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Will you play it, Chhotu? Come on. What are you looking at?
Come on. Meera, how are things back home? What do I tell you? With two years of famine
forget our hunger pangs, even the earth craves for water. What do I tell you about hunger? No wonder.
Hunger makes us dance to its tunes. That’s why I abandoned our village. Oh, Good morning, Bhatiji! Madam… Greetings! Can I book the camel
for a ride tomorrow? The camel is sick…
ill… ill… ill Book tomorrow? Camel fit… You sit…This isn’t just a tie, dear.
It is your identity, dignity and pride
Hey Skinny!
Take the Foreigner’s order. What’s up? Please let my son work for you. More than assisting you
it would help me repay my debt. But he’s just a kid. He works hard and his mind
is quick as a train! Whatever he see or read once,
he remember. Does he go to school? No, but he loves to read. School is not in our destiny. But you won’t regret hiring him. Bhati, my friend, how are you?
All good. Greetings! Absolutely! -Give me something to eat.
-Welcome, welcome. Hey, get me Rotis (bread). Hey, what are you up to? Medicine! So you’re a doctor, eh? Learnt it from our village doctor.
Soon she will be up on her feet. What if she doesn’t? You can thrash me with your shoes. Don’t worry. She is from your village, right?
She’s like a sister to me. Don’t worry.
I’ll drop her at the village on the way. I’m grateful, Sardarji. Come. Put your heart in your work. Make sure Bhati Uncle
has no complaints. Oh Chhotu, Come on! Hey Skinny! Go on. Even superstar Amitabh Bachchan
used to be called an electric pole. This kid will work here from today. The name is Laptan.
Got it, Chhotu? From today you’ll be under me. Listen to me carefully! You’ll have to obey all my orders get it?
Go now. OK sir. OK sir. Hey, Skinny!
Quick delivery for 102 and 104! This is King Rudrapratap Singh’s
royal mansion. Half of it’s a heritage hotel now,
half his residence. Tourists come from all over the world. Tea, snacks and meals
come from our joint, get it? Open both the rooms. Good morning, Manager Sir! Come on. Come. That’s Manager Lakha Singh. Don’t forget to wish him good morning
and good evening, OK? What’s that? The royal family lives on that side.
We are not allowed in there. Can I play with you? Go play with your own friends. I don’t have any. So? Why did you come here?
Hold this. Come on. Who is that? Prince Ranvijay Singh. Come on. Your Highness,
the Queen requests you to come in. Who is that boy about my age? Looks like the boy working at
Bhati’s Dhaba (food joint), Your Highness. Mother, Ira and Padma
won’t let me play with them. You’re a prince.
You shouldn’t be playing with girls. But mother… You should play at school.
Now wash up and have lunch. I’m not hungry. Prince! Don’t be stubborn now.(Folk song)One move and you’ve check mated me,
Your Highness. It’s a matter of time, Purohitji. Once, we had real elephants,
horses and camels to fight the enemy. Now we’re toying with these fake ones.
Time. Time and tide wait for no one,
my Lord! Your highness, there is a foreign guest who wants to interview you
for a TV channel. Am I a museum piece? Ask him to send me a written request
and a questionnaire. Certainly. Your highness,
a few signatures are required. Please arrange.(Folk song)Lunch is ready, Your Highness. Wait… Wait… Come on. Listen. Make the vessels shine so that
I can see my face on them. Now go… “Shirdi’s Sai Baba” “I have come to Your abode.” -Hello!
-Hello! What’s your name? Chhotu… he Chhotu… me Laptan. Okay. Your tea is great! This Bhati’s tea sir. Laxmi, please get well by morning
and help me keep my word. Sleep now. I’m the Godfather around here. The name is Laptan. Why are you here? To sleep. This is my room.
You sleep on the cot outside. Bhati Uncle said
I could sleep in here. Get lost! Are you deaf? I’ll thrash you with my slippers. Everyone is scared of me. -Not you. There’s a ghost in here.
-What? A ghost. There’s no ghost here. There she goes! Hey come on in…
sleep inside. Chhotu! Come on. Sleep inside. Come on. Scared of the ghost? Scared? Me?
No, I feel sorry for you. Now come in. But I’m scared of the ghost. Don’t worry, I am there.
Come on. Come. Come. The ghost attacks people on the cot.
