IDOL Drama Operation Team | 아이돌 드라마 공작단 Ep.1 [ENG/CHN/2017.06.18]

(Moonbyul age 5) (Yooa age 6) (These normal little girls had dreams) (Seulgi age 9) (Somi age 9) (And they fulfilled that dream) (They’ve done so well) (We’re so proud of them) (They grew up so much) (They are idols) (But! They’ll try acting?) (Yeouido KBS) (“Fight For My Way” auditions) I’ll play the other role. – Aera, Chansu. / – I’m Chansu. Same for the back. So many Aeras. (A drama that will air on Mondays and Tuesdays) (Who’s coming?) – Hello. / – Hello. Hello, I’m one of the directors of “Fight For My Way.” I’m Director Kim Donghwi. Hello. I’m Seulgi of Red Velvet. I’m capable of both singing and dancing. Can you sing for 5 seconds? (Seulgi shows her skills in this tense situation) – Wow, you’re good. / – Really good. (She made a good first impression!) – So shall we start reading now? / – Yes. I’ll play the other role. Boram quietly ties her hair and cracks her neck. She bites her lip and slams her hand on the table. She’s taking the boys’ money and their coins. That’s when one boy tries to swipe a coin. Hands off. Oh you… Or you’ll lose it. (Wary, nervous) Dang, they’re all out of coffee milk. That’s why we have to hustle when the bell rings! Or make one of the nerds do it. Why bother? Here comes your slave. Your mom’s friend’s son. Don’t be like that. Your mom’s always giving me the stink eye. And I can’t make the tutoring today anyway. Boram. Mom… What is it? What brings you here? Why’d you give the coffee milk I bought you to him? Huh? Oh, come on… You came to bring that up? It’s not really your business what I do with it. Do you like Dongman? (How will she pretend to hide her interest?) Huh? (Awkward, wary) Okay… Was that good? Thinking that this would be on TV, got me nervous and embarrassed. Show us anything you prepared. What I prepared? – May I get some water first? / – Sure. Thank you. (Chugging) (What kind of acting did Seulgi prepare?) Yeah! That’s what I was expecting. That’s what I expected! Everyone else has a father! (Trembling) I said I’d live quietly. These eyes! This nose… You made them all, father. (Looks down…) (Seulgi starts to cry) I’m right here! But I wasn’t supposed to exist? I’m right here, so why? (The judges are surprised at her acting) (Getting into it) (Her tears don’t stop after she finishes acting…) Thank you. Nice job. We have tissues. Oh, I thought that was bread. (Crying then laughing) I’ve only learned acting. I’ve never shown it to anyone else. I hope we have the opportunity to meet again. – Thank you for coming. / – Thank you. Good work. (Sobbing) I hope they liked me but I was so incoherent. I wonder if they liked me. – She’s good. / – Seulgi’s good. Good enough to use right away. (Who is the next candidate?) – Hello. / – Hello. Have you acted before? Yes. I did web dramas. I played the lead in both. Can you show us a scene from there? Please be good to me. (The audition starts) (Sohee shows her leading role) (Totally changing) If you guys keep teasing my cooking, I’ll kill you all. (Huh?) (Now this is a leading role) I think I showed too much of myself at first. Even though it was acting… (Sigh…) – Let’s try reading. / – Yes. (I’ll show you a real leading actress) (Super excited) You check out what’s going on. Someone’s trying to swipe a coin. Hands off. Or you’ll lose it. Dang, they’re all out of coffee milk. That’s why we have to hustle when the bell rings! Or make one of the nerds do it. Boram. I told you not to talk to me in school. Here. I already bought some. Don’t do stuff like this. I’m always being chewed out by your mom. Your mom’s always giving me the stink eye! You need to just shut up. Stop squawking like a parrot! Your intonation… (Excited) Your intonation seems a bit rigid. Alright. “Don’t be like that.” Try to sound more relaxed. Okay. Don’t be like that. Your mom’s always giving me the stink eye. It’s none of your business. Your breathing is accenting every syllable. “It’s none of your business.” Every syllable. Try to spread it out. “It’s none of your business.” It’s none of your business. You need to just shut up. Stop squawking like a parrot. (She avoids eye contact) What kind of student were you in school? I wasn’t one of the bullies. But I often thought that I’d like to live like that. What are you saying? No… The bullies… Their lives are so different. I thought often that I wanted to live like them. You’re not just saying that to be cast for the role of Boram, right? No, not at all. I’m not quite normal either. (Such a random confession) Are you promoting yourself? No… – Good work. / – I can go now? My skills are still really lacking. I think I’ll be cut. What did you think? (Laughs instead of answering) She was too nervous. It was too textbook, not natural. She was awesome in “The God of Music.” That was her natural self. (Who’s next?) Hello. Hello. I’m the rapper and dancer of MAMAMOO, Moonbyul. I’m 26 years old and my blood type is B. Type B. I’m very easy-going and playful. You have a very loud voice. So energetic. I’m nervous… I’m about to go crazy. – So as the role of Boram… / – Yes. Hands off. Or you’ll lose it. Dang, they’re all out of coffee milk. That’s why we have to hustle when the bell rings. Or make one of the nerds do it. Here comes your slave. Your mom’s friend’s son. Mose, you need to just shut up. Stop squawking like a parrot! If you