I AM THEATRE: Sunil Vishnu K

To understand my story, you must really understand
India. It is a country where technically although
there is a huge culture of arts – the theatre, the live theatre performances in India are
not professional. So how do you make money? So in 1999, when I was in college, I went
to a post-grad school which in India was a marketing and communications school. We started
a small theatre group and we realized that the theatre group in college was doing extremely
well because in that city, in that particular point of time there was no apparent English
theatre which related and identified with young people. So we went around asking people, “If I started
a company next year which would do live theatre and it has to be profitable, does it make
sense?” And unfortunately, or fortunately, the answer which everybody gave us in the
world was “no”. I don’t understand – so if people like what they were watching, wouldn’t
they be willing to pay? And if they were willing to pay, wouldn’t we be making money? And especially,
we were coming from a grad school which taught us management so we were like, “Hello? If
we can’t manage our own business, what will we do managing anybody else’s business out
there?” So we said,”Hey, wait a second – we are all of 25 and there is an opportunity
here to at least try to live our dream.” So exactly at that point of time, we finished
our college and then we came together and started this company called EVAM. It’s been
eight years since then, we have not only survived but grown. We were only two college, enthusiastic
kids and now we are close to a team of 15 odd people permanently employed in this company. We you meet your college mates, they are saying
“Hey, what’s up?” And they’re like, “Oh, I had such a difficult day, but five days a
week working. But now it’s Saturday, I’m gonna party!” And I’m looking and saying, “Okay,
I party all the week.” I’m Sunil Kandala and I AM THEATRE.


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