I Won a Game of FORTNITE in a MOVIE THEATER!! (Craziest Experience EVER)

… Sit down, aye let’s go aye What the heck oh my god, this is my hate playing on a damn small screen come on I freaking suck. I feel like if I played on like uh. I don’t know like 200 inch TV I would play way way better, so What are you doing now, I’m going to go somewhere to play better What do you mean somewhere like I’m just gonna go somewhere else. Okay? What’s wrong with here. This scream is way too small I don’t like it So you really aren’t going yeah, oh my god wait let me bring the Rugrats with me. Oh hold on hold on what? Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. I got you. I got you. I’ll always be safe free all right for sure bye Yo, what is up guys? How’s everybody doing today welcome back to a brand new video I hope you’re all having a fantastic day as always yes guys. I really unplugged my ps4 I have it packed in the back right over there, and I’m actually heading over to a movie theater to play for tonight So I’ve been seeing these videos surfacing around YouTube lately where people have been playing for tonight in like Walmart on People’s doorsteps and like in these big stores, and I’m like why not play for tonight in a damn movie theater So that is what we’re about to do right now. It’s actually 9:00 p.m. So I’m hoping that like the movie Peters still open if you guys could please give this video a thumbs up for that luck for A fortnight, maybe I could actually win because I am getting a little bit better And how dope would it be to win a four night game in a movie Peters so guys if you are new to our YouTube? Channel my name is faze We’re all gonna upload some litte videos So please be sure to hit that subscribe button and join the rugrat army because we are one of the strongest and bases on YouTube I love you all so much I will catch you guys when I pick up my cousin Anthony And hopefully we can get this all set up in the movie theater. You know like I don’t know if this is gonna work I’m gonna Hope it does because that’s the whole video right here, so please sit back relax And enjoy the we’re on our way to the movie theater. We got Sherman the Bourbon behind the camera and I’m kind of nervous because we’re gonna hang uh Yeah, I mean like how are you kinda nervous? I’m pissing myself. Oh? But whatever deny access to to be young men Warning to a flame war tonight in a movie theater like every people know the four night grind Hopefully the employees are chill and would say all right go ahead Like we understand the four night grind so I have my bag with my ps4 Controllers and all that and of course the main goal for this video is one for it to work like hopefully we could actually like Plug in beeping babbling an HDMI install yeah, yeah, and then the other goal is to win I think I could you know I’ve been I’ve been practicing dude. That’s actually so rude I’m so sorry to have your notifications apart. I’m sorry They’re guys either thing froze rudely Disrespect me interrupt. I’ll let myself out Yeah, I think I have what it takes to win in a movie theater who else could say that like hey I won’t afford I gave in a movie theater like you’ll be the first Hey Let’s go. There’s always a first for everything all right guys We just pulled up to the movie theater right now And hopefully hopefully we could find an empty movie theater room to where we could put my gaming setup I can’t believe I’m literally about a set up my whole gaming setup in a movie theater well attempt, and I hope we could succeed And I hope I win a game a fortnight, but if they do ask questions. I’m just gonna be straightforward I’m gonna just be like hey like I’m trying to play for tonight the power went out at my house like I need to play And what better way to play then a movie theater, so we’re about to go inside guys Please give this video a thumbs up for a good luck for us Trying to do this and hopefully it works out fingers crossed here you go Thank you we have to find an empty Peter As we heard it no way Yeah wait you have to there’s a room over there where like Amphitheater, I’m gonna try my best to plug my keys for Good employees With this crazy really fun empty movie they just bought two movie tickets so we could actually get in Hoping we could do this magic teleport I know Peter I don’t know how it’s gonna work, but I will definitely keep you posted. I don’t want copyright from this music We’ve got to get some Fortnight going, baby We got this whole movie Peter to our zone, baby I didn’t like one of them. Please like walk by and here’s like before they’re like we have to play I’ll be like bro, bro chill. I’m about to get a victory okay We need to cut this music for real though But guys I’m gonna try to get this set up and we better get some for tonight going on like a 400 inch TV I was saying 200 I thought movie theater TVs were only 200 inches for some odd reason But this is way bigger than 200 inches alright guys so the super super nice employee Understands my fortnight grind and he’s actually allowing me. Thank you so much man I Appreciate it. Oh my god guys. We’re about to do this thing look at the view Whoa, let’s get this thing set up, baby. Let’s go. I need to I need to definitely clean my ps4 up here okay, so is this the HDMI, and then the the wire I think I got that plugged in and then Hopefully, I did oh my god guys. It’s about to go down for tonight in a movie theater Please smash that like button has anyone ever done this before Hey Hey guys Oh my god, if this works No God oh, my god, Ravenna play for that in a movie theater No way, I’m gonna try to get my first ever victory Royale in a movie theater there. It is guys for tonight Okay, so should we connect to the internet right now. I really worked. I can’t believe it shut up the employees Great Anthony it worked wait you Know it was actually so easy okay, I’m about to start it oh No Wait wait, I forgot were in the movie theatres. We’re taking poor Knight to the next level, baby We gotta play in some movie theatres. This is that allowed We’re not playing through there. How sick is that just go what I’m gonna? Huh yo if it works like actually logging in No way That’s Drake’s character all right guys So we’re about to get some port night games going and there’s no sound coming right now imagine it with the likes around Bovington So I have to go tell the guy and he’s gonna fix that for us But you know what okay without the audio woman I tried one game’s go. Yeah, where you dropping where you dropping? Let’s go