okay, and she shoots deleting him from the channel ready stay there and my son Actually likes you doesn’t know how to play hello neighbor FGTV, so really quick before we start this video. We just want to shout out our awesome fan Emma Made this for us has a bunch of our favorite games Minecraft Roblox Amazing frog bandy hello, Neighbor finance at Freddy’s Slither our logo Pokemon – yo thumbs up thumbs up for Emma in this awesome drawing. Thank you so much We will hang this up in our game moon So here we’ve been playing hello neighbor Beta 3 the real game was supposed to come out august 29th They delayed it till December, so we’ve been explore and playing for hours and hours Yeah, we turned on the train There’s actually a new way to get out to the second floor now. You don’t even have to go inside the house You just go right outside the building up a ladder We got the magnet gun we hit the level switch to open up the wall got the blue You just been doing some basic stuff. I’m gonna be honest though. We don’t do something Yeah, well we’ve been playing for so long play this game for like almost a year now. We’re like girl What? So that’s why we are going to cheat. Are you guys being serious? Yes, sir. Shouldn’t cheat me. We do not care do we care You are a cheater. I was born in the serengeti. We don’t want you to catch us all the time. It’s a booty buoy We can fly right? We can remove you we can remove you. Let’s just check out some new things here. Let’s find that crowbar Let’s see that crowbar is not hot you remember where we left it. Yes, okay? We’re past there Oh, that was just a button from the last video you kid president. We can’t fit. Oh my gosh You can’t even press C. That’s so We’ll get a basketball that’s the exam when I play basketball outside. There’s actually a cool basketball. Who are you Gonna? Go shoot it? Oh the crowbar h? That’s cuz we turn off the generator pull throw it at him. Aha Hello Mister neebs Stop it. Oh he tried to bitch at the dribble pass. It back what oh? Go get the vendor give up. He’s like oh, whoa just stick your biscuit of–can about me. Yes. Oh, sucky about you Let’s see if chase got skills right here next to that new area dude. Don’t fail me now. Don’t don’t oh Let me try there. Go meet Rivlin. Oh nice Initial yeah, I’ve missed it now your turn Okay, and she shoots. Oh, you did it make it Martin okay, I think you got it. Do it more you meet so often you’re so bad at this You said he’s bad, baby that watch yo power lines. Let’s touch him got’em Okay, we are going to cheat while we’re cheating All right, now. Let’s go check out some new things. How we just been Was that noise? Does the crouch work on Mark watch it crouch? Yeah, yeah That was the prize for winning that I’m going in well you went in wait. What is the point of it nosy do we get a special ability? We just spent all that time for no reason We didn’t know what what happened when we won the game? We won that game, and we got the crouch ability and now mark can’t notice us cool. Got the crowbar good job all right now Can we just go through the ice in the fridge and get out the keycard go quicker brollies copies? Are you in the ice? Wait, I forgot. How do we get the key card again? We need to turn off the power, and then we either die. I forgot about that No, you actually keep it open okay? You’re either done gotcha catch us what? Market joke we need to die anyway. Oh restart now. Maybe maybe we can get light that dark time. It’s the time I can’t Do that as Maggie. I tell people my Magnus number one number two The bar code the bar code we can hack into something for real yes players played. Oh Sighs oh never sighs oh, we gotta try that we gotta do like 100 speed Oh my God x crimes to our channel gets this little Thing right here wait. It’s upside down okay? This thing right here. You need to comment down below say I poop We’re not getting better what I’m talking about and then you can get this paper on Amazon Now we’re selling it. Yeah, remind me to never put you in charge of our contests Mind your business good job chase wait get flip sees the barcode comes back, please no barcode Oh, no, okay to aim one way what I’m pressing to it’s not working it’s just – No, see – makes us go Yeah, I miss really okay Sorry say you’re sorry here just get out just go Say Goodbye to Chase deleting him from the channel ready stay there and press this delete button, I’m still God, oh anywhere You fell on paper and got hurt oh That’s not paper How you’re gonna break ahead slowest smack cam? Yo, don’t step on that paper. I’m sorry Emma. Hey cheese boys your first reaction when you met mark She know are you playing hello neighbor right now? Oh? Dude kids don’t hit your parents. We’re just making a video right now. So we’re being extra silly if he ever punch Have you ever hit my face in real life? I would just like get a tight grip like this and then Delete him like that Goodbye. I got the stain to work I am back without jace he’s going to be mad, but that’s ok because we got some things that do today Let’s go to this generator and just cheap. Oh Now now really though how else were you supposed to get in there without this I’ve got that generator turned off which means now if I Restart I should be able to get the key card for the basement