I AM THEATRE: Daniel Gookin

Some folks have theatre by the sea, we have
theatre by the beef. Long Wharf Theatre is housed in a meat packing
district. It was supposed to be a temporary space for two to five years until they found
their real space. It’s been close to 48 years now and we’re still there. It’s a factory building and we are limited
top to bottom. Cement floor, there’s no going down into traps. You can’t go up, there’s
a ceiling – there’s no fly system. There are two I-beams that come right down onto the
stage. There’s uni-strut to hang all of the lighting off of, there’s no pipes. There’s
a meat packing plant on one side and a printing press on the another, so there’s no going
left and right. Our theater is the size that it is and will always be. This has posed some interesting challenges
to designers, which they all seem excited about doing. It keeps us on our toes because
it gets us to come up with new and creative ways to deal with the ideas that they come
up with. We have had to come together to create the magic that we do on our stage. And I think
that’s why a lot of people really enjoy working at Long Wharf Theatre. I am Daniel Gookin and I AM THEATRE.

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