tell my mom I cut class, you’re dead meat. (Impressed) You seem like a real tough girl. I bet she’s tough in real like too. That’s good. It’s a tough character. It’s not in here but there’s a scene where Boram seduces Dongman. Try to be girlish. Girlish? (How will Moonbyul act girlish?) (Girlish Moonbyul) (Laughs) Not so womanly. You’re being too seductive. You went too far. The role is a high school student. She becomes very girlish in front of Dongman. (Becoming very girlish) (Moonbyul tries to act cute) Why won’t… Why won’t you close your mouth? It doesn’t suit you, does it? Even as you do it. – Isn’t it awkward for you? / – No. – It’s okay? / – Yes. I can act girlish. It’s because my makeup is on thick now. And my hair is blonde. Please introduce yourself. I’m part of the group SONAMOO. My name is D.ana. My real name is Jo Eunae. I’m 23 years old and the rapper in my group. That was my first drama audition. Let’s have you try out for Boram first. Yes. Guys. How long has it been? I didn’t think you’d come. The father will be happy… You’re getting all that dating experience in school. Mose, you just need to shut up. Stop squawking… Stop squawking like a parrot! If you tell my mom I flipped, you’re dead meat. (The judges don’t look too pleased) In my mind, I had given up. I thought I did really poorly. Can you show us any acting you prepared? (She gets into character to make up for her mistake) That’s enough. I said that’s enough! I’ve never thought of becoming a singer once. Seeing those young girls walk around on stage in pretty outfits… Why me though? Why am I the only one pickling fish and selling kimchi at this stinking side dish shop? Why do we have to scrape for every penny? (Her arms and legs tremble) It’s not like people are born lucky or unlucky. So why are you doing this to me? Why do you ignore only me? (Acting like it’s from her own heart) Right as soon as you started… I came here with the intention of crying. – Good work. / – Good work. That act she prepared really surprised me. Totally different from the script reading. Hello. – Yooa. / – Yes. Did you prepare anything to show us? I prepared a scene of Cheon Songi. If I was a superstar and I was to read negative online comments. – Show us. / – Okay. I only ate an apple and half a cabbage today for my diet but I’m full. From people badmouthing me. Is it such a crime for me to sing? Even after I was chewed out for the entire day… How am I supposed to relieve my stress? Just an apple for the day… I don’t want to speak to you anymore. Thank you. Have you ever experienced that yourself? Have you ever struggled over negative online comments? I was curious how people felt about me especially when I first debuted. So I looked up comments and there were always a lot of negative comments. There was a rumor about me. That I’m a pathological liar. I’ve gotten over the comments about my looks. My parents cried a lot too. I had a gig to do but I was so sad. So I couldn’t work. I was worried about my future as a celebrity. I was so scared. (She became scared of performing) I couldn’t cry in front of the members. So I’d cry under the covers in my room. That’s what I did. So I thought it might be a good idea to play this role. I was so hurt back then, since I was young. – Hello. / – Hello. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Sujeong of the group Lovelyz. I turned 21 this year. I’m the vocalist and I play many instruments. – We’ll read through the scene. / – Yes. Boram. Gosh… Why are you here? Why’d you give the coffee milk I bought you him? What? That’s what this is about? Aren’t you going to tutoring? Why’d you give it to Dongman? You gave it to me. It’s not really your business what I do with it. Now Mubin knows how you feel. Make a shameful face for us. Do you like Dongman? (Getting into character) (How cute) It’s awkward, isn’t it? – Let’s try again. / – Yes. Do you like Dongman? No. (The judges really find her lovely) (Embarrassed) Did you prepare any acting to show us? Yes, I did. I’m sorry, chef. I know I made the mistake but they’re the ones that called you a violent chef! I did it all for you. What? Am I not allowed to do things for you? It’s hard to be that big of a jerk. Why’s he such a jerk? And that’s it. Where’s that from? It’s from “Oh My Ghostess.” That was Park Boyoung’s role as Na Bongseon. (A pro at explaining) “Who are you to touch my food?” But Bongseon was possessed… You’re basically telling us the entire episode. (Flustered, embarrassed) So that’s the situation. I guess that’s not a great way to explain it. (Sujeong cheerfully gets through the audition) – Good job. / – Thank you. (Who is the last candidate?) Hello. (I.O.I’s super popular center) (Bubbly Somi) Please introduce yourself. Hello, my name is Somi. Is that it? I’m in 10th grade. I’m Somi Somi. Alright. Somi Somi. Gosh… It’s my first time acting. Never? Not even an audition? Right. Ever joke around like this with your friends? This character seems a bit like a party girl. And we never had a snack bar at my school. And I’ve never made someone buy me coffee milk. We’ll keep that in mind. You take all the boys’ money. This is the situation? Right. So now… Hands off. Or you’ll lose it. Dang, they’re all out of coffee milk. That’s why we have to hustle when the bell rings! Or make one of the nerds do it. Why bother? Here comes your slave. Your