I Am (아이엠) – Full Episode 3 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

I Am It’s so hot. He’s gone. What’s with that guy? Why did you come here? I was just passing by. Why did he startle you so much? Do you know him? He said he was a bad guy. Who said? – Dad. – Oh, that guy. I guess he is your dad. Annie! I’m off. What are you doing here? I thought you already went in. What… were you watering the tree? Seriously. Who’s that? Oppa. Oppa? Your brother? Does he have a girlfriend? So what if he does? I can just steal him. Introduce me to him. – She’s crazy, don’t worry. – Cra- Crazy? Me. Me. Annie! It’s been a while. Kang Sang Ki? Why not just go “Yo, Sang Ki, what’s up?” if you’re at it? So impolite. He’s my boyfriend. You shouldn’t stay here. Let’s go. No. – You still have to- – I don’t want to. This thing, really… Are you just going to hide behind- – Stop it! Joo Yeon. Annie. You want to stay with me, don’t you? – Yeah. – Then don’t go. Joo Yeon, about that… Annie, you go first. I will take care of the bad guy Kang Sang Ki, okay? Joo Yeon. It’s not what you think. “It”? Do you consider Annie to be an object? Cha Joo Yeon. Kang. Save it for later. Hey, Cha Joo Yeon! Joo- Cha Joo Yeon! She’s driving me crazy. Annie. You got upset, didn’t you? ♫ I want you a lot, a lot, a lot ♫ That guy, Kang Sang Ki, is only like that because he doesn’t know you, so don’t look into it that much. ♫ I want you a lot, a lot, a lot ♫ ♫ I want you a lot, a lot, a lot ♫ It’s okay. I’m here for you. I’m here to take care of you, so don’t worry about a thing. Unnie. What? Tell me. I want to watch that. [ BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears ] ♫ I knew that wasn’t it ♫ The kids keep talking about them, so I should probably watch that too. A lot, a lot, a lot! Wow, they’re so cool! Of course you should, Annie. You should watch that. I wonder if there’s anything to it. I should go to the kitchen. Don’t worry. What? Kang Sang Ki’s always been like that. I don’t mind. What is this? Aw, you precious thing! I’m so proud. How did you know? Thank you, Annie. Who do you take after that you’re so nice? Aw, Annie! What the hell? You home? What’s going on? Are you hugging her? Does she even know what it is? What? This crazy little… Hey! Get over here. Noona. Ow, that hurts! What’s this? Please go out with me. This… I put my phone number there, so think about it and let me know. Also. Think about it and let me know. Ooh! Annie, what are you going to do? Will you go out with him? This isn’t really my style. Then let’s open the present. I’m so curious. What could it be? How do you open this? Hey, what’s this? What? Oh, it’s just the number she should think about and let him know. Stop teasing and open! Come on! He left a heart! Aw! Open it. Heart? Oh, no… my oppa is so cool… Hey! Did you hear? What? Joon Soo gave a present to some girl Annie! What? The son of a gun. Who’s that chick? Which one of you losers is Annie? You’re Annie? You look so plain. You go around flirting with guys? That’s enough. Joon Soo is mine, so back off, okay? If you don’t want to kick the bucket. Hey! What’s with you? Hey, Kim Eun Bi. Shut up and beat it. Crazy b*tch. What’s it to you? Don’t you know this is none of your business? Who are you, huh? Do you want to die? And who are you now? Stop it. What the hell? Let go! She trying to die or- What the hell are you doing? Teacher, these girls just came in and- Annie. Let her go, now. Teacher, they came in and started things. All of you, follow me. Some class president, aren’t you. – Teacher, we really didn’t do anything. – What was that? Who told you it’s okay to fight? Hands up! I have to go to class now, so stand there and reflect on what you did. Annie, don’t your arms hurt? My arms never hurt. It’s okay to let them down now. The teacher’s gone. You’re so naive. Shall we run? What’s gotten into you, model student? I just can’t sit here and be treated so unfairly. Let’s go. Unnie will get mad though. Let’s leave tomorrow’s worries to tomorrow. Let’s go! Come on! Yeah, let’s go.You only live once. But unnie is… Come on, Annie. Let’s go. Let’s