Ice Adonis | Yellow Boots – Episode 28 (English Subtitle)

Forgiveness? You said that you’d believe
everything I say. I didn’t know your love was so weak. I didn’t kill her. How can I do that to the family of
someone I love? Tell them the truth, Choi Yoo-ra! – Tell the truth! Now!
– Save me! Save me! How is Yoo-ra’s condition?
She’s okay, right? Yoo-ra! Yoon-jae. President Ha, come here.
Yoo-ra’s looking for you. Yoon-jae, stay by my side.
Don’t go anywhere. Please stay with me. I’m scared.
I’m scared, Yoon-jae. Okay. Did you have a good ceremony? Yeah, we were humiliated
in front of the whole country. What a shame. To see that quiet woman
escape prison… There might be something. Is Ha Yoon-jae that big of a deal? Enough for two women to fight
on the rooftop and jump off? It might not be just because
of Yoon-jae. From her perspective. Let me talk to the reporters. I need to tell my story.
Let me talk to reporters. Stay quiet, Seol Yeon-hwa. I can’t just sit here. Do you know what you’ve done? I have to tell everything. How I got framed… I have to tell the whole world
what Yoo-ra, Choi In-seok and Park Chang-doo
did to me. Let me talk to the reporters, please. I can’t go back to prison like this. Your method was wrong. Escape? Then what was I supposed to do? No one listens to me,
no one believed me. So where do I turn to? Who? This is the only chance. Let me talk to the reporters,
please! We have our position
from the prison. The head of the prison will
personally announce your position. Meet with the head first. Why does someone else talk
about my position? No, I can’t trust him.
I can’t trust anyone anymore. Get yourself together,
Seol Yeon-hwa. You’re a prisoner,
an escaped convict! You’re in no position
to hold a media conference! My mom, my Soo-ae… I don’t even know if they
are alive or dead. I really can’t go back
to prison like this. Please take Soo-ae with you.
I miss you. Mom, Yeon-hwa, Dal-soon… Please come see Soo-ae. You’re drooling. I have to wipe it,
otherwise it’ll smell. Turn this way. What makes you so sad every day… Your eyes will go fester,
stop crying. It’s okay. If you work on your rehab,
you will be able to walk and talk. Don’t lose hope, okay? Is it because you want
to see your children? Why don’t they come see you… Mom’s sick,
and they’re not even coming. You’re crying every day. Don’t cry, okay?
Don’t cry. I have to tell my story. One woman took away everything
from me. She accused me of murder. She crushed my life, my family
and even my love. I have to reveal it.
I have to talk to the reporters. I need to meet with the reporters
in person and tell everything. I cannot, absolutely not,
just leave like this. Hello, hello, here!
Please call the reporters! Hello! Let me go! Please move aside. Sir, please say something. Sir, please comment. Hold on. – You can’t do this.
– Hold on. Excuse me, I was there at
the hostage scene. I was there, I saw everything. Seol Yeon-hwa put the handcuffs on. But the reason that they
fell together was not because of Yeon-hwa. Putting the handcuffs on was
to get the truth out. She didn’t intend
to jump off together. She’s not that kind of person. Please take that into consideration. That’s not something I can decide.
Please leave. She broke the law,
so she’ll be punished for that. I’d like to
know Yeon-hwa’s condition. Is she okay? Was she hurt anywhere? I came in for the crime of murder
based on resentment But I don’t have any resentment, and I definitely did
not commit murder. The person who framed me
made a false testimony. Her father took charge of the trial,
and together, they made me a murderer. Does that make any sense? There must have been evidence. The police fabricated the evidence. The witness, the judge and
the police conspired together and made me a murderer. They tied me down
and stopped me even from appealing. Wh… What nonsense… It’s true. Please reveal
the truth. I beg of you. Let me look into it. Thank you.
Thank you so much. – Hello?
– Is this Warden Lee Dong-gyu? Yes it is. I’m Choi In-seok, new Chief Judge. Oh, hello. So, what brings you here? What did the escaped convict say? Well, she said the police
fabricated the evidence.. The judge intentionally
put the blame on her to hide the real criminal. So I told her I’d look
into it for now, but I’m not sure how much I
should believe her. – I took charge of that trial.
