Humsafar Drama – Episode 4 SD + Eng, Subtitle

“He was a companion..” Eat your omelette.
It’s getting cold. I’m the one who is diet-conscious.
What happened to you? Can I ask you something? Since when did you start
asking for a permission? You’re really not mad at me, right? I mean.. ..about my wedding? I’m not mad at you.. ..but I was hurt, when I
found out about your marriage. I cried a lot. But no matter if I cry,
yell or scream..’s done already. And the truth is that
Khirad is your wife now. Sarah, I’m sorry. I know I promised you
that I’d speak to dad. But by the time I got home,
things had gotten worse. My aunt was really unwell.. I know something serious
would have happened.. ..for you to agree
for the wedding. But don’t feel burdened with this,
I’m not upset with you. You’re not lying to me. Are you? I would never lie to you. But I have never wanted
to marry anyone other than you. I fought my fate as long as I could.
To fight for you was my right. But despite all my struggle and efforts,
If you still couldn’t be mine.. ..then I must accept that
you were never meant for me. Sarah, you always have the right on me. You had every right
to be upset with me. Just as I had a right to fight for you,
I have a right to be your friend. You’re important to me, Ashar.
I am habituated to you. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you very much. You don’t know how relieved I am. I was so embarrassed because
I didn’t know how to face you. You’re my best friend and
I don’t want to lose you. Well, enough of emotional talks.
Please have your breakfast now. Juice? Hello, aunt.
– Hello. You are here so early?
Is everything ok? Just felt like meeting Sarah. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I
think you should stop meeting Sarah. You’re married now and it’s been
really hard to get her back to normal. If you keep visiting her
and being a part of her life.. ..then she’ll continue
to be disturbed. I really don’t think you
should be part of her life any more. Look, I’m really scared
by her suicide attempt.. ..and I can’t take any risk. My daughter is the most
precious thing in my life. I don’t think you have understood her.
She is perfectly fine. She has accepted
the situation. We are good friends. All these things about love and marriage
don’t matter any more. Any other relationship
cannot spoil our friendship. I’ll get going. Goodbye. Khirad? Hello, uncle! Are you all right? Yes. If you’re all right.. ..then everyone else is downstairs.
Why don’t you come and join us? Khirad.. ..cutting yourself from the world
like this would only trouble you. You know how much your mother
loved you. She was always worried about you. If you remain this way,
how would she rest in peace? Please don’t do this. Ok? May I come in? I hope you’re not going to mention
all that time I took off from work. As a friend,
shouldn’t I expect some leniency from you? Come, sit. I’m really happy to see you. I am relieved to know
that I haven’t lost my friend. Our friendship can never end that easily. It is going to last forever. Please explain this to aunt Zarina. She was questioning me
when I was about to leave your house. She thinks
that you are still hung up on me. But then I explained it to her
that you’re not that crazy. Yes, I’m not that crazy about you. You know my mother very well. She is very protective and
oversensitive about me. Also that childish stunt I pulled,
really scared her. Thank goodness
you got there in time.. ..or else, you all would have been
mourning for me right now. Forget about me. How are you?
How is everyone at home? They are all right. How’s Khirad? I haven’t seen her for several days. She doesn’t come out of her room. I don’t feel any attachment
or connection with her. I don’t know how will I uphold
this responsibility. I’ve been put in a
weird situation. Don’t worry. It takes time. You’ll adjust to it.
Everything will be all right. Coffee? Sure. Who is it? It’s me, Jamal. Come in. Your father is asking for you. All right. Isn’t Ashar home yet? He must be on his way. There he is. Hello.
– Hello. You are late again. I was with a friend,
so I got delayed. Dinner? No, I’ve eaten. Please sit. Your mother
and I would like to talk to you. Go ahead. We think it’s time you and Khirad.. ..make a fresh start to
your new life, your marriage. Whatever were the circumstances
of this wedding, it doesn’t matter now. You have to spend your life together. You must start living
your married life. Khirad is in depression
over her mother’s death. Your mother and I have
tried to get her out of it. You are her husband. Only you can be close to her.. ..understand and share her suffering. Your grandmother gave these
to me when I was a bride. I want you to put these
on Khirad’s wrists yourself. This will make her happy. Take it. Son, please give Khirad
the love and respect.. ..that she is entitled to. I know you did this at my request.. ..but believe me,
Khirad is a wonderful girl. I am sure that
she will keep you happy. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I don’t know
if everything will be fine. All I know is that, there’s a girl placed
in my life, whom I don’t know at all. What’s done is done. And it’s neither your fault, nor mine. Hello, aunt. Hello. It’s been a month
since your mom passed away. Ashar and you must
begin your life now. Unless you two can’t live
together in happiness.. ..your mother’s wishes
will remain unfulfilled. This is the guest room.
