“I Don’t Have That Kind of Power” from A DOLL’S HOUSE at Writers Theatre

I’m quite sure your friend will not want me anywhere near her at the bank but I need to keep my subordinate position insured. So I need you to insure it. NORA>>
I don’t have that kind of influence. how dare you! KROGSTAD>>
I’ve known your husband all my life. Our bank manager can be persuaded. I don’t imagine he’s any less weak than other married men. NORA>>
Bite your tongue. Or I will kick you out of this house. KROGSTAD>>
Aren’t you bold Mrs. Helmer. NORA>>
Oh you don’t scare me anymore Mr. Krogstad. I’ll be rid of you as soon as new year comes. KROGSTAD>>
You don’t understand. This isn’t about the money, this is about my family. My sons. And for them I will fight for this lowly position as if I’m fighting for my life. I made a mistake a long long time ago. NORA>>
Oh yes! I’ve heard! KROGSTAD>>
This town loves to talk! It’s this twittering that has blocked any possible avenue to better myself. Do you think I don’t feel what people say? Feel the judgement in their eyes? I won’t pass that weight on to my sons. This job was a way back into society. And now your husband is ready to kick me back down into the mud. NORA>>
Mr. Krogstad, I am truly sorry but I told you, I don’t have that kind of power. KROGSTAD>>
Because you don’t want to. But I will make you want to.

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