I wanted to look like LISA of BLACKPINK *FAIL*

I was MONSTA X Hyungwon before I tried to be MONSTA X Wonho I had white hair with blue ends You also saw this on this channel Someone probably thinks right now that I am trying to be whole MONSTA X in one person Why not? You saw how hard I tried to color my hair in various ways I tried platine blond, dark blonde, brown and I even tried to get silver hair once It was always a disaster I don’t even wanna recall it You probably saw everything on this channel already My hair looks like this right now The condition is horrible I look BAD When we were in Korea and we checked various stores I noticed a new hair color treatment! I really wanted to buy new color treatment in Korea because the Korean ones seem much better for me They’re also conditioners It’s not only color treatment They don’t ruin the hair, they help with the condition and also leave pretty color I love this combo and I wanted to get it in Korea! So I decided to buy a new color treatment I liked 2 previous ones a lot – I loved the color and I loved the condition! It was amazing and now it looks like HAY So I noticed a new hair color treatment! I noticed something I wanted to buy I thought I have a new life goal I decided to become… LISA OF BLACKPINK Now you are probably wondering WHY DO I LOOK LIKE THIS? Why this make up is THIS PINK and more pinkish than EVER? Because I decided to become Lisa of BLACKPINK I also decided to search for inpsiration online And do Lisa’s make up as well Now we look almost alike If it didn’t work out… Then it’s a pity As I thought, I did it I bought a new hair treatment in Korea and it costed 7000 KRW Around 25 PLN It’s called Hello Bubble Foam color so it’s a foam As you can see here There was also mermaid green color These pictures right here are black and white so you cannot see it I remember that the green one wasn’t green at all Ballet pink I chose this color because I love pink hair! I think you probably noticed by watching our videos I always have pink hair I really like this color So I chose it There was also Twinkle Blue Which also didn’t look like blue at all There is a thing I am kinda afraid of Because! Here you have the starting hair color This is the thing you can see on every hair color treatment package These colors on this package are really dark Typical Korean hair colors The treatment is also Korean so why would I be surprised? This is dark brown And almost black From this dark blonde we would get this beautiful pink color I am kind afraid of it… What will happen to my hair color Maybe it’s gonna be very light pink Or maybe the color will be even more pink than my eyes Or my lips You will notice it by seeing me from 10 km afar Neon pink So I am afraid of the effect But I also cannot wait I love testing hair treatments! So keep your fingers crossed for me! And… Let’s move to my favorite part – reading the instructions! Which is fully in Korean But I have my translator prepared already Let’s see what should I do this time The moment you probably also like – translating from Korean to Polish Product name: Hello Bubble Use in a well vented place Okay, it’s working well Don’t use on the eyebrows and eyelashes It is written on every hair treatment package In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with water And contact your doctor Rinse your hair well afterwards If your natural hair color is dark, the effect can be different Wait a second If you use it on dark hair color… They suggest dark colors! Nevermind How to use: 1g of the 1st package 60g of the second thing and 5g of the 3rd thing Mix well before use and put on your hair After 20-30 minutes rinse your hair well Rinse well with soap Or with a shampoo At the end… March with warm water I will march with warm water I have no idea how to do it I think I have to fill the bathtub with warm water And march! The amount should be bigger or smaller, depends on the length of the hair I think I should get more than 1 package if my hair is longer than this… Next step Bubble part bubble… The loss of hair The loss of hair…? What? Easy mixing Okay Mixing with secret magic oil Without a fear that it will fall Okay…? I will do it How to use… Press it And then… Finish it After using, throw away everything else The things cannot be reused More information can be found in the built-in manual and on the website… I know that South Korea’s technology is really high But a built-in manual…? I didn’t expect it Okay I think I know how it works now… 20-30 minutes, a foam… Here are the colors you can get Somewhere here is the blue and the green one I mentioned before As you can see, there is no much green or blue here This kinda looks like green though But these colors are really pretty! Inside we have… A pump A bottle with a number 2 It’s a second part then This is number 1 We put number 1 in number 2, I guess I have something else here This is number 3 Magic Oil It says magic oil and I read about it before So there is some kind of magic oil here And perfect serum for 3 minutes After color treatment And I didn’t expect this to be here I didn’t get after color treatment in any other package before There was no seperate… Conditioners These aren’t the gloves I guess Or maybe it’s Yeti size What is going on here…? OMG SO COOL This is… I will not have to use my poor towel! It looks really bad after all of these hair coloring moments But I found the gloves! These are not simple gloves! These are latex gloves! These are better ones Not like the ones I always get in Poland But I got a cover for my arms! I will wear it in a moment I will not be dirty! I am shocked I take out huge things out of the package Part 1: put the gloves on Part 2: open solution 2 So this bottle And put the solution 1 into solution 2 And soultion 3… And close it