My first TCG conference was in Denver, Colorado. I was participating in the first round of “Young Leaders of Color”. I’ve always sort of been walking the fine line between being the artist who creates and the administrator. I remember being at that conference and really trying to find my place. I had the opportunity to hear Kwame Kwei-Armah speak. Kwame says to everybody at the conference, “How can we be of service to and through our art form?” And I really felt that Kwame was challenging me not to decide to be an administrator or an artist but to really step into my role as artistic administrator, that they’re not mutually exclusive. That I had a real responsibility and ability to change the conversation. I think that theatre has the opportunity to speak to those who are influenced and those who are influencers. And I walked away from that conference thinking, I want to make sure I get both of those groups in the room at the same time because that’s the only way the dialogue can really happen. I am Mica Cole and I AM THEATRE.


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