go! Let’s go, run! Hey, no one came after us, right? It’s been a while since we skipped, hasn’t it? It feels so nice to bail. Doesn’t it? Don’t you feel like you’ve won? Yeah, a bit. Unnie will get mad. Hey, it’s okay. Stop worrying. The homeroom teacher might kill us tomorrow at school, so let’s play as if today’s our last day. Go, go, go! Go! Go, go. ♫ Come on, tell me ♫ ♫ Two Champ beat ♫ ♫ Hey, come here, tell me why are you acting so frustrated? ♫ ♫ You’re friends with the girl in another class? Don’t you dare smile at her ♫ ♫ On my way to see you ♫ ♫ Why am I so nervous? ♫ ♫ I wanna swag, I want you, this and this, I want to see you ♫ ♫ Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my ♫ ♫ What did I just do? ♫ ♫ Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my ♫ ♫ All I think of is you ♫ ♫ What do I do with myself? I’m so into you ♫ ♫ What do I do with myself? ♫ One, two! ♫ Hey, come over here, why are you being so frustrating ♫ ♫ How many times do I need to tell you? Look at the time ♫ ♫ On the way to meet you ♫ ♫ Why am I so nervous? ♫ ♫ I wanna say, I want you ♫ ♫ This and this, I want to see you ♫ ♫ Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, What did I just do? ♫ ♫ Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my, All I think of is you ♫ ♫ What do I do with myself? I’m so into you ♫ ♫ What do I do with myself? ♫ ♫ Baby, baby ♫ ♫ Stop it ♫ Oh my God! Woah. ♫ Baby, baby ♫ ♫ Turns red ♫ ♫ That just means that I ♫ ♫ like you, what should I do? ♫ ♫ I’ve lost so much weight ♫ ♫ It’s so ticklish ♫ ♫ All the other guys look at me ♫ ♫ Everyone but you know me ♫ ♫ I’m worried ♫ Hey, what was that? I thought you were an idol. I know, right? Where did you learn how to dance so well? From TV. She’s crazy. Are you a genius or something? You should be in a girl group. You won’t have to go to college, and we can hang out and get married to the BTS oppas. BTS, you say? The BTS oppas will get scared of your face and run away. Come over here. You’re dead once I get you. Come here! Hey, Ji Eun, Ji Eun. You’re so bad! You’re so bad! You’re so bad! You crazy? You violent girl. My friend just hit me. Wow. Hey, she smiled! I’ve never seen her smile. I know, right? I didn’t even know she could. So this is it. Liking someone. What did you say? I like you guys. Wow, goosebumps. Oh my God! You just said it like that and it made my fingers go like this. Is this like, American style? That was so cheesy! Let’s go, let’s go. Hey, they won’t uncurl. Chang Woon Woo! Chang Woon Woo! You scared me. What the hell? Unnie told me to wake you up. Come have breakfast. I don’t want to eat. Get out. Unnie said to come out. I’m not eating. What are you doing? That’s what I should do if you don’t eat. You’re an actual baby. You’re so cute. Annie. What? I’m going to come out, so can you let go of my ear? Okay. Go eat. I thought my ear would fall off. ♫ You’re mine, you think I might change ♫ ♫ Pinching my cheeks. Touch, touch ♫ ♫ I’m so nervous. What’s this about? That’s so mean. I think I love you so ♫ Hey, baby! You’re early. Have a seat. ♫ I feel like I’m going to melt ♫ – But who is this? – Oh, about her… I’m his younger cousin. Oh, his cousin! He never told me he had such a pretty cousin! What’s your name? Annie. Yeah, she’s my little cousin. She came from the States. Annie. Oh, from the States. She came a bit back to Korea to study. Today, she was supposed to stay with my sister. But she went on a business trip, so I had to bring her with me. Is it okay if she hangs out with us just today? Sure, no problem! It’s so nice getting to know such a pretty friend. Annie, leave it to me. We’ll have a lot of fun today! ♫ I don’t want to admit it ♫ As expected, your heart is as beautiful as your appearance, Seul Bi. I’m pretty? Then pwease tell Seuw Bi she’s cute. Aw, my Seuw Bi is so cute? Such a cute baby. No. ♫ My heart beat stopped. My feelings have all stopped ♫ What? I hate this. Subtitles & Timing by the I AM Team @ Viki ♫ On the road we walked every day ♫ ♫ Do you remember the promises we exchanged? ♫


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