I Lost My Best Friend Over Drama At The Halloween Dance

So I met this girl named Kendall in the
third grade she and I became like really close like we did like everything
together so fast forward we were friends for like a long time like third grade
fourth grade fifth grade and I was excreted so there is this Halloween
dance and everyone’s like so excited they’re all talking about it and when
she was like oh my gosh like it’s gonna be so fun before Halloween leading up to
the party we had this thing called spirit week where we were dressed up
like a taco tuesday worki Wednesday and the whole week Kendall just seemed
really mad at me and she was like giving me like the death look she was just like
oh it’s being about mean I don’t really know why so I just kind of ignored it
and I talked to my good friend Alexa about it I was like you know like why
Kendall’s mad at me like did I do anything like oh my gosh like she was
like don’t worry about it um coby’s go by and it is the day of the
Halloween dance I’m this like party I’m like dancing I’m like hitting the whip
and stuff I was like dancing alone my friends and I get like really tired so I
go get a cup and I get some juice and then I go sit on the bleachers and just
quietly cool down next thing you know chase who was Kendall’s other really
good friend and then I’ll come over to me and chase starts like screaming at me
he was like oh my god you’re the worst you’re so mean I cannot believe you and
that Kendall is like crying and then I was like really confused chase was like
you are like the worst friend ever and we didn’t want you to be our friend
anymore and kinda was like yeah like we don’t want you to be our friend anymore
and I was like what what why like I don’t understand what I did and they
were like you have to like not be our friend anymore like we don’t want to be
like with you like we don’t want to be seen around you and I was like okay I
guess and I started crying and they were crying and then everyone was like taking
sides you know team Kendall or team August and it was like not my best
moment I was really upset so we’ve been friends for so long so a couple weeks go
by and I’m still like really upset people are like making stuff up like we
threw hands at each other like we like fought or like i friend-dumped her never
I was like why did you do that I was like I didn’t do anything and I was like
really upset and then everyone was just like being really mean about it and so I
was really alone because with my loss Kendall I lost all of her friends which
were my friends it was really hard for me because that’s when I lost my best
friend on Halloween so the rest of my Halloween was having really bad wasn’t
my favorite and ever since then like Halloween is just like brings back
memories of that night I’m in eighth grade now and mean Kendall still don’t
talk but that’s okay cuz now I have a really good group of friends and people
who will support me through everything


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