I AM THEATRE: Marcus Gardley

I wrote poem even when I was young – 4,5,6.
Ever since I could write, I was writing poems. And when I got to college, all of my professors
kept saying these poems are plays because they had characters names and stage directions.
And because I was a militant poet, I fought them. I really didn’t want my teachers to
label my work. But what I didn’t really like about poetry was that it was very isolating.
I wrote the poems in my own room, I would perform them by myself and I didn’t like performing.
So when I got the chance to take a playwriting class and I heard other actors saying my words,
it was really illuminating, really inspiring. They brought the words, the language to another
level. And that was really exciting for me. I thought, oh I don’t have to be on stage
to perform, someone can do this for me and even better. And I just instantly had a love
for theatre. I really loved the collaborative nature of theatre. How other artists joined
a project and joined an art piece with you and help you create it. We were sharing something
that was very intimate, that came out of me. I felt like I was with family and it was a
very spiritual experience and it was what I was called to do. I am Marcus Gardley and I AM THEATRE.


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