok, make him sit. I’m coming. What a surprise! A pleasant one, I hope? Of course, you’re like a son to me.
It can only be a pleasant one. Do sit. Since you’ve called me your son,
I’ll just go ahead and believe it. You must have spoken
to Sarah and my aunt? Yes, I went to see them. Then? What did my aunt and Sarah say? It’s the bride’s family,
they’re being coy. They need some time.
They’ll come around. Why don’t you just tell me
that they have refused? Who told you that? Please don’t play games with me, aunt.
Sarah has told me the whole truth. Sarah is immature.
She doesn’t know anything. She’s thirty years old. That’s not
the age of being immature. And anyway,
you tell me why she refused. Because until now, she always gave
me an impression, that she loves me. That she’s waiting for me and
that she wants to marry me. She is an emotional girl. Whatever anyone tells her,
she believes it. Zarina has obviously brainwashed her. I don’t think she wants you
to be her son-in-law. I think, it’s because you’re younger
than her. I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. I have never in all my
life thought of anyone but Sarah. And anyway, a year or two
is not such a big age difference.. ..that it should be an issue. I am now socially, financially.. ..and in every other way,
worthy of asking her to marry me. Look, you think of me as a mother
then have some faith in me. In time, I’ll persuade Zarina.. ..and once Zarina agrees,
Sarah will also agree to it. I will say one thing very clearly. I don’t have much time.. ..which means that, you
do not have much time either. I want an answer
in the next two days. And that too, positive.
And if that does not happen.. will be in quite
a bit of trouble. Sarah.. ..wake up, dear.
It’s really late now. Saroo.. long will you lie here, child? Saroo.. ..get up, dear. Sarah? What have you done to yourself? Come on, get up. Sarah, my dearest, forget them all. Ashar, Farida, Khirad, Khizar,
just forget about them. My daughter is so talented, so lovely. She can achieve so much, just
don’t throw your life away like this. What talent, Mama? Khirad is far more talented than me. There’s no competition
between you and Khirad. Just look at your own intellect,
your own caliber and look at hers. There is just no comparison. She may not have my
caliber and intellect.. ..but she has got what I want,
without even asking for it. Sarah, please. Please. Forget everything. If not for
yourself, then please, for me. Please. Mama, I love him. I can’t forget him. And I can’t forget Khirad either. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. Sarah.
– I hate her. I just hate her. I hate her, I hate her. I hate her. What was that bastard doing here? I’m asking you?
Who even allowed him to come in? Don’t be upset, I’ll handle Khizar. Why was he here?
I asked, how did you let him in? He came to see Khirad. I think, he wants you
and Khirad to be divorced. He’s so shameless. After all these years,
he’s still after her. But you don’t worry.
I will deal with this. But, just think about it. Without encouragement,
no one can be so bold. Khirad should realize that.. ..whatever mistakes
she made in her youth. Never mind, but she’s now
the mother of a child. She shouldn’t do this to you or Hareem. I’ll talk to her.
Don’t worry. This time, I won’t let Khizar
destroy your life. I promise. Ashar. Ashar, listen to me. Please. Look.. ..don’t say anything to Khirad.
Hareem is very ill. When she is better,
I’ll speak to Khirad myself. This is what he wants.
Don’t let him win. Don’t react, please don’t react.
Let me handle it, please. Yes? Thank God. He has made
our child healthy again. You’re right, aunt Batool.
I can’t thank God enough. All right, now what have you decided? Are you still determined
to return to Hyderabad? Yes, aunt Batool. I just want Hareem to recover
and get discharged from hospital. After that, I will entrust
her to Ashar and come back to you. I’ll have to find a job.. ..and begin a new life again. It’s a very tough decision. Will you be able
to live without Hareem? I don’t know that. But for my daughter’s welfare, for
her future, I have made this decision. It was for Hareem’s life
that I had to arrive at Ashar’s doorstep.. ..otherwise, what happened with me.. ..I have neither forgotten it,
nor forgiven anyone for it. self-respect, my ego, pride.. ..I have crushed them
beneath my own feet.. ..only and only for Hareem,
aunt Batool. I was thinking of her yesterday.. ..and I am thinking only about her. It would be best for her,
if she lived with her father. But you are her mother.. ..and it would be cruel to separate
a child from her mother. I have no choice, aunt Batool. I couldn’t provide for my child’s
treatment on my own. I had to plead for pity and come
begging to her father after all. It’s an emotional decision. No, aunt Batool..’s not an emotional
decision at all. Just think. God forbid, if such an issue
comes again in Hareem’s life.. ..then what would I do? What could I do, aunt Batool? My love for Hareem has
forced me to make this decision. Hello. May you live long. How are you? I’m fine, thank you. Khirad and I, were
just speaking of you. Khirad.. ..I’d like to speak with
you, would you step out with me? Where? Outside. Aunt Batool, if you don’t mind,
would you stay with Hareem.. ..while I have a word with Khirad? Yes, of course. I’d be happy to. Where are we going? Look, Hareem is alone there. If she wakes
up and I’m not there, she’ll be upset. Hello. You are? I am Batool Bano, Khirad’s.. Oh. Batool Bano,
who lived next to.. ..Khirad and her mother, right? Yes. Where are Ashar and Khirad? Ashar has just gone out with Khirad. Where? I don’t know that, but perhaps he wanted
to discuss something with Khirad. They left me with Hareem. I see. If you’d like to go, you may leave.
I’ll stay here. Ok. Ok. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Ashar should divorce Khirad
and be done with it.. that we could get rid
of mother and daughter. Sit. Please. Why have you brought me here? What are you made of, Khirad? Are you not apologetic about
any actions of yours? You have ruined my name
and torn my self-respect to shreds. You have made a spectacle
of me before the whole world.. ..and after all that, you
don’t even regret about it. You have always been boasting about truth. For one tiny lie,
you would stay awake all night. So when did you start to lie,
cheat and deceive? You were not just my wife,
you were my love, my life. When you did all that, didn’t you
think of my love for even a moment? I think it’s time for us to go, now. What do you want, Khirad? I don’t want anything. God has blessed Hareem
with a new life. I want nothing more out of life.. ..other than Hareem’s happiness. And if I were to say that
for the sake of Hareem’s happiness.. ..we should start a life again,
together? Then my answer would be, no. Reason? I am not obliged to give you a reason. “Look how the path of love
is so weird..” “ got us to where we never
thought we’d be.” “Things were not hunky-dory..” “..but we were never separated.” I am willing to forget the past.. ..and to be with you once again. I won’t ask for any explanations.. ..and will not refer
to anything from the past. I don’t know, if I am
without pride or shame.. ..but I am ready to forgive you. But when did I ask
for your forgiveness? You should have asked for it. I am not telling you
to ask for forgiveness. I am forgiving you myself. Thank you for your generosity.
Now shall we go? I can’t live without Hareem. I don’t want to lose her now. You will not live without her. I will leave Hareem with you and go,
with my complete will and consent. Where? Where I came from. Khirad, please don’t
put me through this. I don’t want you to go anywhere. My heart is drawn to you again. Khirad, I will ask you
nothing of the past. My pride, my prestige.. ..I want to forget it all and
bury away the past, Khirad. I have completely failed
in getting you out of my heart. I still love you. Does it even matter to you? I have decided to
leave Hareem with you.. ..and I do not want to
discuss this again.


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