iCodis Theatre Live T700 Video Projector / Native 1080p / PS4/XBOX on 200″ Screen

What’s up guys Chigz here from
Chigz Tech Reviews. So today I’ve got my hands on the new iCodis Live T700. Now this is a native HD 1080p video projector which is priced at only $1.99 and first of all inside the box you will find a user manual an RCA to RCA cable which is good for your article connections such as VCR camcorders
PlayStation 2 etc also HDMI cable VGA cable a power cable and a full-featured
remote control which I look forward to testing and last but not least the
projector itself so as you can see we have a full sized LCD video projector
energy efficiency is 150 watts lamp life is 50,000 hours you’ve got 4000 lumens
with a contrast ratio of 5000 to 1 and a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 now
the maximum optimal screen size is 200 inches this does have HDMI inputs for
your game consoles and TV boxes which you can enjoy on a massive screen and
you also get built-in speakers and you’ve got the ICO dis logo on the top
and you also have your power and navigational buttons now the finish is
very nice on the top you’ve got this black grain wood finish but it’s
actually made from plastic but it does look quite nice now on the front of the
projector we have infrared for the remote control and your lens cap behind
which you will find your lens and on the side I’ve got ventilation on the back of
the projector over here you have your RCA connections VGA you’ve got two HDMI
ins so you’ll be able to connect your favorite game console TV box PlayStation
consoles your game consoles PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch etc and you
can enjoy any of those on a massive 150 inch screen you also get two USB ports
to play multimedia directly from USB and you also have a power socket and
physical power button over here you have your Keystone correction so you can
the picture quality on the side there is nothing and that brings us back to the
front also if you’re wondering where the focus adjustment is you’re simply
twisting this manually for focus adjustment now this is what the bottom
of the projector looks like now you do have a push button over here and when
you press it basically this will come out to give you more elevation you do
have four threads over here so you can ceiling mount this to a universal
ceiling mount and you can set this up as your own home theater projector so
without any further ado I’m going to get this all hooked up to my Playstation 4
and I’m going to give you guys a full demonstration of what this is capable of
I’ll be right back so the projector is all set up and we are projecting
directly on our wall and we are looking at 80 inches on the wall in front of us
and the projector is about three meters away now the first thing we have to test
like we always do is the fan noise so first of all right next to the projector secondly a meter away from the projector so that was the projector fan noise now
I’ve just hooked up my PlayStation 4 so my PlayStation 4 is connected directly
via HDMI and there is the big screen so I have connected up my PlayStation 4 and
the first thing we’re going to do is the YouTube test so let’s get YouTube open
and run a few trailers and videos so briefly just pause the video just to
show you a closer look so all four corners are sharp we have an overall a
very bright image quality we are projecting in the dark and the quality
looks absolutely amazing what I’m going to do now is just briefly switch on the
light you can see the light is on projection quality is still very
watchable I’ll play it again – very clear and I’m going to turn the
light back off that will get into a trap the orders are
to deliver a message calling off tomorrow morning’s attack they’re free
all right before I made it something’s not right about this I think
we should head back damn now we go inside the Octagon ready how about three so they have a guys that was the new I
code is life t700 LCD video projector now this is a full sized LCD video
projector which will give you a sharp and bright image quality at a native
resolution of 1920 by 1080 movies and games look amazing on the big screen but
I especially enjoyed ps4 at 1080p the games looked and played great with no
pixelation up close and also no lag or ghosting I was able to play all my
favourite games competitively with no issues at all now the fan noise is an
average 47 decibels from a 1 meter distance and if you are close you’re
gonna get around 52 decibels of fan noise also the internal speakers are
poor quality and when you turn up the volume to max it does distort quite a
bit now the solution is to attach your own sound system via a 3.5 millimeter
jack and you’re good to go now let’s go ahead and check out my top video
projector chart for 2019 allowing you to compare the specs and prices of all the
latest projectors and as you can see the ico desti 700 has secured position 6 on
this chart with a rating of nine point five out of ten now you can view the
full versions of all my charts online at chick’s tech comm and read them at your
leisure bottom line if you’re looking for a cost-effective native 1080p video
projector which produces excellent picture quality then this one will
certainly not disappoint especially at this price point and with that being
said I’ll leave the links in the description so you guys can check this
product out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a
brilliant day I’ll see you guys in the next one you


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