I AM THEATRE: Andres Munar

So I’d just moved to New York and I got the
chance to see Michael John Garces in a solo piece called “agua ardiente”. I didn’t really have any experience in anything
but the canon. You know, Shakespeare, the Lanford Wilsons, the David Mamets, that’s
really what I knew. To see this guy and this piece about my experience as a Colombian,
as a Cuban American, it just kind of shook me. You’ve put yourself essentially in a box
– What kind of theatre artist will you be when you’re 22 years old – And seeing this
piece kind of shattered that box. He did what any great artist is doing by being
completely specific about where they’re from and their experience. When you grow up in
Miami, it’s basically you are the majority as a Hispanic, you know? And all of a sudden
I was coming into understanding that I actually was an outsider in the United States. And
I think to my mind now, it feels like, it’s so weird that you wouldn’t have thought that
at 21, 22, you should have already experienced that. But I actually didn’t, I think I’d been
pretty protected. And he was one of the people that was like, well, look at things here – it’s
actually very different. I realized why you do theatre. It’s the conversation,that
it’s society talking with itself. Just like I’d seen him do in his show, essentially open
his brain up and talk to himself. And in that conversation, me realizing that I actually
had something to add to that conversation. I am Andres Munar and I AM THEATRE.

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