mom’s friend’s son. Boram. Don’t do that! Your mom’s always giving me the stink eye. If you tell my mom I cut class, you’re dead meat. (Impressed) She’s good. It’s your first time? You’re very good. Really? – You’ve never learned acting, right? / – Yes. That’s how you do it. I enjoyed scenes like this on “School 2013.” That’s what I thought of. Pretend there’s someone in front of you and curse at that person. I wondered if it was okay for me to curse there. This is the situation. She’s never done it. The person stole something and you tell them to give it back. You took it, didn’t you? (How will Somi curse?) (Troubled, awkward) So this other person doesn’t talk? This person is scared. You don’t have to use expletives. “Want to die?” Just try that. You want to tell me honestly now or you want to be humiliated in front of everyone? Humiliated. I’m not good at saying no but this person is. So it isn’t relatable? Yes, it was difficult. There’s a physical altercation in one scene. I learned taekwondo! It isn’t taekwondo. It’s girls pulling at each other’s hair. Can you show us some physical acting? Slapping someone in the face. You didn’t take it? I know it’s you. Why do you keep lying? I know it’s you. Say something. Talk. (She goes back to being Somi!) Okay. She has talent. Very vibrant. It would’ve been perfect if she said, “I’ll kill you.” Seulgi and Somi are very good. Especially Somi. I think most directors would love working with her. (The 7 girls auditioned for a drama) (“Fight For My Way” first episode filming complete) (What?) (Shooting already started?) (Then what…) (Did we just do?) (All day) (We practiced acting) (I cried) (You guys said it was good…) (You smiled at me…) (I even acted cute…) (We didn’t make the cut?) (I guess so) (Everyone gets cut from the drama audition) (We can’t quit here) (We’ll make our own drama instead!) (That’s how it started) (Idol Drama Operation Team) I’m the screenwriter Kim Sohee. I want to show my mature and damaged side. I’m thinking. About what? The script! Look forward to it. (But) (Behind the smiles) (There were hard times) We had security cameras. Us too. We weren’t allowed to go outside. If we weighed too much… We could’ve been fired. An agency director came onto me. I lived with my parents at first. I was with many people but I felt lonely. I was too sad to do my gigs. Fear. I felt so gloomy. You couldn’t buy our story with money and we want a lot of people to know it. (For the first time in Korea) (An autobiographical idol drama) This is difficult. This is so hard. Isn’t this too much? I like it. Honesty and… Our different charms… We’ll try our best so that our drama is great. Hang in there, 7 princesses! (Honest) (Sad) (Their happy stories) (Look forward to it) (Cheerful) (Idol Drama Operation Team) (The day the IDOT members meet) (A feast for the girls before they work on the drama!) (Who’s the first one to arrive?) (Quirky Kim Sohee) I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I felt like my heart was going to burst. (Is nobody else here?) I guess everyone’s late. (She can’t stand being bored) (Looking around) (Bored, talking to the plants, counting) Is this the right place? Are they hiding? (Sigh) I thought I came to the wrong place. Nobody was showing up. (As Sohee was struggling with loneliness!) (The second team member’s backside!) (Oh, someone finally came) Oh, hello! (So happy) (The second member! D.ana of SONAMOO) Hello. I’m here… I thought I came to the wrong place. Nobody came. Gosh, what do we do? Where is everyone? I don’t know! (This is like an awkward blind date) So… How old are you? I’m 23 years old. Really? – How about you? / – I’m 23. – Oh, really? We’re the same age? / – Yes. – I’m so glad. What a relief. / – Born in 1995. Yes. So nice to meet you. Gosh. (I should say something) Should we be friends? Let’s shake hands. So awkward! (But things are still awkward) I didn’t know what to say and it was so awkward. I kept crossing my legs. It was so awkward. (What should I say?) I love your song. – You do? / – “I Like U Too Much.” (She tries her best but it’s still awkward…) (I’m here to save you all from this awkwardness) (Who’s the third member to arrive?) – Somi! / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. What is this? A blind date? – How’ve you been? / – I was just… It’s like we have matching rings. Dangling, dangling… You lost more weight, Somi. I ate so much during “Produce 101.” But you were ranked A. I was ranked C. I wanted to wear those pink shirts for rank A. (Oh!) (I’m here too, Somi) Hello, I’m Somi. (Finally their first greeting) My… Should I say my real name? My stage name is D.ana. Real name Jo Eunae. Eunae. Immediate honorifics. So you already see me as older. She’s so personable. A new friend? I feel like if I befriend her I could be really comfortable around her. (The members start to trickle in) (Ryu Sujeong of Lovelyz) I thought I’d be the first one here. – I came first. / – Really? Wow. How’d your auditions go? I messed mine up. You seem very cheerful and personable. There’s a younger trainee at my agency. She really reminds me of you now that I’ve met you. Oh, really? So you don’t seem unfamiliar. You really resemble her. Just be comfortable around me. (We look forward to their chemistry together) It’s from such a low angle… Make me look pretty. (Like this) (Somi, the variety show