I’d rather sleep on the floor. Come in. Hello. Hello. Hey Laxmi, you look fine! Show me your wound. Great! Quite a doctor you are! She’s fine. Where is Skinny? Still sleeping. Ghost! Help! Help!! You think I am a ghost?
The ghost is only in your head. And it’s the craze for films
that’s driving you nuts. Look there. Look at him.
Talking nonsense. Oh Doctor, fire the oven. I’ll have a bath. And listen…
what a filmy pose that is! “As the beauty dips in the sea.”I welcome you.On this beautiful morning
you are with me, Ruby.
Hey, light this.For a good beginning
‘My Radio My Country’…
Now go and make some tea. Come on. Go. Glory to Goddess,
alleviator of sorrows. Hey Skinny, take the milk. Glory to Goddess,
alleviator of sorrows. -Don’t you dare call me Skinny.
-Get lost Bhati uncle, tea. You made it? Yes. One moment. If this is tea,
what would poison be like? You’ll ruin my reputation. Let me show you
what tea should be like. I’ve never had tea this good. That was great! It’s famous all over. No other tea is good enough. May I try it once more? Oye Chhotu, go clean up now. Hey Skinny, mind your own business.
Go on, try it again. Go and do your work. Bhati Uncle… tea. You think I’m stupid?
You brought me the tea that I made. No, I swear I made it. -You’re lying.
-Whatever else I do, I’d never lie. You made it? Come on, make it again
in front of me. Pick up the plate.
Make it in front of me. Come. Hey Skinny learn from this kid,
else he’ll soon send you packing. Meera was right.
You’re quite talented. Whatever I see or read once,
I remember. Shall I show you my books? Have you come here
to work or to study? -What is the point of studying?
-Right, what’s the point? I want to wear a tie,
be a big man and become famous. Don’t fly so high, kid.
Come back to the earth. Go and serve tea at the mansion. Here, take this. -Good morning!
-Good morning. Oh my god! Helen, come watch this. Wow! Wait a second, ok? -Your tea.
-Thank you. Cool. Your tea too. Thank you. -Hello.
-Hello. You want tea? No, thank you. -Did you take the camel?
-Yes. Why? She needs exercise
after her wound has healed. But you should at least have told me. Laxmi came on her own. Laxmi came on her own. Today he’s taken the camel,
who knows what will be next? Get rid of this good-for-nothing,
Bhati Sir. -Sure… like you’re some indispensable guy.
-Thank you. Five years and you can’t even make
a decent tea. God only knows what these foreigners
will find entertaining next. Now, take the camel everyday. -Hey kid, get lost.
-Come on, Laxmi, let’s go. Besan gatta… 35 rupees. Kadhi 25 rupees. Good morning. Morning! But you need
to say ‘Good afternoon’. Good afternoon. Good. Order? -Two teas?
-Yes. Two teas and some snacks. -Thank you.
-Thank you. -You from?
-Chile. Chilly? Mirchi? No, that’s her country. How much? Don’t you know,
I wear the tie myself. Your tea… your chips. Gracias! Grass? Camel grass? No, gracias, means shukriya…
thank you. Gracias! May our flag fly ever high May our flag fly ever high its glory never fade. Who is he?
Why is everyone saluting him? How does it matter? One day everybody will salute me. Now, no TV, get to work. This is Mr. Kalam. He is the president
of our country, the biggest King of all. Work quickly. Do you tie it yourself? Hey kid, get lost. He’s talking to me. The prince should not speak
to commoners. If the king gets to know,
he’ll be very angry. How will the king find out…
from you? Then I will lodge a false complaint
against you. No. This is a tie. I put it on myself. I don’t believe you. I never lie. Me neither. Then why don’t you believe me? Then show me. Once more… -I’ve been calling you for so long!
-Why did you hit me? I did! What will you do? Don’t forget,
I am the Big daddy around! If you try to play a bigger star than me,
you’ve had it! Get lost.That’s all for now.
Before leaving let me tell you.
Watch our special programme
at 10 PM… tonight…
on the president of India,
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s
address to school children.You can also listen to the
Hindi translation on Radio FM.
Laxmi, here’s your dinner.President Kalam is a source of
inspiration for millions of children.
My greetings to all of you.He distributed newspapers to pay
his school fees.
He believes that destiny
can be changed through action.