– Pardon? Recently there has been an increase in distrust towards
dishonorable judges. I’m concerned that I
may be associated with this unfortunate incident ahead
of my inauguration. I was also thinking,
she just said such absurd things… Creating unnecessary
misunderstandings will only spread more rumors. And just prolong the incident. Please take good care of Yoo-ra,
would you? Oh, my baby…
My treasure baby. How can this happen to a new bride?
To such a nice girl… She’s my only granddaughter. Oh, my baby… I wouldn’t trade her
for all the money in the world. Please check from her head
to toe and see if she’s hurt anywhere. I mean,
she fell from so high up, how… Yoon-jae. Where did he go? My baby. Are you awake now? Where did Yoon-jae go, Grandma? Still, it’s your wedding day, so shouldn’t you stay next
to your bride? At two in the afternoon today,
a prisoner escaped from Cheongju Women’s
Correctional Institution. Seol Yeon-hwa, the escaped convict
fell from a rooftop with someone. However they are both fine thanks to the air net set up
by the police ahead of time. Do you want the volume up? Are you curious, too? How can a woman even think
of escaping? She must be daring. She’s supposed to talk
about why she escaped. Let’s hear it. I apologize for
the concerns we’ve caused. Because of the incident that
occurred on February 28th, 2007. A prisoner who was serving her time
for the murder due to resentment couldn’t contain her jealousy
and anger after hearing about
her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. – So she decided to escape.
– Jealousy? What’s going to happen
to Seol Yeon-hwa? I said I couldn’t trust! I said I couldn’t trust anyone! I said I’d say it myself! I said I’d say it myself! I said I couldn’t trust anyone! I said I’d say it myself! Why are you crying again? You’ve become like a child… Is that why you keep crying? It’s a sea of tears
for you every day. It’s not a soap opera,
so why do you keep crying? Where is Yoon-jae?
Where is Yoon-jae? Is Seol Yeon-hwa also
in this hospital? Did he go there? Why would he go there?
To that enemy… Where is he?
I’m asking where Yoon-jae is! I told him to stay by my side!
Why did you let him go? – I’m going to find him. I’ll go!
– No, no! No, what are you doing? No… – Yoon-jae!
– Where did you go? She really looked for you. Let’s go to our house. Grandma, I’m going to our house
with Yoon-jae. Let’s go to our house. Where are you going
in this condition? You’re not even done
with all the tests. What time is it? We have to go on our honeymoon.
We’re running late. We decided to get a good rest
on our honeymoon. I don’t want to be here.
Let’s go home now. Let’s go now! Why did you have to go away?
She’s nervous. Where did you go? She’s coming out! Did you plan to escape due to anger? What is it that you want
to say the most now? Wasn’t it to appeal
to the court’s final judge? Please say anything! – It’s Choi Yoo-ra!
– Ms. Choi Yoo-ra! Ms. Choi Yoo-ra!
Please say something! What is your state of mind?
Please say something. How do you feel right now? How do you feel now? Please comment. President Ha Yoon-jae! Ms. Choi Yoo-ra!
Please say something! Sir, please say something. I don’t like it here. Let’s go home.
We have to go to your house. Our room is over there,
so why should we be here? Let’s go. How can you rest over there? You insisted
on leaving the hospital. Just rest here for a few days
then go there. Yoon-jae, don’t go anywhere.
Stay with me. You’ll stay with me, right? You’ll stay here, right? Don’t leave me. Let’s go upstairs. Why did you go to the rooftop? You were in the bride’s room, then why on earth did you
go up there? Did she call you? – Yes.
– That witch. And when you went up there, she threatened you
and pushed you over? She handcuffed you and
pushed you from up there? Grandma, I have a headache.
I want to rest. All right,
sleep well and forget about it. Forgetting it will be better. Yoon-jae, don’t go anywhere.
Stay by my side. Yoon-jae, let’s talk. We did get married. I’m your bride.
Your wife. We got married.
We’re husband and wife. Right? Answer me, Yoon-jae. Grandmother has something to say.
I’ll be back. Go register for marriage tomorrow. I’m very disappointed in you today. You should have stayed with Yoo-ra
on a day like this. Leaving Yoo-ra who’s just
gone through a traumatic experience. Where did you go?
What’s so urgent? – I’m sorry.