pro, is great with cameras) How’d you do that? Isn’t this too low of an angle? I didn’t know I was in the shot too. Me too. The angle is really important. (The importance of angles) (The 5th member comes in) (Pleased) (Seulgi of Red Velvet) Hello. (A standing ovation) Seulgi, how’d your audition go? (Laughs) I don’t even know what I did. I don’t know. I slapped an imaginary person. You too? Me too. – I had to curse. / – Me too. – Really? / – They told me to. They’re saying we have to make the drama. What kind of drama are we making? I was thinking overseas… For the setting. I like it. So many great ideas. – She’s here. / – She’s so pretty. (Another member catches their attention) (It’s like she’s walking on flowers) (Yooa of Oh My Girl) She looked so pretty. I was envious of her huge eyes. She had this aura around her. (She’s… So pretty…) This is awkward… – I feel like you lost more weight. / – Me? – Your face got smaller. / – No! – You have such a small face. / – So pretty. You all too. You’re making a comeback. Soon… I saw the preview. Me too. The album cover is so pretty. – It really is. / – Thank you. – I’m an Oh My Girl fan. / – Really? Seugli was just as I expected her to be. But she was even kinder. I really liked her. How old are all of you? Born in 1995. You’re all the same age. I was born in 1997. – I was born in 2001. / – 2001? That’s really young. You were born in 1994, right? Looks like I’m the oldest here. I’ll try my best. (We’re forgetting someone…) (The real deal is here) Is there anyone older than me here? (Here comes Moonbyul of MAMAMOO) Hello. (They all rise) (Amazed) (They all become modest) Where do I sit? Here? – Hello. / – Hello. I was born in 1992. (She states her age as soon as she sits) My name is Moonbyul. Nice to meet you. (Ages 17, 21, 23, 23, 23, 24, 26) They’re born in 1995. – I was born in 1994. / – 1997. Who’s the youngest? Me. – Oh… / – Born in 2001. – Wow, 2001… / – I’m in 10th grade. So what do we do? Let’s eat. (Let’s eat, feed us) I’m starving. Let’s clean this place out. (So happy) (My diet starts tomorrow) (Loading their plates) (So excited) (To all the agency CEOs of these 7 idols) (You can turn the TV off for a moment) (Awkward) (They’ve been eating silently for 10 minutes) This is good. We’re all so quiet. Yes. I’ve never hung out with other singers besides my group members. – Me too. / – Me too. I guess that’s why we’re all so awkward. (Right, right) Our group is only close with Red Velvet. We wanted to befriend them when we debuted. Both of our vans parked. We opened the doors and exchanged numbers. “Wow, it’s Red Velvet!” – We exchanged numbers then. / – That’s awesome. We were all so young and they were our age. The leaders are the same age. We’re not as restricted anymore. Our curfew used to be 11. Right, you had a curfew. “I have to go home now, Moonbyul.” When we first hung out. We met up and had drinks since we’re all adults and all. Then she suddenly had to leave. I asked why and she said it was almost 11. (The curfew set by her agency) “Bye, Seulgi.” It was just getting fun. I don’t have a cell phone. We don’t either. I have a tablet. (How unfortunate…) – I have one. / – Wow. I email my mom. Gosh… That’s how it was when I was a trainee. I heard. MAMAMOO had to get 1st to get their cell phones back and they did. We got them back after winning the rookie award. Wow! I’m so envious. We got ours after a year. We all have cell phones but we had to leave them behind for gigs. Right, right. I only used email and without anyone knowing… That happens often. I snuck a flip phone in from home. A flip phone… I’d secretly talk to my mom and send texts. Because email is so frustrating. It really is. So you haven’t been promised your phones yet? I think we have 2 years left. We get ours if we get 1st. And we have no time limit. Us too. I wanted to get a cell phone secretly but I was afraid of getting caught. By your manager. (You could turn yourself in) (So funny) Yeah, for no reason. That’s so funny. Who was the first one here? Me. Did you talk to yourself? Yes. You all are my seniors. I haven’t officially debuted. I just practiced greeting by myself. I didn’t know how to greet everyone. (Practicing greetings alone) Gosh, I’m so nervous. I heard it was tough doing “Produce 101.” Cameras on you 24 hours. People tried to escape. That’s amazing. I tried to tear the fly screen to borrow a cell phone. It was at English Village so there were students. I tried to bribe them with food to borrow their phones. Gosh… I called my mom. Just when she picked up, they called me out. Oh, no… I paid that kid $10 to buy me a can of cola. You weren’t allowed to eat? Yes, they wouldn’t let us leave. That’s so cruel. We had security cameras. Us too. At the front door. Yeah, the front door and kitchen. In the kitchen? – Right under the fridge. / – Terrible. That’s the age to party and my group members are on the free-spirited side. We started acting to sneak out to Hongdae. The security camera doesn’t capture audio. We got dressed in work-out clothes. We threw our party clothes outside. We pretended to go out to exercise. (So funny) Going out holding a jump rope… Right, right. Were you ever banned from convenience stores? No. We weren’t allowed to go. Really? After debuting? – Yes. / – Really? They were really strict on us when we first debuted. They told us not to go to