Move to your own room. That’s your rightful
place in this house. Look, I bought a new outfit for you. Ashar is waiting for you. Ok? Please sit. I know we got married
under unusual circumstances. Although we’re first cousins,
I know nothing about you except your name. And neither do you know
anything about me. I promise I’ll do my best
to do justice to this relationship. I know it’ll take us time
to adjust everything. And to accept this relationship. Mother wanted you to have these. “He was a companion..” “..but we didn’t know each other.” ‘Khirad, I know we got married
under unusual circumstances.’ ‘I promise I’ll do my best
to do justice to this relationship.’ ‘I always wanted to marry someone..’ ‘..with whom I could share
my thoughts and ideas.’ ‘..who could walk beside me as
an equal, but my cousin is so backward.’ ‘I don’t even know her nature.’ Yes? Hello, aunt.
– Hello. Sit. I’ve got a wedding present for you.
Perhaps you’ll like it. I think, it’ll look great on you. Thank you. Look, you’re Ashar’s wife,
this is your house. Baseerat and I are no longer
your aunt and uncle. We are your parents now. I know you miss your mother.
Think of me as your mother now. I’ll look after you, ok? I’ve prepared a delicious breakfast.
I am sure you’ll like it. When Ashar comes out of the
shower, bring him down with you. ‘Why is this celebration?’ ‘I have got a surprise for you.
– What?’ ‘Many congratulations and
hope that you will always..’ Is the TV bothering you? No. ‘..that your baby will
bring into your life.’ Go to bed if you’re sleepy. I’m not sleepy. ‘ India and eventually to Rome.’ ‘They known as the people
naturally followed several laws..’ ‘..even if they weren’t told to.’ If you’re not sleepy,
let’s have coffee together? ‘Not into a thousand years
later in England..’ ‘..they finally got the king to agree that no one
can overrule the rights to people.’ All right. ‘People’s right were
finally recognized.’ ‘They were now safe
from those empower.’ ‘It’s still took a bunch
of British rebels declaring the..’ All right. Go to the kitchen
and ask the maid to make it. ‘..which isn’t to say he liked the idea,
but he couldn’t stop that.’ ‘And America was born.’ ‘The French immediately followed with
their own revolution for their own rights.’ ‘Their list was even longer..’ You’re still here?
It’s past eight. I was just about to leave. What are you doing here? Nothing. I came back to get a file. As I was passing by, I saw
the lights were still switched on. Why don’t you go home? You are newly-weds.
Your wife must be waiting for you. I will. All right then, goodbye. Goodbye. Hi Sarah, yes?
– Hi, Ashar. What are you doing? Just at the office. If you’re not doing anything special,
then leave the office right now. Let’s go out for dinner. It’s very late.
I’ll be going home. It’s not at all late.
Just leave right now. I’m out too.
I can be there in ten minutes. Let’s meet up. Ok. Ok.’ll see you soon.
– Ok. Ok, bye. Ashar’s late again? He had called to inform that he’ll be late.
He said there was a lot of work. Khirad.. Did Ashar tell you? No, uncle. Why are you eating like a guest?
Help yourself here, try the chicken. Come on. Do you want salad?
– Yes. Thank you. Why were you at work so late? Didn’t feel like heading home. Are you serious? I am very serious. What is it? Is everything
ok at home? Ashar. Tell me. I’m getting worried. Khirad? You don’t have to be
a genius to figure that one. What about Khirad?
Is she unhappy with this marriage too? Marriage? Please call it anything but
a marriage. I’m living with a statue. I don’t know how to react to her. I’m trying to change myself for her.. ..but I just don’t get that girl.
I can’t even talk to her. If I tell her to get up, she gets up.
If I tell her to sit, she sits. She is such a robot without any feelings or
emotions. I don’t want such a wife. Have you tried to get close to her? I’m trying. But
for how long can I talk to a statue? I think, she feels inferior
in front of you. She sees herself lower than you
because of which, she can’t speak to you. I mean, think about it.. ..when you and I can feel this difference.
Do you think she won’t be aware of it? She’s a barely educated,
middle-class girl.. ..who doesn’t know how to talk
or move about in a polite society. She must have a complex
about playing your wife’s role. Look at her living standard?
You’re so highly educated.. ..and she can’t even pronounce ‘Yale’. Of course she would feel inferior.
How could she converse with you? But I’m getting tired.
I don’t want a wife with such a complex. I dread going home to that servile
attitude and her robotic actions. But don’t let it
ruin this moment for us. We have so much to discuss.
Please lighten up. Excuse me. Is the magzine good? Yes. It’s upside down. Hello.
– Hi. Where are you? At home. Where are you? Out for coffee with my cousins. Come out and join us for coffee.
