I Am (아이엠) – Full Episode 5 [Eng Subs] | Korean Drama

I Am So one of the kids found out too? Yeah. I told you to be careful! So what about Annie? She’s not coming out of her room. I told you I would be taking her in… That’s not the point now, Hyung! I’ll go. What’s with him too? Is there a fire or something? Hey, Annie. ♫ Do you wanna build a… ♫ Dammit. I know, I know. You must be very flustered, because she was your good friend. Oppa gets it too. But think about it, she must’ve been pretty shocked too. She couldn’t even imagine that. Humans, you see, aren’t really used to androids yet. I was so freaked out at first too, you little thing. I really hated you too. But now, now, you see, it’s driving me crazy, but you know how you said you feel weird looking at me. I feel really weird when I see you too. What are you doing there? You… What were you doing there? Why did you come from there? I went out for some fresh air. I thought you weren’t coming out of your room. It felt a bit stuffy. Can you move? What? I want to go in my room. Sure, go in. Charge up and rest. Did you hear? My heart is thumping… That’s so embarrassing. Annie, it’s okay to skip today too. I’ll talk to Ji Eun again and- It’s okay. What? I’ll do it. Let’s go. It feels like she’s all grown up at times like this. Annie, Annie, Annie! What did you do this weekend? Did you hang out with Oppa? Hey. What’s going on with you two? Did you fight? Ji Eun. Talk from there. I’m sorry. What are you sorry about? I just… for being like this… I’m scared of you. No, no, I- Don’t come near! What are you doing without me? I hate you! I’m scared of you! Piss off! What’s wrong with you? I told you to beat it! Annie! Annie! Are you crazy? Why are you like this to Annie? Ann- Annie! Woon Woo. Huh? [ Dal Roll Craft Roll Cake + Coffee ] How come you guys came together? Sang Ki told me about it. What? Annie. I’m sorry, I meant to tell you… No, even if you did, I wouldn’t have believed you. So how’s Annie? She went to school. It should be fine, since noona’s there too. Yeah, Noona. Annie is gone. What? Let’s go. Let’s go look for her. Sit down. How are you going to look for her anyway? We can’t just sit like this and do nothing! She didn’t take her bag and she hasn’t got much battery left. She’ll shut down soon! Her bag… so that’s why… What happens if her battery runs out? It’s like with humans. She gets more and more tired, and her system shuts down. She won’t be able to move. I think I know where she is. Where? In my dream. What’s wrong with this oppa. We’re serious, but why is he joking? What did you see? It was dark. It was on some alley. I think there was one of those claw machines, too. Could it be… Ji Eun, do you know anything? When we skipped class… The alley near the 4 Roads Arcade? Okay. Hey! Aren’t you coming? No. – Why? – Can you understand this? She’s a robot! So what? What? Annie is still our friend. ID No. 1! Stop it! Get lost, kid. This is none of your business. I told you to stop! Stop! Joo Yeon! Help us! Help us! Help! Help! Help! Help these people! Help! Annie! Annie! Annie, can you hear us? Annie, are you okay? Oh my God. Annie, Unnie is sorry. Annie, wake up. Annie. Annie! Ji Eun. [ I’m sorry. ] Subtitles & Timing by the I AM Team @ Viki ♫ I walked a long way ♫ ♫ But where are you standing? ♫ ♫ My heart ♫ Hurry, hurry, hurry. Annie will be here. Are you crazy? You’re the one who caused this. Shut up and just put them back quickly. Hey, did I do it on purpose? It was because I was flustered. Because of you, I, who am nice, always has to deal with trouble. Anyway, do well. I’ll be outside. Hey, Annie, Annie, Annie. Sit.


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