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Hello, Hello! This is Lottie, and as you probably know this is the channel to follow Be More Chill content. I am part of the SQUIP SQUAD five ambassadors for Be More Chill the Musical in London at the Other Palace and in this video I will take Scott, Scott Folan, who plays Jeremy Heere, the lead of Be More Chill the Musical, out for dinner and we’re gonna have a chat about Be More Chill, about Jeremy and about Scott living his dreams because my channel is all about living your dreams I’m currently working very hard on my dream to become a musical theatre performer myself and this is my channel all about musical theatre, drama school and now Be More Chill So if you’re into that kind of stuff make sure to subscribe and also check me out on Instagram! She Lives Her Dream. But I’m gonna catch you in a second when I’m having dinner with Scott Exciting! *Hums tune* -You’re gonna sing all of them?
– No I think I’ll stop there – Hi! Tell us a bit about Jeremy! – Oh this is the worst question! Actually it’s the best question but…
– You should be SO used to this! I mean, you didn’t go to drama school! So you’re not used to writing character analysis No, no. Never done that. I act on instinct 😉 – I LOVE that! – So he didn’t go to drama school! He was in Nativity 2, the movie, which is WILD! That was my first job 🙂 I can’t believe it! I always say that! I always do say that I always say.. people say, like have you not been to drama school, and I say I haven’t been yet Because, uhm.. One thing I really really want to do is train in Shakespeare *small burp* I just burped… I’ve done it twice now! I kind of… I used to hate it! So now I’m kind of just making it my thing.
– I went.. Wait, the burping or Shakespeare?
– The burping Shakespeare I just did a three-week thing at the Globe. That’s my dream actually, weirdly. Like I’ll do contemporary musicals and contemporary plays, but my dream is to like.. Only because it’s something I now know I can’t do. I always set myself… at the top L: why can’t you? You CAN. I know but like, it would take it would take some training and take some learning you know I LOVE learning Anyway, who’s Jeremy? sorry, Jeremy, Jeremy is Jeremy is the… the lead of Be More Chill. The story is about Jeremy. It’s about a boy Jeremy Very good, that was very good uhm.. a boy called Jeremy, who… is… normal. Smack bang in the middle of the social hierarchy in the school Which is SO good! yeah… It’s not like a loser I hate when people like that but this is like only.. So you say he’s not? He’s not bottom of the pile He’s not like… But he’s just smack bang in the middle, he has one friend But you doesn’t wanna be that. He wants to be at the top, he wants to be the cool kid Let’s get the girls And… And uhm.. he gets the opportunity to do so whether it’s a good or a bad thing, he goes through it and the player twos but he is a he’s definitely a a scared he’s 16-17 – I would say that.
– Have you not decided? He’s on the cusp My acting tutors are like, screaming right now yeah, he’s 17, I’m gonna go with 17! He’s close to my age He just wants to be… he’s so desparate to be everything that he’s not – Great!
– So uhm
– I mean not great No, not great, but it’s great that I know that and that I’ve come to that conclusion in the last 5 minutes of talking about my character. I’m not sure how you’re gonna cut through this Oh I love it! I love it, I’m living for it! Anyway! Let’s go on to the next question! My channel is all about living your dreams. Was performing always your dream? Or when did you realise “this is what I wanna do”, what was your first show that you saw or did? Okay, so I actually have the story You actually know something about yourself?? Yeah, I know something about myself, this is really rare. uhm.. I feel so sorry for ruining these! The cuts they have to do! Actually my dad is uhm… my dad is the lead singer in a rock band in Ireland So that was always what I wanted, I wanted to be a lead singer or a solo artist Musician so that was always my thing and then my mom uhm.. did opera So she… she was a performer. When my parents you know… the leader of a rock band and an opera singer. Weird mix, but they melted in the middle of musical theater and they found out together So my mom started doing amateur productions when she was bringing me up, and she was in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof” and she took me to a rehearsal Six. Six was on. I was asked if I wanted to walk across the back in the family Apparently, I was actually terrible at it, but apparently I was so into it I created a backstory for my character I created… I formed the relationship between those people and named them. – What was his name?
– Oh I have no idea I’d like to like.. I’m gonna find that out and I’m gonna text it to you and you can pop it up on the screen Right here – I’ll try! My mum might know!
– Or just make one up! Greg! That’s a horrific name! 🙁 Espcially for a little boy.. And then I went, she sent me to a drama school called Bodens Honestly, I learnt SO much! I…. am turning the table with my knees And they… they actually represented me when they sent me off to audition for Nativity 2 I didn’t expect to be able to get it I’m gonna find you in it! *insert clip here* And, uhm.. two of us got it! So me and my friend, Helena, we got it. We were interviewed at 12 years by the highly viewed newspapers And from that, I then got… I got to National Theatre in my next year, which is insane and then I was the lead in a Comedy Central sitcom at 15. So I was uhm.. I don’t know the word Someone said to me: this prolific child actor. But I was a child actor, which I always say is the worst kind of actor – That’s how you got here?