Let’s go retail row baby. No I can already hear it. Did you do I know? This is absolutely Crazy guys, please I’m gonna need you all to smash that like button for fortnight in the movie theater I’m sure there’s people next to me watching a movie, but I don’t care I’m about to get this dub, and I’m gonna flip out when I do so here we go oh Here it is a good. You’re dead you’re dead you should Know there’s usually I know shotgun right oh You shotgunning you All right, you know what we’re gonna. Just get the game audio. That’s why I died right away, but Anthony please get the first kill in fortnight movie theater history you could do it you can do it settings are the city, okay? It’s all good. Man. I literally have to stand more back to get the whole screen like You better get a kill right now, no pressure still no game audio guys Anthony just want to give it a try a that AR alright I Didn’t even get a gun by the way Anthony come on Oh you go – no wait you get this third guy. Oh, this is without audio – Oh My god, you don’t have ammo you can go Thank you little do the people that you’re killing know you’re playing from a movie theater. Oh, you’re gone Dude, it always lags before I die. I don’t know why good shit man alright I’m gonna go get the audio in and we’re about to get a dub yo you got the audio Hey, okay guys now that we’ve got the audio this is it right here Okay, I’ve never landed. I think this is like the flush Factory You’ve been trying you better win this game You know they don’t have a purple TAC anymore yeah, I know Surround sounded everything Briscoe right here yo Oh Let’s go first kill in a movie theater Let’s go, baby Yo, I don’t know why I have a feeling like do you ever like end those games where you like feel like you’re gonna win Yeah, cuz you learn that the most under populated area on the game Til up this oh I thought those are guys guys. Can you please give me luck right now? By smashing that like button. I really appreciate it. I’m really in focused mode right now. Oh, no impulse grenades. Cool. Oh Second kill of the game, let’s go Brian don’t kill me I don’t know if I got that you know the greatest killing for tonight history like he just said it was a 360 is he got DC. I got in Twitter trickshot. Oh my god. This gives me a headache subin That’s what she said Come on he’s so lucky You’re lucky dude he kills 26 people left I’m confident. I feel like this is a tential game for sure I see Purple’s Is it asked are? We Yeah back up Let’s not forget, my name is still face rug even if it’s not Call of Duty. I stop the sniping you than me You got a primary face for six years now like that’s freaking insane. I don’t you gotta prove it Do you still have the sniping do I still have? Sniping Talent wait I’m gonna screw back in can you settle in into your colony? Oh? Ah you said you want to see my snapping skills you’re not gonna snipe him oh Let’s go you’re crazy What? What oh? Let’s go. Oh you got the heavy shotgun ah Oh oh no no no always a trap. I think you got shotgun. There’s a damn trap there I thought you go shotgun do it in serious There’s 22 people left. Oh, I got this dove I’m telling you This is my aim wait the fact that I have five kills in a movie theater What is happening? But Matt you if you’re gonna win. I’m not I’m not Are you getting shot at I’m not jinxing that? He’s gonna even see him Oh my god is he there’s nine people left shut up What’s going over? I gotta go loop this guy, but you are shooting at someone Blue lay our boy You’re right you’re right Anthony Whoa oh no I’m getting my first wave in a movie theater It might be in history correct me if I’m wrong if anyone’s won in a movie I’m had you’re the first one to win a four nine game in a movie theaters all The other snipers chill don’t don’t don’t no. This is two words no, please This is two worth is two worth it Oh The focus Eight people left, I got six kills seven people because of you I’m gonna let them back just Real is this real dude. Oh, my god. There’s six people left. Why there’s six people left. Let’s get it There’s two guys left Brian you got this He’s like oh, no no way dude Brian there’s one guy Who’s right there? Yes, I got a missile. He thinks go ahead go ahead. Oh God oh? He thinks he’s gonna kill me with this shit You’re so smart. I Didn’t think so how I’m so sorry. I know I saw, what is he building dude. Oh shit, dude Please let me just get this Doug imagine first winning a movie I’m so scared right now No no Okay Where’s that noise Oh Doody launchpad oh he wanted Brian Brian In a movie field care what time I almost fell right what? I got you You got nine kills and won a game in a movie theaters House is real. Oh Let’s go, I just got a little boo-boo after winning that game cuz I got too excited. I threw the controller I don’t even know where it is, and I hit my finger somewhere But that’s frickin worth it we won in the movie theater a fortnight Please that’s not like button for that guys Anthony hold on hold on we literally just did that I? Can’t believe you actually got a fortnight win in a movie TX press like my feeling right now when I went at home I’m like freaking out and like the fact that I won on the giant like 400 inch screen Monitor monitor like a flat screen or like projector. I don’t know what it was, but we actually got a fortnight dub I’d have one question for you. Yes, why when we do. Oh you can’t do that Whenever I play do our squads like I kind of choked, but I’m not complaining I got a fortnight dub in a movie theater That’s insane. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys did enjoy I’m gonna go home and plug this back into my small ass. Oh yeah right tomorrow the title of your video I got a freaking seat of a monitor you’re gonna like buy a big-ass more like a 500 inch TV for my room But you boy, I got a little injury because he got too excited, but put some ice on that But I don’t care cuz I won so guys I hope you did enjoy Please subscribe if you are new let me know if you guys want me and my cousin Anthony to like play for a night in Somewhere else I was thinking like McDonald’s or something or the tunnel no we’re not gonna And leave your comment suggestions down below I always love reading comments. I love you guys Thank you so much for watching also check out my cousin shrimp in the vermin’s channel links in the description hit that subscribe button And I hope you guys have a great rest of your day under the linesman rug sherman and weed out peace


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