I Am (아이엠) – Full Episode 1 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

Subtitles & Timing by the I AM Team @ Viki I am It was just a dream. What- What are you? Who are you?? Who are you? What happened? Why is she in my room? Why? Why? Why? It’s a ghost. Are you a ghost? Big Sis, you go check it out. You’re the one holding the baseball bat!! – Go and investigate, quickly! – You go! – Stop. Just a sec. – You go, Big Sis. You go. STOP! Are you alright? How did you get in? Dad? Who is… this? Why do you care? Take the kid and get out of here. Hey, the first thing you say to me is to get out when we haven’t seen each other for so long. Dad? Who is? You are, big guy? If you’re a dad, then shouldn’t you be acting like one? Since when did you care for us to be called a dad? Han Woo, enough. Who is she? Is she perhaps your… Hmm? Aha. What are you saying? I mean, I am still good looking and all, but… Then, who is that child. You’ve heard of an android, right? Android? A cellphone? Galaxy? I suppose that’s also an android. Not that kind. I mean a human robot, android. Ah, that kind of android? I may not look it, but I’m a science teacher. You are aware that I’ve researched about A.I. all my life, right? Wouldn’t I know it. That is the reason for our abandonment. For sure, you’re my daughter, as you’re capable of concise thinking. At any rate, that child is the fruit of my research. Are you saying that she’s a robot or something? Does that make sense? You may not know this, but… I don’t really care to hear this nonsense. It’s nauseating to stay within the same space as you. Hey, Chang Woon Woo! I said get out! Do you not hear me? Tell her to ge– — out I s-a-id. Can you discern now? Let me introduce, the best and first of its kind in android for humans, number, Angel. #1! You’ve heard of Kim Young Ik, right? This child has even more complex structure than Kim. But the basis is the same. Right now, you can say that she has completed the data mining for intelligence gathering and conventional communication phases. You can say she’s at the final stage of self awareness completion through societal experience. I spoke on the matter rather difficult, eh? To put it another way, it’d be appropriate to say that she has the mind of a high schooler. A tumultuous stage… Amazing, no? What nonsense are you spewing? Does that make sense? Won’t you say something too, Big Sis? What are you about? What in the world are you? Why are you touching? Just stop, please. You too. Dad. We understand now, so go. Noona. O.. okay. I’ll take off. This is the manual. Okay I got it, so long. Okay, see you again, Daughter. Are you crazy? Have you gone mad? I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I will handle it as I see fit, as for you, get a hold of your temper. Do you… understand languages? Yes. You do talk. Do you have a name? Do you understand what people say? AI Number 1. What’s this. He didn’t even give you a name? He really was bad. Then, let’s call you Annie. From now on I’ll call you Annie. If people as what your name is just answer Annie, okay? Ok. Annie. Oh! Good job. Let’s try again. Annie. Annie. Annie. So good! Annie. You’re doing so well! Hey. Hey! Me. Me. I’m right here. I’m here so if you need me… What bright and happy seniors! Everyone sit down. Get back to your seats, quickly, quickly. Today, we have a new student. Annie. Shall we greet? Hi, everyone. I’m Annie. Please take care of me. As Annie comes from America, Korean culture will be somewhat foreign to her. I hope you help her get used to things in many ways. Especially the class president. Alright? Yes. Annie, you can take a seat near the Class President. Now, let’s ensure we carry on the day without any accident, and let’s, please, do some studying, you Seniors, okay? Are you not going to answer? See you later. Thanks, Class Prez. Annie? The name’s so pretty. You came from the US? Do you have any US snacks? Hey, look over here! Annie, from now on, you have to attend school. You have to hide your identity here. You understand what I mean, right? Mm. Not mm, it’s “yes”. Yes. And from now on, you’re a younger cousin of mine from the States, alright? That’s a lie… Huh? That’s right. The thing is, you need a bit of lie once in a while if you want to make it through your life. At any rate, you’re my younger cousin from the States, okay? And, you can never stick out. Especially, you can’t pick up heavy objects and all. Okay? Yes..Yes. I’m right here. Everything should go fine. Of course. It’s alright. [ Noona ] [ Noona ] Hey, Chang Woon Woo! Why did you come here? Take Annie home with you. Me? Why? I have a business trip. Making me go nuts. You’ve taken her over on your own. Cut out with the complaint and do as you’re told… if you don’t want to die. Annie, Woon Woo Oppa is going to take you home. You have to listen to him until I return, okay? Unnie, where are you going? I have to go earn a living, to buy you delicious things. Ah, I guess you can’t eat food. I’m going to buy pretty things. Pretty things for you. I’m off. Sun Joo Yeon. Hey! What are you doing? Are you okay? What? I can go by myself. So, don’t worry about me. Did she say “are you okay?” to me? Hey, hey come over here. Seriously. She sure making me be concerned. Son, what’s up? Why’d you call? Hello? If you called, then you should at least say something. Well, it’s nothing really. Anything specific? Of course there’s nothing going on. Is Annie doing okay? I heard from your big sister that she named her Annie. Be nice to Annie. She doesn’t have family or someone to look after her. She’s alone you say? Do you have the right to tell me what to do? I was ALWAYS alone! You who have never once asked whether I was lonely. Woon Woo, the thing is… Never mind. I’m hanging up. That kid… Sorry, my son. …no connection… I don’t know. Whatever. Please leave a message… It was a puppy-dream (nonsensical dream). Yup. A puppy-dream. I’ll ignore it. [ Son ] ♫ On the road we walked on every day ♫ ♫ Do you remember the promises we exchanged? ♫


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