– You promised me! That you wouldn’t let Yoo-ra
be lonely. I can’t bear to see her cry. After hearing that Choi Kang-wook
from the shareholders’ meeting was actually Mrs. Jang’s son
at the family meeting, do you know how much it hurt me? You must have gone through a lot. How tough has it been to shoulder
that heavy burden all by yourself? I will become more
than your real grandmother so please take care of Yoo-ra
and love her. If Yoo-ra can be happy,
I don’t need any of my possessions. Although she’s discharged
from the hospital, she still needs good rest. Can you let her stay here
for a few days before she goes over there? If you can try telling your mother
about Yoo-ra’s rest… I’ll do that. No no no… It won’t be easy for you to bring
that up, so I’ll do it. No, please don’t send her here.
We cannot accept this marriage. How can this happen? Mrs. Jang. You were rushing it,
and look what happened. Anyway, she just went
through something ridiculous so she must not be too well. Please tell her to rest well, and we’ll talk about this
at a later date. Yes, please. Lady Jo Myoung-rae, how are you going to
resolve this problem? Your daughter-in-law just
went through something horrible, how can you… Still, you should have come
to the hospital. The mother-in-law’s so icy cold, how can they live
under the same roof… If it wasn’t what Yoo-ra wanted, I’d be crazy to send her
to live there! I can’t stand it… Is Yoon-jae over there? She loves her grandson-in-law.
Would he leave them there? By the way,
where are you coming from? From the hospital. Hospital? I had to see the ending of the movie
with the hostage situation. So what happend? The pain of the love that cannot
be fulfilled made me ache. Were Ha Yoon-jae and Seol Yeon-hwa
shooting a movie? Ha Yoon-jae…
where is his head right now? After getting married… He’ll be grilled by the shareholders
and reporters from tomorrow. And he’s shooting a movie? I envy… that kind of love. What is there to envy, when it’s worse than
a low-rated love story? Anyway, Ha Yoon-jae got some skills. The refined, elegant image that the chairman had built
over the years has been turned upside down by him
in a few months. The only thing left at this point
is Ha Yoon-jae’s crash it’ll be just too boring
to take that position. You should step up
with fanfare and take it. As my son, right? Huh? Right, as Mrs. Jang’s
son, right. So is Ha Yoon-jae married or not? A bachelor or a married man? Yoon-jae, the thing I regret
the most now is that I should have asked
for your help when things first happened to me. I feel like things
have come this far as I was trying to resolve things
on my own. I really regret it,
and I am at a loss. Looking back, I think it was my stubborn belief
that I could do everything by myself. I think about that moment every day,
regret it and reflect on it. If I can ever go back to then,
I won’t make the same mistake. If I could go back to that time,
would I have acted differently? Ms. Seol Yeon-hwa. I may be another person
who is encouraging your escape. Ms. Ha,
please check the CCTV recording. There must be someone who
entered the office a few minutes before 8:47 when I sent the email. Please,
please check the CCTV recording. Excuse me,
excuse me Mr. Choi Kang-wook! – Get out!
– Mr. Choi Kang-wook! – Mr. Choi Kang-wook!
– Get out! We requested you
to submit the evidence, so what’s the reason you’re
not submitting it? I lost it. Ms. Seol Yeon-hwa, I grabbed a pen
because I just wanted to say this. I believe your truth. What’s this? Yeon-hwa sent me this last night
as a wedding gift. I was so scared I couldn’t even
show it to Grandma and Dad. I just kept it. The more I think about it,
it’s just horrible. How can she send this from there? Then who sent this? She even escaped,
wouldn’t this be easy? – Don’t assume.
– Yoon-jae. Yoon-jae, we’re married, right? We’re husband and wife, right? If it wasn’t for the incident, we’d have had the ceremony
and be going to our honeymoon. Nothing changed, right? Get yourself better first. Yoon-jae,
let’s go get our marriage license tomorrow morning. Then let’s go to your house right
after that. Because our room is there. Let’s head out early
tomorrow morning. I’m sorry, Kyung-sook. Kyung-sook… I’m really sorry. I’m sorry. Why couldn’t I reach you
at that time? I was getting my inventory
and something happened. Man, what a day. The parole officer
went there a few times, but you weren’t there. What are you talking about? I was running around
everywhere that day. Ms. Lee Young-soon, you know how you have to behave
during the parole period, right? Of course. It’s only been days
since I became free, so would I be crazy
to think of something? Although it’s rented,
I love this place. I also started my community service. You can’t keep missing phone calls
or appointments, understand? I didn’t have much schooling,
and I’m just trying to survive. Please have an understanding,
would you? We’ll look into your employment. Somewhere we have connections with. Oh, yes, thank you, thank you! Hey, I didn’t know you were
such a cool bitch. What’s the use?