– That’s how I got here! I got an agent… just through luck That IS proper cool! That’s my dream! But I love the fact that you have this, like, completely different journey! See, I wanted to go to drama school. If I could go back I would go on that journey because I will always, always feel like I’m never quite as good as them – Ahww no! Look at you! You’re the lead! I spent this entire rehearsal process feeling just like I’m catching up like, dancing, it’s not my strength. I’m just… not a big dancer. I find.. I love it because I’m not going the traditional route right now and I will never be a dancer myself It just makes me feel hopeful that I’ll get here. Oh yeah. Yeah. Not being able to dance… and still… It’s a dancy show isn’t it? It’s a VERY dancy show Yes, I want to learn all that but… Pitiful Children Uhm.. In Pitiful Children I didn’t do much. I do a lot of like *surprised Pikachu faces* It’s Jeremy’s thing. I made a decision early on that that was gonna be his thing I can tell you why! It just came to me I’m playing a character right now who is doing *this* all the time. It’s my, like, wedding ring. That’s brilliant, love it! Maybe Jeremy just really wants to get married to Christine, and it’s like, a subconscious nervous tick when he does that I’m looking at Miracle now What would you tell people dreaming of a career in the arts? Do it! Oh my God, oh my God, it’s the best thing in the world! There’s nothing better! There’s nothing better than getting up on the stage. No not even that.. ignore the performing bit and the amazing people that come to you and tell you they love the show, that’s amazing! … especially, it really affects people! But, even forget that. The rehearsal process is my favourite thing in the world Just being in a room with loads of people who love the same thing as you and are SO passionate and talented, and just… make you wanna do better because they are so good around you I’m gonna call out Millie O’ Connell, because she’s like, a sensation and she’s one of those people you’re in a room with and you’re like oh my God I wanna be as good as her so you just step up a bit because she’s constantly on that level of… That’s so good! I also love the fact that you mention like, people who have the same passion as you because ah.. I was one of those nerdy theatre kids like.. Christine I was just gonna say if you ARE one now and you’re in school oh I am Don’t let anyone.. because I did I was wanted and I left Oh that’s actually my next question! So this might be a bit complicated because the show is about SQUIPs -They are a computer in your brain that’ll tell you what to do.
– What if you now were the SQUIP of your younger self? What would you tell your young self do? Gee… I’d actually not give up on Because I am… I hate saying this but I was pretty quiet in year 7 to 11, which is age 11 to 16? It was… it was… I did counselling and I gave up who I wanted to be I gave up who I was because that stopped the bullying and I wish I hadn’t done that. Because I would’ve found who I was. I feel like I found who I am now but it took me ten years to do that. I mean, you’re 20 now.. Yeah, oh I’m gonna change, sure But I… it took me ten years to… to find who I wanted to be and accept that that’s okay That’s why I’m really connected to Jeremy and why I go home and I cry when I’ve sang Loser Geek Whatever because it’s like everything I wish I could have seen when I was 15 or 14 Because like It’s not okay if people are made to feel like they can’t be who they want to be and they can’t be themselves Because I was… I was actually perfectly… It’s taken a long time for me to accept that I was a perfectly okay person. I’ve always felt like I was in the wrong when I was being bullied an it was my fault And I said, that’s what Jeremy thinks he thinks it’s HIS fault That’s why he… he longs to change because he thinks if he changes Rich will stop beating him up And obviously… wait I actually had this stuff in psychology, there’s something about it. So negative negative reinforcement because the bullying that he just got Okay, so he goes oh! I’ll do this more and that’s how he gets to the piont where he does all these things to Michael in the second half If you haven’t seen the show I haven’t! And I’ve been listening to the cast recording so much and I literally have no idea what actually happens in the segment. I CAN’T WAIT One more week! No, less than that! So we just did the interval and I’ve just done my big number 🙂 It’s amazing! No I don’t mean it’s amazing, I mean the tech around me is amazing Everything! Yeah I JUST saw the stage and you’ve got your costume! And you’ve got your funny hair! Oh my god, stop! Do you all have your real hair or do you put wigs on? There are wigs… my hair just fell out.. leave that in! I’m happy for you to leave that in. Cut that out Definitely leave that in It’s still in my mouth! And yeah, there was something with wigs but their wigs are for when they’re not necessarily playing themselves. We all got one for the cast I got “Jeremy” and “as cast” so I’m not actually playing but a lot of people are playing like, minor characters Amazing! Thank you so much for this, thank you for all the… We did have a deep moment Can I do this? I found a hair Thank you very much 🙂 You’re the first interview that’s got “deep Scott”. I’m pretty excited. Everyone else has got *claps excitedly* That’s because I just did Loser Geek Whatever I was having a breakdown in the dressing room I just I just love the show and the characters like I relate to them SO much. You were just talking about that with Miracle like the love interest is not the pretty, popular blonde – it’s the theatre kid!
– it’s the beautiful theatre kid! who’s just, okay with being yourself and that’s the most attractive thing about her. She’s like accepted and okay with being herself and it’s a really beautiful thing I find that so inspiring Because I’m older than you and I’m like *swoons* – Thank you
– Thank you!
-Thank you for having me! It’s been great. Thank you for the whole dinner, it was lovely! Great back at the Other Palace, interview done! Oh my god, that was so so so so so great! Scott was SO funny and SO cute! Oh well.. I love how he didn’t take the traditional route to becoming a musical theatre performer, I find that very inspiring and now if you want more exclusive behind-the-scenes Be More Chill SQUIP SQUAD content make sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram

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