convenience stores before debuting since the food is fattening. Yet we’d all come back with bags filled with snacks. I was on the top bunk. You can’t see what’s up there from below. So I’d stash snacks there and eat them in secret. All the time… We’re done eating. – Now we get to talk. / – We’re going to talk now. So the reason why we’re all here… The 7 of you singers will write a drama script. (They have to write the script and act) You’ll debut as drama writers. The copyright will be registered. – Gosh! / – That’s good to hear. Do we get paid too? Of course if it gets sold. But it’s your first time. It’ll be too hard to write the entire script so a drama writer will help you all. (What a relief) And that writer is next to me. (A male writer) (Please be good to us) I’d like it to be a drama that many people can relate to and I hope it makes people feel better. I hope it’s well made. – We’ll try our best. / – Thank you. Thank you. So do we make an online group? Write your email addresses here. Should the 7 of us have a team name? 7 Princesses? (That’s so simple) But it’s not princesses. It stands for don’t hesitate on this team of 7. (They’ve achieved their dreams to be singers) (Now they’ll try becoming drama writers) (After their first meeting!) (The members get ready for the drama individually) Right now, I’m writer Kim Sohee. From the characters to the type of drama… This isn’t right. (Whine) I’ll just write about my family. (What kind of stories will the girls write?) Finished. Finished! (The meeting about the drama is next) (The team meets up after finishing their gigs) This is the Drama Operation Team office. (Wow, it’s so nice) How nice. (Now this looks like a place for writers) We’re starting. Start. Wow. (They start the meeting for the drama!) (Where do we start?) (They don’t know how to start…) – Should we pick a leader? / – Wow. Right away. She’s so speedy. You’re so speedy. (Somi wants Sohee’s spot) Does anyone want to volunteer? I bet there is. I think Somi would do a good job. Me? So that’s why you brought it up. No… (It wasn’t like that, but I feel great) – How should we pick? / – Right. Oldest? (I’m the tough girl) Someone who watches a lot of dramas? Someone knowledgeable. Does anyone like writing? I’m not a good writer. Not so much stories. I write rap lyrics. Writing rap lyrics… – Should we vote? / – Sounds good. It’s anonymous, right? Who should I vote for? I’ll write with my left hand. Put them in here. (Which member got the most votes?) (Time to reveal the votes) (Shake it, shake it) Here I go. (Huh?) You look like you’ve done that before. (Stop! Don’t you dare try to cheat me) (She’s like a gambler) The scary gambler… I’ll pick one. (The votes are finally revealed) (Who is it? Peeks) (Excited) I think it’s mine. (Got you) It’s mine. “She’s clear as the sky and a girl crush.” “I’m a big fan.” (Sohee lovingly votes for Moonbyul) (Who got the second vote?) (Everyone is surprised!) Sujeong. Oh, Sujeong. (Sujeong gets a vote because she likes to write) (Here’s the third vote) Seulgi. (Seulgi seems to be good at everything) I’m the second eldest… I’ll do my best to make it entertaining. There’s a lot of pressure since it’s our first time. But I still want to do well. I was a bit worried about how I should act as the oldest girl there. (Who will be the leader?) (The voting continues) These are all addressed to me as the oldest. (Who got the vote? MAMAMOO) “Moonbyul heart.” A heart. That’s mine. We’re supposed to say? (The oldest girls are so close) (Who got the 5th vote?) (Excited) (3 votes left) “Byul hehe.” (Another vote for Moonbyul) “Byul is the leader.” Another one for me. “Moonbyul.” (Congratulations, Moonbyul) I didn’t think it would be me. – It’s like winning first. / – Thank you so much. I’ll try my best to take care of you guys and to lead this team. Let’s go! (Let’s work well together) Woohoo! The leader… This is nuts… The title of leader… I felt I had to look after all the members. One girl might be better than another at something. Or excel in a different field. I filled with thoughts on how I have to keep things like that in mind. Alright, everyone… Shall we talk about the topic? You’re so fast. So fast. What kind of dramas do you like? I like romantic ones. Devoted love. I get all excited when I watch. I really like realistic ones. Did you see “Discovery of Love?” (Oh, I like that one too) I dreamed of a romance like that. And what else… Everyone liked… – “Goblin.” / – Oh, “Goblin.” With the sword in him… What if the sword was here? (That’s so funny) Should we mix them all up? All these genres? It’s romantic and then… A mermaid gets hit by lightning and turns into a goblin. Then the goblin starts to murder people. But he falls in love with the princess and he’s part of F4 in “Boys Over Flowers.” She’s so excited. This is going to be difficult but fun. It’s a lot of pressure because we have to be writers and actresses. This has to be done right. If we write weird lines… We have to say them. “You’ll lose your hand.” We shouldn’t write that. Gosh, what do we do? Look at this script. It has 100 episodes. How do you write all this? Writing 100 episodes… This is amazing. So this is how a script looks. (Dazed) It felt a bit bleak. I can’t even act and we have to write the script ourselves. The script has to contain many elements. Like your true story. How do we