He says success depends on four things:First, a clear aim in life.Second, good education.Third, hard work.Fourth, perseverance.Now you decide whether you will
have faith in destiny or your actions.
I want to say that the strength of the…I’m Coming, I’m Coming. Hello! She’s Laxmi. Laxmi, say hello! -My name is…
-Prince Ranvijay Singh… I know. And your name… Chhotu? No, no. Then what’s your real name? -I am Kalam.
-Kalam? -Friends?
-Friends. That’s my room.
But how will you come? Don’t worry, I’ll manage.(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)(Folk song)Find out! What’s going on? Who’s there? Come in front. I made a mistake by mistake, father. It was an accident, so I’ll let you go. But, be careful next time. Pardon me. You really saved me today,
otherwise I was done for. What a huge room. It’s so stunning! You’re not scared here alone? Rajput warriors are fearless. So many books! What’s in them? Don’t you know English? Do you know how to climb a tree? I can ride a horse. Can you? I can ride a camel…
can you cure a camel? As if I’m a camel doctor. I can’t read English
because I don’t go to school. I know this poem by heart. I can’t remember Hindi poems. My Hindi is a bit weak. I’ll polish your Hindi,
you teach me English, okay? Teach me to climb a tree as well. And will you teach me horse-riding? Promise! What’s that? Promise means giving your word. Then, good promise. Yes… yes madam. Madam. When? When coming? Goodbye. Goodbye. Chhotu, come here quick. -What’s up?
-Come here. -Go to the city and pick this up.
-May I take the camel? Sure. But zoom like a truck
and whiz back like a train! Just a minute,
who will do the dishes? You go. Why, have you put
mehendi decorations on your hands? Take the order. Let’s go Laxmi, let’s go. Give me this. Here. What is this for? “Oh beloved of mine,
come to my land.”Come to my land“Beloved, come.” “Come to my land.” Hey, how do I look? Crazy! What did you say? You look like His Excellency. “Beloved, come to my land.” -Are the lentils ready?
-Yes. Okay. Listen. Let it be. I’ll make a special gattari
vegetable myself today. What? Lucy Madam phoned to
specially ask for it. Thank you. Move. Move. Listen. Where is the fresh oil? -Here.
-Go change it. Get fresh oil. And remove these stinky onions…
cut new ones! I have to make it special
for Lucy Madam. What’s happened to this guy? That journey was torture. “Come to my land.” So let us go. “Beloved, come.” Hello, Lucy Madam. Greetings, Mr. Bhati! How are you? -After a long time.
-Oh yes. Went to France, then to Delhi,
now I’m back home. Yes, this is your home. Merci. Hello Laptan. Who’s this? Je m’appelle Kalam. (I am Kalam). I am Lucy. You speak French? Small small. I’ll teach you. Really? Yes. He’s very smart. Yes, me training under. Voila! See what I brought from Jaipur. Oh, Ravan Hatta! See that water bird. J for Jug. J for Jug. Yes. Okay? Oh, J for jug from the dhaba. And look, K for King. No, not K for King. K for Kalam! Kalam!My life is beautifulLife is like a colorful drawing
in which a few colors are dull
Some are dark and beautiful.
And some colors are bright
What is slumber and waking up?
I don’t have a home or a bed
Whether I have anything else or not.
But I have my dreams
I got it.Sorrows will endThose days will also comeWhen nobody will be able to stop me.
I will just march ahead
Rouge, while I’m slaving away
you’re having a blast. I will…
My Lord, the Prince, forgive me. My mistake. Such a coward. Tell me, what do you want to be
when you grow up? Me? I want to wear a suit, tie
and become a big man. So everybody salutes me. And you? I haven’t decided yet. Shall I suggest? Sure! When you grow up, build a big school. where kids like me can
wear a tie and come. Good idea. Very good idea. Then good promise. This is er… my school Hey Chhotu, tell me which film heroine
would make a great pair with me. Look. Kareena, Bipasha or Aishwarya?
Who would be the best for me? You want to get married? To act in a film, you fool! She’ll be the heroine
and I’ll be the hero. Tell me quick! Are you crazy?
Even Laxmi won’t agree! You fool! Pairing me with a camel?
I’ll burn all your books! I’ll burn you in the oven if you
dare to touch my books… Ghost! -Where?
