I AM THEATRE: Jennifer Bielstein

I think that the live experience that theatre
provides is essential to people’s lives. Especially when so much that we experience
now is represented to us on the screen of a Blackberry, of an iPad, of a computer or
of a television. With theatre we bring people together and they interact with what’s going
on on the stages and with their fellow audience members. At Actors Theatre of Louisville we decided
to do a production of “Fire on the Mountain”. It tells the story of coal miners in Appalachia.
We had audience members that would walk out of the theater after seeing the production
and they were in tears. And I would approach them and ask them what they thought of
the play and comfort them and give them a hug. And they would tell me that they saw
the stories that their grandparents had told them brought to life on the stage and it really
had transformed them. When we see how much the live experience of
theatre can impact people’s lives whether they learn about themselves or others, it
makes me feel like what I do really, really matters. I am Jennifer Bielstein and I AM THEATRE.

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