combine that all into one thing? I thought about how to make it entertaining. (Quick) (Sohee just thought of something?) (The things they talked about on the first day) (Totally relatable) (Sohee was listening to the stories) (So…) What if it’s a drama about our true stories? I think that might be good. Since we experienced them. That should be easily approachable. Our stories will make up the script. (The team finally has their first idea for the script) A genre only we can do. The stories about our true selves. So I think it’s going to be kind of fun. I have a ton of funny stories that happened on stage. Things happen all the time. Little things. We were doing “Um Oh Ah Yeh.” There’s a lot of improvisation at the end. We try to get the crowd and staff into it. We ran out of things to say. I panicked and then I came up with this. We’re MAMAMOO. And the name of our fan club is MOOMOO. So we made radish puns. ♪ Even the young radishes ♪ ♪ Even the dried seasoned radish ♪ ♪ Even the cubed radish kimchi ♪ (Embarrassed) It was so embarrassing! Everyone is sitting there during “Music Bank.” And we were making radish puns. Singing about cubed radish kimchi all seriously… ♪ Even the cubed radish kimchi ♪ Like that. It really made you cringe since we were so serious. (But you guys are still awesome) There are a lot of funny little stories like that. Things that happen on stage. My pits were attacked up on stage. I got poked in the arm pits a lot. All of a sudden without warning? Yes, all of a sudden… If the move goes like this, the member behind me slapped me in the arm pit. – That sounds like fun. / – It was all for fun. I loved it when I first moved in with the members. Weren’t you happy? It was my dream to live with my group. Right, it was like a dream. I love decorating my room. So I bought a bunch of stuff for the place but nobody was there to clean up after me. My mom would clean but now I had to so I struggled a bit with that. Right. I couldn’t adjust after living with my parents… I was with many people but I felt lonely. I felt a sense of responsibility which scared me. But now I get so lonely without the members. We were all so excited to live together. Those were happy memories. It’s so much fun when we’re all in the living room. When we’re all gathered and we order food. We order sushi and talk about our day. We chat and laugh over trivial things. (Sounds so nice…) It was really tough. I was really busy but now I’m back to being a trainee again. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know when I’ll debut. I feel like all my fans will leave me and I’ll just get older. So many singers debut each day. (That’s why this is even more precious to Sohee) I order in at home alone. It’s so lonely. (It must be really tough for Sohee…) I want to experience that soon. (She really wants to debut) I’m sure you’ve all experienced this, but I’ve experienced a lot of failures. I prepared to be a singer since high school. I got into an agency, but it was a bit unique. It was new and the CEO went to temple. – A Buddhist temple? / – He was Buddhist. He’d take us to the temple during practice time and make us do Buddhist rituals. He also owned a barbecue restaurant. And he made us work as waitresses there when we should be practicing. Or we had to peel garlic or onions. And he claimed that was good for practice? Yes, because business had to be good for the agency to have money to debut us. What is that? Ridiculous. I was so determined back then. I figured I could debut if I peeled garlic so I kept at it. – Without getting paid for it. / – Of course. How long were you there for? Over 6 months. And one agency director came onto me. (Nobody can believe it) He tried to hit on you? And it was so scary. And I couldn’t say no since he was high up. – He’d call you up? / – Yes. Whenever he had personal business, he’d take me along in the passenger’s seat. He would say we should get married. – Oh, my God. / – For real. I was so scared that I couldn’t stay there anymore. I bet that was tough. Everyone experiences things like this though. That doesn’t happen often. – Really? / – It’s a rare case. I thought everyone went through this. So I thought everyone had to do things like this to become a singer. – Is your agency now okay? / – Of course. I love it. Don’t be cautious. Be honest. That’s good to hear though. (Thinking) Should we turn this story into a thriller like “Voice?” I like it. I like it. Should we cast that person? We’ll cast him and you can get him back. Make it scary. We’ll do it without computer graphics. (A revenge drama) What’s hard for me is that talented and pretty singers keep coming out. And I feel nervous every time. We’d be practicing together and someone cries. I ask why. “I’ve been cut.” There have been so many like that. I felt so uneasy. That could happen to me. I suddenly felt that. For me, I have a weight quota for the day. A certain amount you have to lose? I had to burn that weight off to go home. And if you couldn’t? Then I practice until I burn it off. And if you don’t lose enough by the monthly test, you could really get cut. There were more than 10 of us but they were all cut and it was down to 5. Because of weight? A lot of people get cut because of weight. I had to burn it off by a certain time. Even if you’re super talented and pretty you get cut if you weigh too much? Taking