-It’s flitting about, holding a mug. When a ghost has a mug in its hand,
it means it’s blood-thirsty. And today it took the form
of Prince Ranvijay Singh. It’s like the other day… When? Nothing. Be comfortable on the cot. Keep the lights on
and enjoy your reading. Don’t worry, enjoy your reading.
I’m here! Yes. Fine. Greetings! My name is Kalam.
Can I get you something? Not yet, kid.
I’m waiting for someone. Okay. -Fine.
-Hey, four Rotis quick. I’ll just get them. Hey! Four rotis, quick. Since when is your name Kalam? Since I was born.
Give me.I welcome you to the studio.Never call me Chhotu (little fellow)
again.You are famous all over the world.Chhotu! Pick up the vessels! Hello, I am Kalam from India. Hi, Kalam. I am Anne from France. Capital Paris. Very good. How are you son? Thank you. I am fine. Lord be praised,
you are speaking English! Come on, let’s go for a drive. If you go to Delhi,
will you take me along? Oh, sure. Why not? The queen was saying
you seem very happy these days. I’ve got friends now. But be careful that you make friends
only with equals in school. With royal blood only. Got it? You said something? Your Highness, the other heritage hotels
have in-house cooking facilities. It would be really convenient
if we offered that too. From a king,
I have become a hotelier. Now you want to make me a cook?
Please leave. Yes, my lord. What’s wrong with that, father? Prince. Sorry, father. Excuse me, father,
may I go and study? You may leave. With your permission,
may I say something? Please. If your first queen were alive… …we would not be alone in worrying
about Ira-Padma’s marriages. I know, the Princesses are growing up. So is the prince. What do you mean? My Lord, we should not decide
our children’s futures like moves on a chess board. Children have their own minds
and dreams. Father still lives in a bygone era.
Was the manager wrong? -Yes.
-I don’t agree. If meals are cooked
at the mansion, then… Bhati Uncle’s joint will shut down
and I’ll lose my job. So it’s wrong for me. What kind of logic is that? When you talk so formally… …I feel as if you are talking
to a third person, not me. Well, it’s a royal habit now,
get used to it. As my Lord wishes! Okay, now sit. You’ll fall down. Tell me, have you ever been to Delhi? Quite often. Why? I want to go to Delhi just once,
to thank President Sir. President! Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam? Yes. Why? Because you share the same name? -It is good.
-I cooked it. One. One. One more, it’s good. It’s delicious.
What is this secret of yours? So soft. Thank you. Eat. It is amazing! Let me have it. Hello! Hey, hello Kalam! Where do you keep disappearing?
There’s so much work here. Talk to him nicely. He’s just a kid. Hey Laptan, talk to him nicely.
He is just a kid. Come, son. I speak to him only in love. You love kid. Bhati love kid. Our love is same same. Laptan… pick up the vessels. Can I get some water please? Chhotu, get some water. -Come.
-Thank you. You go to school? No, but I read. -What?
-Books. Show you? A little later. You want to play? I play only with my friends. Such an attitude! Who is this friend? So you are a fan of President Kalam? I am fan of superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Oh, I see. My books. Yes, show me. See photo, Madam. See photo. Yes. Good. Yes. Good. See this top. Yes, ok. Can you read all this? Hindi good. English… a friend helping me. Friend? Who, Bhati? No. Then? Don’t say this gentleman. Then, Who? Secret. Oh ho! Laptan’s crazy about films. He wants to become a film star!
Look at his face. Such a coward. I fooled him saying
there is a ghost in this room. No. Yes. I… sound… Bye, everyone. -Bye.
-Bye. Any problem? I have a French test
day after tomorrow. But I’m not prepared;
I’m worried about my marks. Don’t worry. How? If I help you with French
what will I get in return? Fees? No. Show me some interesting place. A well, palace, good music or anything. Oui. Oui? Oui. Yes. What will you show her Kalam? What secret talks! Surprise for you. Hello, I am Kalam. What do you want? Laptan, bring two flatbreads. Bring some water. Thank you.Some special Rajasthani folk songs.
Only for you.
We will continue talking to you
on the other side of this song.
Please play. Oh, you want to hear? Whole life! Okay. Come on. Three cheers for Kalam. Mr. Bhati! I need a favour. Ask for my life, Lucy Madam,
I will not complain. Can Kalam get two days leave? See this, see this. See this, see this. So this is the surprise? No! Then what is it? Sit down! Oh, my God. What are you doing to me? -Kalam.
