I AM THEATRE: Lou Bellamy

I often say that I get paid to be black. What could be better? We were looking for a place where we could talk about issues that we knew to be important. To show the complicated nature of African American life and to see our grandmothers and grandfathers on stage with dignity, telling stories that matter, stories that were only sporadically told in other theatres around the world. I’ve been very, very fortunate in my life. I’ve been able to do the work that I choose to do, work that I believe that matters and occasionally when one keeps on doing the work that they love, you’re rewarded for it. Most recently, I directed a play that I began in St. Paul, Minnesota, a play called “Two Trains Running” by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright August Wilson. I came to New York, directed it exactly the same way I would have done it at home and was awarded an Obie. I think that’s pretty cool. I am Lou Bellamy and I AM THEATRE.


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