Hunter Street 🔍 Mid-Season 2 Catch-Up!! | Nick

The mystery on Hunter Street
is getting intense! But have you missed a moment? We’re here to catch you up
on what’s gone down! We have a warrant
for a Mr. Hunter’s arrest. This must be a mistake. Someone is setting Erik up,
it’s the only logical explanation! I just can’t figure out how they did it! The Hunter kids started on their mission
to clear Erik’s name! – What’s that?
– A criptex, it’s an ancient puzzle! [gasping] But of course, it didn’t go as planned. No, ah, ah, get out, no! If you want to help,
let the adults handle it. And when they finally found the clue
they’d been looking for… It’s not Erik, we got him! This happened! I’m being hacked! It’s gone, it’s all gone. Thankfully, a new sibling stepped in. Great to meet you, Evie, welcome! And helped them
figure out their next lead! – William Ruybosch.
– So who is he? That’s my daddy! And as more clues were found,
they got closer to the truth. Bingo! We know you’re listening
and we’re gonna find out who you are. That led them to a shocking betrayal! – We have big news!
– We got big news! – One of the relatives is a mole!
– One of the relatives is a mole! And the biggest twist
in Hunter Street history. You’re going to be needing this. No way! Now that you’re caught up,
be a part of the mystery! Don’t miss a second of Hunter Street!
New episodes continue all next week!

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