whole snap there’s more now watch this doh check this out Why why my man’s doing gymnastics up there? I can actually set my speed going low low faster extra options neighbor sighs well I mean if I set the value of the neighbor size to 10, what does that do oh? Oh my goodness? Hey, shag came to kiss and I’m like super fast look at the trees. It’s about to be a hurricane Okay, more. I think he’s getting me for every stock there. I’m actually going way too fast I’m under the ground all right hold up somebody hold the phone oh Not me not me. I won’t make him a little more money about 5 5 oh no he’s too big it’s stuck Whoa that was just me. Well there. I am how am I there but not there? That’s to be running when I’m not running So strange that’s me jumping there’s a little too weird for me Yes in this case. I think it is rustad. Why mar is back well? He’s so mad, you can tell me big yeah good if I want You’re making me angry when you turn me that giant, please don’t do it alright. Fine more won’t do hey I said I’m now gonna throw it bra. Nike chase right right right? He saw me. He saw me quick Sakiko coffee juice I Sounded like I said t. So I kept rolling with it damn damn damn damn. It’s night Okay, ready, and let’s crouch crouch crouch ah It’s so cool. I’m crouching he doesn’t see me That’s cool coach hahaha I Forget I’m just gonna go straight up in again. Thank you going for it. Okay. Wool Got sick econ oh my goodness ladies and gentlemen oh wait. No what no way right? I do to click it I got it. Okay, Julie. I’ll put my key Cotton’s and for some safekeeping. No your heart explode the key and Zepho some safekeeping keeping Brilliant right that was a good job sir, but number three I can actually disable the neighbor, but why is this it’s nothing? It’s not fun if you do that. Let’s just make him a little bigger. Maybe free so we can’t fit in a doorway Going dinged you Look, I’m sorry Mart, whoa dude mart is he’s stuck I made him so stuck all right three doesn’t work either. You stay there. Well, I finished checking out the house in here We got some steps okay? There’s the train let’s go up here off the escalator. I can get past the blockade whoa What’s going on here Target practice, but these? operational Suite wait a sec oh That makes sense that’s what that door was right here, right? Oh, wait. No, there’s no door there I thought maybe those switches were for that other door that room. I doubt was that room okay, but it’s that too There’s a moon door. Hello, Anna and a light door. Well, that’s cool. Whoa? What’s this? Wool a fault? What’s this button do? sweet oh This is where that other room was that doesn’t have anything in it anymore Remember the toy gun used to be in there and now there’s like Oh, there’s a creepy American there used to be the little apple shooting machines Okay, cool. What’s this room? Do now? Whoa, whoa? upSide-down water ceiling Dennis sweet oh a gate or you gonna be kidding me and a dead bear ah all they killed the dead bear whoa wait if you kill the dead bird, I’d be dead all right no harm there and What’s up with this water? Oh? My goodness, it’s trickery So if you were up here you would see that and not know that that was a room. What where am I now? Whoa? Oh my goodness? oh
This is where the train was who plants trees inside of a house more has too much time on his hands must be an agricultural genius oh There’s more trees up here wow wool there’s a rooftop garden all been jammed ikkaku He’ll Jam the cogwheel But I don’t have anything to jam the cogwheel with so I’m going to take a tire from this car God will Self you want you to go in the cogwheels now now. This is so cool. Like cheating guys. Don’t cheat. Okay? Enjoy the game Oh, there’s a ladder. Oh How do you get in there boom? Must be right here with an entrance ensue and then after this ladder is a lookout and then inside of this thing is Absolutely nothing you’re not supposed to go in there. I know that was a wall slide dude. Can I go in here? That’d be so cool, but it’s like we in you right into the waters like is there anything else. What does this sign say? When you have babies let them suck your arms like leeches and if one of them gets you mad That’s a weird instructional song there. Oh, oh, let’s go back to this door. Oh, that was nothing. That was just outside That’s what’s on the other side. We have not taken the liberty of jumping in here all there’s a red key Hey, what’s down there nothing’s down there, and there’s the red key still trapped, okay opens the door Way, I can’t open it. Oh Should we do without cheese? I’m kind of I don’t know Maybe I’ll wait for him. Oh geez Thank you so much for watching that’s the end of this video We will check you guys later, and stay tuned when we go into the basement next oh No, he’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. Where do we go? Where do we go? Where do we go? What do we do? What do we do what do we do? Let’s just block the door my God GUYS! IAMFALLEN HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THIS VIDEO’S SUBTITLES! A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO HIM PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Press space – is there an umbrella anywhere where would an umBrella be?


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