I AM THEATRE: Kevin Kuhlke

In 1976, I saw a production of Sweet Bird
by the Iowa Theatre Lab. It was so incredibly physical and passionate,
and the material was deeply personal and it was all inside a very formal structure. This
was the first time that a piece of theatre really ripped me open and I don’t mean that
I was just moved, I mean I was fundamentally altered by the experience. Whether I want to or not, my heart being opened
and this experience entering into me fully and altering me, it’s like falling love. Whether
you want to or not, there it is, you’re changed and there’s really no going back. Seeing this piece, it was an example of what
I was struggling to achieve and an experience like that is really important for somebody
when they’re starting out. It’s like seeing the realization of one’s aspiration, and then,
you know, I went – Okay it’s achievable. Somebody’s doing it so I’ll keep trying to do it. And that became the inspiration for the first
10 years of my work. I am Kevin Kuhlke and I AM THEATRE.

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