It’s my treat. Your cousins party too much. Come join us. It’ll be fun. No, it’s late. It’s weekend. That’s true. All right, I won’t insist. Ok, don’t be upset. I’m coming. Ok, bye. I’m going out.
I’ll be late. “He was a companion..” “..but we didn’t know each other.” You’re such a drama queen.. ..sitting here all by yourself.
Why did you leave the group? I came here to attend a call. You’re playing a game. No, I honestly got a call. Are you bored? I didn’t come here to party
or enjoy myself. I was just sick of sitting
with her at home. She’s as interested in me
as I am in her, which means zero. We’re completely disconnected
with each other. We are married, but we just don’t
know how to live with this marriage. You can never have
a relationship with her.. ..because you both don’t match.
She knows it too. Ashar.. ..I become sad
when I see you like this. But it’s done. Just forget it and
stop getting so angry. Just fix your mood. Please? Ok, let’s go.
– Really? Hello, aunt Batool.
– Hello. How are you, Khirad? I’m fine. And you? I’m all right.
How are your aunt and uncle? They are all very well. And how is Ashar? Are you happy? When did happiness become
a factor in this marriage? What are you talking about?
Has anyone said anything? No one said anything.
Everyone is very kind. Then why are you talking like this?
Why are you upset? What my mother did before she died,
was unfair. It hurts my self-respect, knowing that
I have been forced upon someone’s life. This house, this room, Ashar,
none of them need me. I am uninvited, unwanted. Everytime I face Ashar,
whenever I’m in this room.. ..I feel a sense of utter humiliation. Has Ashar said anything? No, he hasn’t said anything.
But is there a need for him to spell it out? Do I not know that I
have been forced upon him? It is important
that one maintains his self-respect. After what mother has done to me,
I can’t face myself. Khirad, don’t be upset
on your mother. She made the best decision
for you under those circumstances. Would she leave you alone
in the world? She has saved you
from complete loneliness. It takes time to
understand one another. And then everything works out. I’ve only met Ashar once or twice,
but he seems like a sensible young man. Allow sometime for your relationship
and don’t lose heart. Yes. Perhaps, you’re right. Yes, I’m all right. Look after yourself.
I’ll call soon. Goodbye. Hi, Khirad!
– Hello. How are you?
– I’m fine. Come. Sit. Where is everyone else? They have gone out.
But aunt should be back soon. Let’s sit here. It’s you who I’ve come to see. Please forgive me
for my behaviour. I know I have
hurt you a lot. I insulted you.
I’m truly ashamed of my behavior. It’s all right, Sarah. Look I won’t lie. Ashar and I have grown up together. We’ve always been really close.. ..which is why, I always
thought he was mine.. ..and he will be mine. But perhaps, Ashar was never
meant for me, he was meant for you. He was meant to be yours. Perhaps, I couldn’t accept
the reality back then.. ..and in my emotional state,
I said a lot of bad things to you. Please forgive me.
I’m sorry. I really am. I can understand how you felt.
Now please don’t be embarrassed. I’d like you to forget everything
I said to you. It doesn’t matter that
I couldn’t have Ashar. At least, he’ll always be my friend. You don’t mind our friendship, do you? Why would I mind? You both are childhood friends.
You friendship should last forever. Do you know?
I’d like it, to not just be his friend.. ..but also to be his wife’s best friend.
You have forgiven me. Right? Would you be my friend? I am your friend, Sarah. Thank you so much. Thank you. You can’t imagine how relieved
I am, now that you have forgiven me. Enough said, now forget about it. If it’s your day off and you’re bored
at home, then why won’t you eat with us? I’m cooking Italian.
– Really? Are you sure it’ll taste good? Yes, yes. Just come. I have to think about it. What do you mean? Just come. All right. I’ll come. Good. I’m waiting for you. Ok. Bye.
– Ok, bye. Who was that? Ashar? Yes. What’s the point of being
in touch with him now? What do mean?
Who else would I stay in touch with? You know how important he is to me. Sarah, have you gone mad?
He’s married, for God’s sake. So, what would you like?
That I should just forget him? That I should accept a defeat
to that girl? What are you saying? Calling and inviting Ashar like
this is madness. Nothing else. Yes. I’m mad. Madly in love with Ashar. And please, when he gets here,
speak decently with him. Don’t question him like you had done
the last time. ..because if he stops seeing me,
then I’ll be in no condition to see anyone else. So, will you ruin your own life? My life is ruined
with or without him. So, I might as well ruin it with him. I love him. And I will not leave him. Ever. “He was a companion,
but we didn’t know each other.” “Things were not hunky-dory..” “Things were not hunky-dory
but we were never separated.” “He was a companion,
but we didn’t know each other.” “Things were not hunky-dory..” “Things were not hunky-dory
but we were never separated.” “He was a companion..”


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