I Am The Fox | The Making of Survivor (2019)

(commanding music) – The Fox has had to prove
itself time and time again and strive over a lot of adversity. – Everyone had something to do with saving this
theater back in the 70s. People had fundraisers
and car washers and Proms and children collected pennies
at school and bake sales. – The Fox truly is a survivor. It’s survived fire, financial downturns. Carl is going to really bring this energy that speaks to what these
walls have survived. – We decided to take a
minimalistic approach with emphasis on the bare-bones skeleton of the theater. Seeing all the ropes, pulleys. – When thinking about
how to orchestrate it and how to bring it to life I
wanted to make a lot of room for the dialogue, and
the way I built the music around his delivery was
really the inspiration. – I’m a fighter, a warrior and survivor. – I think the element that
really brought things together was the live orchestra capturing
the sound of air moving in a room with incredible
performers and you marry that to storytelling, really
beautiful, amazing things happen. – I am The Fox, I am Atlanta. (commanding music)

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