-I will tell you. Oh… ok, I shouldn’t see. I am feeling so strange now. Come, come … come fast. -Wait. Wait.
-Come. Come. Come. Come. So… -Come. Come.
-Where are we going Kalam? -Please now it’s enough.
– Come. Come. Sit. Sit. Okay… Now? Open your eyes. Oh, my God. Kalam… , a rat temple? No Karni Mata temple. Karni Mata? Wow! Please, can you take a photo of us? Congratulations Ranvijay. French test, A Plus. Merci, Merci Kalam, Merci Lucy. Do you have a necklace for a camel? Wow. For whom? For Laxmi For Laxmi? Excellent. And this one? This is for my best friend. Prince? Yes. Greetings! Greetings! How are you my little sister? Sit down. Here, take this. So much money? Hope you didn’t steal it. I got good tips. -Where did you meet this white woman?
-She is a friend. Chocolate… come, come
and smile. Very Nice. Smile. Smile. Rascal, from a servant
he’s become the master now. I’ve to do all his work. Are you cleaning the vessels
or playing a band? Bye. Why did you give Chhotu leave? Lucy Madam wanted to visit his hamlet. Good for him. He’ll be meeting
his mother after four months and giving her some money. Why are you jealous? What’s he got that I haven’t? Look at your face
and look at his intelligence. He’s picked up all the work so fast. He reads, speaks English better than me. He even manages some French
and keeps everyone happy. Thank you! The food is very tasty. What did she say? She loves the food. Kalam is very intelligent. Kalam? Who Kalam? In her language,
Chhotu is pronounced as Kalam. Can I take him to Delhi? She’s offering to take me to Delhi
and put me in a school there. Have I gone crazy to let
some stranger take you away. Where will I look for you?
Swear that you won’t go with her! What did she say? Later… thinking. Ok. Merci. You just stay with Bhati Uncle, okay? Give me a Roti. I’ll have to keep a watch on you this
foreign madam seems a bit suspicious. Hell, this is the cause
of all the trouble. There you go. Now read. Read more. Read more…read more…read more. This is Laptan’s salute to Kalam. -Yes.
-I made it. This is the best tea. How was the journey? It was wonderful, superb! Chhotu, come quickly. My House… when I was small… Mother has sent this for you. Oh, sweets. How is mother? I made this. Laxmi, eat, eat. I got you a present. See how beautiful it is.
It’s from my village Thanks to you, I got A+ in French. You should’ve come first in class. A+ grade means first. Oh, OK. I was worried what if you
didn’t return from the village. I’ve got something for you. Show me, show me. What is it? Wow! A wristband. I’ve also got something for you. What is it? Open and see. Oh wow! A tie and school uniform!
Shall I try them on? Come, I will also change. Idea! Smile. Wow! It would be such fun
if we could go to school together. You promised to build a school, no?
I will go there. But you will be quite grown up by then! President Kalam Sir says
there is no age bar for education. Ok. Bye. What else do I bring? I’m going to take food for Lucy Madam. She’s so busy,
she even forgets to eat. Shall I deliver it? -No need.
-Why? Don’t ask too many questions. Lucy Madam loves it when I serve her. Laptan mind the joint. “Beloved…” Chhotu. -Chhotu, go clean the table.
-“Come to my land” -I just cleared it.
-Clean it again. Why? You ask too many questions.
Just do as I say. Go. Come on. Listen. I don’t want to have
this conversation anymore. Who’s that? Lucy Madam, you haven’t had lunch. You should not stay hungry. Leave me alone, please. Angry… empty stomach…
mind goes round and round. Bhati, please leave. No madam. I cannot abandon someone who’s crying. In India we say sorrows are reduced
if you share them. You problem, Bhati solution. Thank you, Bhati. But Rajesh wants me to go back
to Delhi immediately. I don’t know if he’s making up
a story or… But I want to work here. Meet musicians, record the music, but I can’t concentrate on work. You go to Delhi. Yes. Solution. You go to Delhi. Do what your heart tells you. You go Delhi, finish Delhi. See, if you here, heart in Delhi… …work no good, music no good
…not happy. Go Delhi, finish, come back,
everything good. Bhati, you are so sweet. But first you eat. You are so sweet, first you eat! Oh! It’s become a poem! You so sweet,
but Lucy madam first you eat! You told me to listen to my heart. My heart tells me to stay back
in Rajasthan forever. Then stay back, no? You know, Rajesh says,
this Bhati loves you. When did he see me? No, he never met you. He has seen your pictures and video. Can you even tell from a photo? What? Nothing. Who is Rajesh?