care of yourself… They say you lack determination. They just make you diet and you’re not allowed to eat anything. One day I was really craving a hamburger. I got one and ate it buy the second floor window. The manager of the new group development team… (The worst) (Even thinking about it is horrifying) That’s happened to me a lot. I was so scared. I had the burger and I panicked. What if he came into the burger place? I kept standing up and panicking… I ended up eating the burger in the bathroom stall. Now I wonder why I did that. I was so pressured then. I eat a lot now… But I’m really sad that I had to be so cautious. Being cautious over food really makes you sad. – Yeah! / – When they prevent you from eating. I remember the one time I got caught very clearly. I was so scared. How did they find out? Right, right. – Maybe they have lasers. / – How did they know? It was so scary. I was eating udon in the bathroom with Chaeyoung of TWICE. We were talking about how pathetic we were eating udon in the bathroom. The bathroom door suddenly opens. (Is it?) “What are you doing?” Chills! “What are you doing now?” This needs to be in the script. We need to add, “What are you doing?” “What are you doing?” And this is how you feel inside, “You already know.” (So satisfying) They already knew. – “You can see me.” / – That’s so funny. (Quickly staring) From the side… (Did I do something wrong?) From the side, your cheeks stick out. I felt a sense of kinship. I have chubby cheeks too. (The chubby cheek sisters of the group) The fans called me chubby after I debuted. I didn’t know if they were badmouthing me. – It’s vague. / – I couldn’t tell. We thought it meant something bad but now it’s like a pet name. Like being called pleasantly plump. Chubby. It’s because you’re so cute. So my flaw became my asset. The online comments inspired me to think of it as a good thing. Right, right. I think we’ve all had times when we struggled. For me, nothing was determined. There was no guarantee you’d debut and they kept making boy bands. So a lot of trainees quit. They all left. It was just me and Irene left. So my debut wasn’t determined and then I hit a slump. I couldn’t even sing. That’s when I really struggled a lot. (The stage seems so glamorous) (But their days as trainees were tough) I hit my slump after I debuted. Because I was a trainee for the shortest period out of our members. I was only a trainee for about a year. So I experienced things that I should’ve experienced as a trainee after I debuted. I didn’t know how to do anything. I was singing in the recording booth and I had no idea what I was doing. The members were struggling and my parents worried so I couldn’t tell anyone. I developed a sleeping disorder. Something like sleep apnea. I think I cried every day back then. I’d cry under my covers. That’s my most painful memory. (They’ve overcome many hardships to get here) (Idols have to smile through hard times) – I had to smile. / – You can’t cry. The people that are funny on TV are actually really serious and quiet in real life. I’ve been in front of cameras since I was a kid. I started to hate and fear the camera which is when I hit my slump. I used to cower when there was a camera. I felt pressured because people were watching me. I was originally a vocalist. Really? I didn’t know. Suddenly after a year of practicing… They told me I should rap. Maybe they didn’t like my singing. I agreed to do it. So I practiced… That’s what really made me not want to work. I always had to write rap verses. The members would be recording and I’d be writing. – At least you hold the copyright. / – True… (That’s true) I do have the copyright. The percentage is different from rap verses. For each song. Since there are 7 of us now and the script writer, that’s an 8-way split. (Better write that) Working alone is more profitable. To pay for snacks. You get paid a penny. Will I be able to by my mom a gift from this? What if you get 80 cents? We’d better make a good one. Since you’re all writing a drama yourselves your family sent video messages of encouragement. Who is it? Yes. I’m excited. It can’t be my mom. – Here. / – It’s not the practice room? (Which family member surprised them?) Ta-da! Hi, Sia. Hey! My brother. It’s my older brother. He’s a dancer. He’s a choreographer. Since you’re doing a new show I’m filming this message of encouragement on behalf of our family. On my phone. You look alike. He’s handsome. What can I really say? I know you. I know how talented you are. I’m not really worried, so I have nothing to say to you. (Such a cold guy) Because you’ll do a great job. You should encourage me. (Gosh) So I do better. He’s so practical. Seeing you on TV once a week will make our family happier and more energetic. Even when you’re on TV sometimes, our parents rewatch it over and over. So try to be a bit more active on the show. Try to show cool and pretty sides of yourself. Let’s go. Do well on your shoots and don’t cry. – It’s like a video call. / – Bye. It’s like a video call. Can you see? (Whose family member is this old lady?) Grandma! That’s my grandma. It’s your grandma. I’m sure things are tough by yourself in Seoul. I hope you’re eating all your meals. Try to stay healthy. I raised you when you were little and it seems like yesterday you were crying for your parents. You grew up to be so pretty and