Hwarang (Han Sung – BTS V) – Brother [k-drama MV]

Hwarang. Wow. That sounds cool! What… What am I supposed to do? Do not whine. Do not move. Do not move. Why are you here? I like it here. Why are you here? Dan Sae… You are the last True Bone of the Suk family. Grandfather would not to want you to die here. You can’t do anything with skills like that. Again. You are Han Sung’s big brother. Shouldn’t you protect your little brother? Did you do it as well? Does it remind you of your brother? Why did you choose me
instead of all the others? I am speechless. Why not? I will go with him. I can’t stand him. I only like looking at the stars… and follow girls around. I am bad in sword-fighting and martial arts. I am inferior in everything! Dan Sae. You are all annoying. What do we do? I can’t do it either. It is tiring… Do you want a beating? Poor thing. Goodness. Train him until your bones break. Why Han Sung? What did he do wrong?


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