How pathetic. And the reason for escape is because you were blinded
by jealousy? What a crazy bitch. Are you happy now
after crashing someone’s wedding? Did you expect him to wait for you
after you killed his sister? You only added more years
to your sentence. Idiot bitch. Why do I have to live with someone
like you at a place like this? Why do I have to get run over? Why do I have to listen to complete
nonsense like this? Why? You bitch… You bitch still haven’t
come to your sense? Why don’t you die today, you bitch! How dare you! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! What’s going on? What is it? How the hell… Oh my god. Seol Yeon-hwa! Yoon-jae… Yoon-jae. Grandma,
where did Yoon-jae go? Eat first.
Look how pale you are. Yoon-jae… What did Yoon-jae
say? Did he go to work? We were going to
go get our marriage license! Don’t worry about that. I’ll make him do it
in a couple of days. It’s all over the newspaper
and the internet. It’ll be tough for Yoon-jae
for a while. Grandma, I’m going. Where, in that condition? Mother, I’m here. Why did you come here? Did you have a wedding
or get a marriage license? Mother… The old sayings are all true. A family gets destroyed
with the wrong daughter-in-law. I allowed you too easily because
I’ve seen you for many years. The more I think about it,
this is not it. – Mother.
– This kind of squeaky marriage will be trouble to the end. It’s not something I wanted,
it just happened to me unjustly. If we were welcoming someone else,
this wouldn’t have happened. It happened because it was you. Mother, that’s unfair. It’s very strange to me. If Seol Yeon-hwa escaped because
of jealousy, she should have grabbed Yoon-jae. Why would she grab you? Why was she angry at you? Do you know the reason? That’s why it’s also unfair to me. Mother, can’t you
consider me a victim, and take pity on me? It must be tough for him now, so I want to create
a comfortable home and help him. No matter what happens, you have to become the wife
of J Cosmetics President? You have to become
the first lady of J? That’s not what I mean, Mother. Is your love 100% pure? You must be hanging
on so hard because you’re gaining something from it. To become the first lady of the No.1 cosmetics company
in Korea at that young age. No, it’s not.
I love Yoon-jae with my pure heart. So what’re we going to do… Because of you,
he’s crashing hard right now. Is this love? President Jung,
I’ll explain to you in person, so don’t make a hasty decision. Hello, hello? President. President Ha, how can you do this? The stock hit the bottom again. You said you’d
change the brand image. But then the rooftop scandal? Going great, great!
The company’s going so smoothly! After the chairman’s death, J Cosmetics is
falling apart every day. What are you going to do?
What’s the use – of a new product release?
– Please give me some time. Is this something time
would resolve? We’ve trusted you so much, you have
to take responsibility for it! How can you run the company
to a complete mess? The chairman would jump out
of his grave! What are you going to do about this?
Tell us, tell us! Why aren’t you saying anything? I’m about to lose everything I got! I’m about to lose all of the money! Grandma, please help out Yoon-jae. You can help out Yoon-jae. So that they will say
he got married well. She must have heard something
from her mother-in-law… What a fox… Lady Jo, what are you going
to do this time? Whatever you do, Ha Yoon-jae
can’t hold on to that position. We need to move up our plan.
Please hurry. Here is a fax from France.
And your mail. Did she receive it? My postcard… So what happened?
Did something burst in her stomach? Even then,
would she bleed this much? Can you hear me? Ms. Seol Yeon-hwa, didn’t you know
that you were pregnant? Since you have more days to stay,
being a model prisoner is the only way. I told you to go back.
What are you doing here? I was afraid he might
not be eating anything. I said don’t play house. Please look upon me favorably. I’m upset with how the wedding
turned out too. I got a letter from Seol Yeon-hwa. She says you made her a spy. Is that true? Mother. That’s ridiculous. Choi Yoo-ra. To you, I’m the scariest
thing that exists in this world. You’re nothing but a criminal
serving her sentence. Is this how you always live? What do you think you can do? What to do? I’ve already
started my revenge.

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