Delhi hotel owner? No. My husband. Husband?! Yes! Your husband? Any problem? Oh God! This light problem! Bhati. What happened, Bhati Uncle?Come, belovedShut it! Hey Laptan! Where are my books? The ghost must’ve taken them. I feel fiery with rage.
Where are my books? Then pour water on the fire. Get lost. Tell me, otherwise… Otherwise what? You’ll hit me? Come hit me… come on. I’ll hit you. I burnt them, with this very hand.
What can you do? Tell me. Tell me. Bhati sir… he’s killing me… let me go!
…Bhati Sir, help! What happened? Leave him.
What happened? -He burnt my books!
-Good he did! How often I have told you
to concentrate on work? You never listen. I would have burnt them if he hadn’t. The rascal has bitten my hand Rascals! You’ve made my life hell. What…? Get lost, all of you. Go away. I don’t need anybody. Just let me be in peace. I will go off to Delhi with Lucy Madam. She will put me in a school. Then I’ll come back to take you. Let Ranvijay know. Hello Kalam. Kalam is nowhere to be seen today. Prince, if His Excellency comes to know
of your friendship with a common waiter, he will not like it. I know,
but he is the only friend I have. Can you find out where he is please? Where is Lucy Madam, Bhati Uncle? As I responsible for Lucy Madam? Don’t have high hopes of her,
otherwise you’ll also cry. Now get to work. What do I cook today? As you like. We will have to investigate this. -Okay.
-Okay. Good morning, Manager sir. Where is Madam? Why do you ask? Where is she? She left for Delhi yesterday. -Delhi?
-Yes. Why didn’t she tell me? Why? Is she your wife. She cannot leave without telling me. Hey boy, come here,
come here… what happened? Prince, is there a problem? Why can’t poor kids go to school father? Destiny my son, destiny. Destiny makes a man rich or poor. Do you believe that destiny
makes a man, or his actions? Prince, finish your food first. Dreams can be heart breaking. Stop living in the world of dreams. Come eat your food. What did you think? Lucy Madam would take you to Delhi,
put you in a school? And educate you. Stop fighting your destiny, son. There is nothing called ‘destiny’. Everything can be
changed by our actions. Says who? Kalam says so. Are you a seer or an enlightened one
that whatever you say is the truth? I understood. Accept it, son. No one can change his destiny. Our friendship is a lie
if you can’t even share secrets. I never lie. Then why didn’t you tell me? How could I walk into your mansion
and tell you? Take these… now all these are yours. No Laptan can ever touch them again. And how could you even think
of leaving me and going to Delhi? I told you before. Even if I went,
I would come back for you. Can I book the camel for tomorrow? Tomorrow, ok. 8 o’ clock. Any Clock. OK, thank you. Thank god, he’s his usual self again. Big deal! Laxmi. Bhati sir… I am your friend. What? Laxmi, look! Are you my mother? Ranvijay, we have sent your name
for the Hindi speech competition. Remember, our school
must get the trophy. I’ll do my best sir. Come on. Carefully.
Take your bag. Come on. Come on quickly. Yes. Come on. See you tomorrow. Bye. How did you get hurt? Don’t worry.
It’s just a sprain. Come on up. Have you broken any bones? No. But my dreams of
bringing the trophy are shattered. What do you mean? Tomorrow is Hindi speech competition. How do I write with my bandaged hand? You dictate, I’ll write it for you. Wish you could stay with me. Don’t worry.
I will still write it for you. Admit that my Hindi
is better than yours. That is true. It’s decided then. This brother will write and you speak. Fine? You’re up so early! I didn’t sleep at all,
wrote all night. Memorise it and recite it well. Bye. Bye.(Sanskrit Chants)I won’t change a single word from this. You wrote it with your heart,
I will recite it with mine. Get the trophy for me Good promise. Yes it’s booked. Okay. Bye. Good morning Manager sir! Come, come, my lord. Why do you mock me, my lord? Now that you have made yourself welcome
in the mansion. Keep an eye on this boy. He has to be caught red handed.
