“I Bring an Exciting Feminine and Queer Energy!” | Rachel Belleman on Feste

I am Rachel Belleman, and I play Feste in
Twelfth Night! So, I think the role of Feste is
traditionally played by a man. I am not a man, uh, surprise! But, how I’ve made it my own is that I bring, just an exciting feminine energy, I bring an queer energy, which is
very exciting. Paula (Plum) was really excited to explore
just the entire world of what Feste could be. So, I’m excited for audiences to take away
what they will from my performance! Dave Wilson, who is the sound designer, created
the most incredible music! From this era, from 1920s,
for me to work with. And I’ve had it for about two months, so I’ve just had time to play and it’s honestly
been such a dream for me. *Rachel’s beautiful voice* As an artist who has a degree in musical theater, to learn a new style and play and I’m so in
love with it! Yeah! I actually did do a lot of research
about jazz music, like I said I’m trained in musical theater so, jazz is not really my background, so I listened to a lot of Bessie Smith, which was Dave’s primary influence. And I talked people that are on the
Rock of Ages national tour, about how to healthily sing in this sort of
gravelly, growly place. and create a healthy, sustainable character choice
that was gonna be good for this style of music. I mean the cast, number one, is extraordinary. I mean it is such a gift as an artist,
to work with a group of people that, know what they’re doing, and so vehemently
love what they’re doing. I’m so thankful for that, but I think my favorite
moment in the production is: anytime Richard Snee as Malvolio is onstage! But specifically when: Toby, Maria and Fabian
are treating him like he’s inhabited by the Devil! It’s really, it is such a special moment, and he is in those *yellow stockings*, The audiences love it, I love it, I’m laughing from the voms, It’s so amazing! I’m Rachel Belleman, I’m playing Feste, and
I’m in Twelfth Night now through April 28th!

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