Hypnotized lady falls deeply in love and gets wild on stage!

Marc Savard: The person I’m touching right
now, continue resting and relaxing. Whenever I shake your hand like this, the exact opposite
is true. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’m like a 30. You are so in love. What’s your name? Mickey Marc Savard: Mickey! Nice to have you here, good to meet you. Nice to…Mickey, to meet you.Marc Savard: Okay Mickey, alright Mickey. Okay. Alright, excellent. Good to have you here.
Are you enjoying the show so far? Yeah
Marc Savard: Yeah alright, excellent. Good to have you here, Mickey. Good to meet you. Where are you from? Where are you from, Mickey? Wichita
Marc Savard:Wichita, Kansas, excellent. Wichita, Kansas, I love that area. I used to go there
all the time. I don’t much anymore, I have nowhere to stay when I go. Yes you do. You do now. Marc Savard: I do now. It’s a little awkward, I’m married. So am I. Marc Savard: I’m going to show you guys the trick I’ve been working on. I’m going to need to borrow a belt. You got a belt I could borrow? This is not an illusion. It’s real magic,
like wizardry and shit.Go ahead and pet the snake. You’ll never get an opportunity to pet a snake like this ever
in your lives. Go ahead, move very slowly.Come on over, it’s okay, I got you. Marc Savard: I’m going to have you to stand right here, arms down my your sides, chin up, face the front. Whatever you do, don’t move. Don’t move. There’s no need to worry, he’s not going to constrict your neck. He’s not a constrictor. He’s highly venomous. You’re doing great, you’re doing really good. You’re doing really good. I’m just going to unwrap him. I supposed your pretty upset with me
for putting him on you, aren’t you? I’m not real thrilled.
Marc Savard: Okay. I was hoping maybe you could forgive me. I like this. Marc Savard: You have no problem with me putting
my snake on you?I’m going to pull him off your hair.Marc Savard: Just going to turn him back to a belt. Back to a belt. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video. Now if you’re thinking about subscribing to my channel you could do that by clicking here. If you’re thinking about watching last week’s video you could do that by clicking here. Marc Savard: Thanks and we’ll see you soon.


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