afterwards With a pump Next thing is really interesting! They say to mix the solutions well However In a light way 20 times And in this way… Literally this way Not like this So there is a difference I look like this and I love it It smelled so bad at first But now it smells like fruits It’s interesting fact about Korean hair color treatment They never smell bad They smell nice and they’re great! Something is happening here I am not sure if you see it well but it’s yellow And now it smells bad It smells like decolor treatment If you used such thing before than you know how it smells like It smells really bad Part 3! My favorite magic oil It doesn’t wanna work with me This one is transparent I will do it somehow… 1, 2, 3, 4… 20 Now I did it faster And it’s becoming a foam I got a foam! So I will put it starting from the roots And then going down… On dry hair! My scalp skin is very sensitive And it hurts me already I thought that a foam would be okay But my skin is so dry and so sensitive… Even a foam hurts me I always have the same problem when I color my hair Wondering if it’s enough Or I will have a huge blonde hole I cannot stand this blonde anymore, I’m so happy to get rid of this I hope there is still a lot of foam in the bottle… I think something is wrong I think I will look like Dalmatian dog Some parts are lighter, some are darker And there is no foam right here… My ends are very… Dry But why there is no color on it? I totally don’t understand why some parts have no color at all Some parts are darker… I WANNA LOOK LIKE LISA Somehow I have purple hair again I went through this once I got purple hair instead of pink once Should I keep it on my hair for a short time…? But I still have a lot of foam left in the bottle And I’m almost done One package is never enough for me And now it’s enough! I PUT IT IN MY EYE According to the instruction, I’ll see you in 20 minutes If I start to panick, I’ll see you in 10 minutes 7 minutes passed 7 minutes out of 30 Since the moment I put the treatment on my hair I’ll remind you that this was supposed to be my color Something went wrong I want to say goodbye to you right now I wasn’t ready for it I cannot live like this And I do not want to live like this So I decided to say goodbye Thanks to all the subscribers for subscribing to our channel Thank you for watching and leaving your thumbs up That you stand all the theories, vlogs and our sense of humor That you understand our jokes Thank you for following us on Instagram and on Twitter and on Facebook as well Thank you for being with us Thank you Jimin for refusing even though I shouldn’t Thank you for turning away I had a chance to see him from every side of him Thank you for everything I am leaving the channel to Ann because it’s how it should be I am leaving This is the end I am leaving everything to Ann I leave all the Jimins to Ann as well Don’t sell them or I’ll find you Keep your fingers crossed for me, maybe I’ll repair my hair Maybe I’ll survive But now I’m saying goodbye I’m gonna rinse it I have no idea what happened I was rinsing it for like 20 minutes The water was like my makeup all the time And it didn’t help at all Because… My hair still looks like this! I’ll dry them now We will see how it will look But I also used the after color treatment they added to the package I was supposed to keep it on my hair for 3 minutes and I did it I was scared before I used it I thought my hair was about to fall out and some really fell out, it was left in my palm! What do you think about this hair style? It was really dry even when I was trying to rinse it with water So I was afraid about the condition! But it’s much better after using the treatment Now I’m wondering if the color is everywhere But I think it’s okay I did not expect this color on my hair… I have no idea what to do with it I did not want this color! This is the ballet pink… My color… It’s not that bad I sent Ann a picture of it, when I had a foam on my head And then I sent one more when I got this color… With a lot of AAAAAAA in one sentence But I was also wondering why am I laughing because of it and not crying?! I really did not want this color! IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS I wanted this! THIS THIS IS NOT THIS The color is so different! This is pink and this is fuchsia! I don’t know how I look and I don’t even wanna think about it I don’t wanna check for how many cleaning is this color… I cannot even think It wasn’t written anywhere When will I get my blonde back I will find out in reality I will wash my hair for a long time… So I look like this The condition is the same as it was before So it’s not amazing This thing is not for people with light hair color And for bleached hair Look at the package! If you have hair like this, maybe you’ll get ballet pink Platine blonde turned into this thing Let me know in the comments how do you like it If I should keep this color or not If you like it or not Leave your thumbs up to comfort me Yes, I need them to comfort me Subscribe to our channel for more videos! If you like videos where we test some cosmetic products… Please, not too much I don’t want too many hair color treatments on my hair! Because I look like this afterwards! If you like videos like this, also let me know in the comments Maybe you have some ideas for different videos! And what else? See you in the next video! It’s probably because I said a few times that V is my bias instead of Jimin And it looks like this… One more thing I noticed when I was drying my hair I have highlights The color is not everywhere You can notice it right now This is light, this is dark Light again and dark again Depends on my hair color So it turns out like this But I still don’t think I look anyhow GOOD


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