Then we can take him to the king. Okay. Come here, kiddo. Give us some food. Coming up! I am going to Delhi. I am thinking of taking you along
this time. -Really! You are going to Delhi today?
-Yes. Will you deliver a letter for me? Forget the letter.
I can take you there… Got some work in the city. Meet me after an hour.
Get the Rotis now. Mother! You! Just dropped by to check on you. To see if you left
with that white madam. Where is Mr. Bhati? He is sleeping inside. Come on. Chhotu, who cleans vessels
at the Dhaba. Chhotu… who gets smudged with oil
while cleaning trucks and buses. Chhotu, who looks for food
in the garbage bin. Chhotu, who looks after madam’s baby. Chhotu, who tolerates his
employers’ scorns and beatings. He wants to sit on his dad’s shoulder
and go a carnival. He wants to hear his mothers’ lullaby. He wants to be praised
and lovingly corrected by his teacher. Chhotu wants a name of his own. Chhotu dreams of an identity
of his own. Will you give him that? Bloody thief! I am not a thief. Manager sir, listen to me.
I know this boy. He can’t be a thief. Really! If he is not a thief then
where did he get the prince’s things from? His clothes, his books. Bhati sir, I told you he is a thief! I did not steal anything, uncle. Congratulations! Pardon him Your Excellency. Confess, Son. His Excellency is kind.
He will forgive you. I am telling you I am not a thief. -Bhati…?
-Yes, my lord… I don’t want to see this boy
around from today. No, my lord.
Not within a mile. Pardon him. Shameless boy. You would’ve got my Hotel shut down. Come here boy.
Why did you have to steal? Answer me. Mother, even you think
I am a thief! I am going. Listen my son, listen. Have you seen my son around? Don’t know where he has disappeared. Let him get a taste of the road,
he will come back. I can’t keep him here anymore. Lunch is ready, my Prince. Have you seen Kalam anywhere? I asked you something. Pardon me, prince. Pardon me. I could not open my mouth for fear
of his Excellency’s wrath. They caught him, beat him up
thinking he is a thief. He did not utter a word. What could I say
in front of His Excellency? Prince, it was His Excellency.
I am such a small man. I was helpless. I apologise,
I could not save your friend. Mr. Purohit,
you always say time is moving on. Do you think I am still fighting time? I meant to say… Prince, you?
How come you are here? How could you do this to Kalam? What do you mean? Kalam is not a thief.
I gave him those things. Then why he didn’t he speak up? He is my friend. To save me. I was scared to face father’s wrath. That I could never let anyone know that
we used to meet, play, study together. The trophy I got is because of him. He wrote my speech,
I only recited it. My lord, my heart says
he is not a thief. Where is Kalam? Tell me if you know. Where did he go? Why would I know where is that thief? How dare you call my friend a thief? He is not the thief. You are. What are you saying, my Lord? My friend has told me that he has been
stealing money from your box. Go and check. Pardon my lord. -I will tell you where Chhotu has gone.
-Where? Call him Kalam.
Not Chhotu. Speak up. I saw him get into the truck
with Sukha Singh. Sukha Singh was supposed to go
to Delhi. Kalam has run away. He might be in Delhi. Please help us find my boy. I will be very obliged, Lucy Madam. Find my boy.Respected Mr. President,
The fewer my words, the more I mean.
Consider this letter a telegram,
and give me a quick reply.
I am a boy who works
in a roadside food joint,
whose destiny you have changed.I have understoodthat every boy can become a
Prime Minister like Lal Bahadur Shastri
or a President like you.That is all I want to say.Also, I would like to say thank you.Your most obedient student, Kalam.Listen kiddo, His Excellency the President
doesn’t meet people just like that. He loves kids. He meets everyone.
And all I need to do is give him a letter. Give it to me, I will deliver it. I’ll wait for him to come out. No, you can’t stay here. Please go now.
You parents must be worried about you. You will definitely deliver my letter? Why not son, I will certainly deliver it.
Go now. Ma’am you want guide.
Guide! He has gone this way. Come on, let’s go. Yes, let’s go. Kalam! Kalam! Kalam, where is he? Just hear him! Yes there. Ranvijay! His Highness has decided that
Meeraben will work here only and you will go to school
with the Prince. Prince! Kalam, tell us what you think. My Lord, I have no home, no family. Let me take the responsibility
of Kalam’s education. No, I will pay for my own education. Come. Come.


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