Ice Cube’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

You were here with O’Shea when
Straight Outta Compton was just, I think, coming out and
congratulations on the success. I mean, it’s huge and it was so
well deserved and I think everybody was disappointed including myself,
that it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. Were you-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Aw, thank you.>>I mean, you were expecting that?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I was so proud of my son, so proud of us to get that movie done. I wasn’t worried about no Oscars,
to be honest. I was just worried that
the fans loved the movie, people loved the movie all over the world.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>To me, that’s what it was all about. It was never about the Oscar.>>Right.
I don’t think you go into it making that movie for that reason, but
then it came out so well. I mean, it was so well done and if anyone
hasn’t seen it, I urge you to see it. It’s an important movie. It’s a great movie and I would assume
it actually helped mend the bridges, with NWA, right?>>Without a doubt, we were always cool, but to get a chance to work
together again after so many years.>>Yeah.
>>To see Dre on the set, to see Yella and Ren, so it was just great to just
be around those dudes for three or four months and put this together and everybody, it was well received and-
>>Look at that, you never would at that time,
imagine your life would turn out this way.>>You never thought Jheri
curls would come so far.>>[LAUGH]
>>Being inducted into the Hall of Fame, congratulations on that.>>(APPLAUSE)
>>Thank you so much. It’s so cool.
>>Yeah, it’s so cool.>>Yeah, you know with a group like NWA, we were fighting the music industry just
for recognition and after all these years, to get recognized on the highest level and
cement it, it’s a great feeling. We’re gonna be happy to enjoy
that moment together, and we’re rock ‘n roll, for
sure, without a doubt.>>You are rock ‘n roll, and
the fact that you’ve gone from being such a powerful person
in music to now doing so many films and you’re hilarious,
I mean, you really are funny.>>Thank you.
>>And I think you are.>>[LAUGH]
>>Coming from you, thank you.>>You’re hilarious and you do these
great movies with these great people and in Barbershop, how many years
ago did the last one come out?>>Man, about 12 years ago.>>Did you want to do another one,
or why did it take so long?>>No,
actually I was like why do another one? Barbershop’s a great tool to kinda clown
celebrities and pick on people and have fun with politicians, but
we wanted to have a real reason, you should have real reason to do a movie,
not just because you can. We have a real reason. The situation in Chicago, everybody
knows what’s going on in the streets and you can’t really have a movie
about a barbershop and be authentic without talking about
the realities of what’s going on. So we felt like we have a great universal
story of a father trying to keep his son off the streets and
out of trouble and on the right path and that’s what I wanted to do the movie
about, a universal message.>>Yeah, it’s funny and it has a message which is the best
kind of movie to put out there.


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