you’re on TV so that makes me really happy. Always be healthy. The other grannies congratulated me for having a granddaughter on TV. So I’m buying them drink. So be healthy and good. She’s so chic. Hi, Sohee. It’s mom. And dad. Surprise. This is our first video letter to you. When you first left to become a singer, we figured you’d give up on it eventually. But we were so proud to see you continue to work for your dreams despite the hardships. Don’t forget how you started and always be healthy. Do a great just like you usually do. Sohee, we believe in you and we’re rooting for you more than anyone in the world. Hang in there, my daughter. Let’s go! We love you. I was surprised by my grandma. I wasn’t good to her. I was always too busy to visit her during holidays. I feel so bad. Whenever you hear “daughter…” Not for me. I’ll try calling your dad. For I.O.I’s last concert… And there are 11 of us. All the parents sent in video clips. All the other girls are crying. Chungha, Doyeon… Then my dad’s like… “Somi!” It was so embarrassing! All the other parents were serious… I was ready to start crying. To Somi… “Somi!” I ended up crying and laughing. I wanted my dad to be serious too. (The meeting continues on through the night) We talked about a lot of things. I think it’ll be a good idea to make a drama on our stories. So it’ll be about us after we debuted? There can be stories about getting ready to debut. You have the most stories as a trainee. How about this? We all have different stories. So each of our stories will be included. And then we all get together to become the seven. It’s like the birth of the group. That’s how we get together. And then there could be stories about us all living together. You can have a cell phone here. You can do anything you want here. You can even date. You can eat anything. Because we’re shooting a drama. So they can’t say anything. We’re working hard here. Living vicariously. Right. We should come up with a team name. – I like 7 Princesses. / – 7 Princesses? Hello! Don’t hesitate! Hello! Don’t hesitate! We’re the 7 Princesses. 1, 2… Don’t hesitate! We go first. We don’t hesitate. That’s how you draw them in. (Chaotic) I like it. It’s got impact. I feel like we’ll be a colorful group. So free. Freedom for Yooa. (Yooa really wants freedom) Free. This is easily relatable. “Music Bank” shoots. When they announce candidates for first place. (Totally excited) We can change it up since it’s a drama, right? We can win 1st. We make the story. (Somi is surprised at the freedom of dramas) “Congratulations on the triple crown, 7 Princesses.” (Congrats on the triple crown) I like it. (The 7 special trainees) (No need to diet) (Free use of cell phones) (Trying to build skills efficiently) (The seven have united to become the 7 Princesses) (Through the sales of their title song “Don’t Hesitate”) (They swept the charts on their debut) (Fastest idol group to do so) (They also win 1st on all 3 major networks) If we want a scene of winning 1st we need a song too. Right. Our own song. We’ll use that song on the soundtrack. It has to be a song with a dance. We’re the 7 Princesses. “Don’t Hesitate.” It should be a bit cheeky. I like that vibe. Being gutsy. Don’t hesitate and approach us. It’s called “Don’t Hesitate.” ♪ Don’t, don’t ♪ Or a hip hop track. Because girl groups aren’t allowed to do hip hop. That’s right. Even if you want to. That sounds good too. Being like BIGBANG… Each of us coming out and doing some moves. ♪ Don’t hesitate ♪ (Looks like Somi wants a trot version) (Really having fun) I think a trot song is a great idea too. We dress like the “Dreamgirls” but we sing trot. Or we’re dressed in hip hop gear but we sing and dance. 7 Princesses and trot seem like a good fit. – This is like making a girl group. / – For real. This is hard. Two things to do. Make a drama and a girl group. (So much to do) How will this play out? Even if the 7 of us put our thoughts together this is a totally different field. I’m not sure if we even have what it takes. It’d be nice if we could shoot a drama seriously. But I feel like it’ll become like a comical soap opera. But I think once we put our ideas together and organize them, we’ll have a great drama. I think the characters are really important. We really have to portray each character. Do it right. How should we write each character? Do we go by our personalities or make us different? Right. Like being bipolar rather than bubbly. (She likes tough characters) Or you start cussing and it’s bleeped out. (I knew she’d like this) This is what I noticed. You’re totally honest when you talk, Moonbyul. – Without any filtering. / – Straight up. We could exaggerate that to make it funnier. Being very blunt. Because girl group members are usually modest. They have to watch what they say. Sounds like fun. A charismatic character. I feel like it’ll be really comfortable for me. (Moonbyul will the play charismatic tough girl) Let’s decide roles for each other. (What do I do?) Yooa looks really pretty. (Huh?) (D.ana was quiet during the first meeting) (Even during the meeting) (Shy, awkward) I was worried about D.ana. I feel like she couldn’t burst out of her bubble. She didn’t get a chance too. (Moonbyul wants to create an opportunity) For D.ana… She’s really quiet. Let’s make her really bubbly. Her energy is all the way out there. And we’re like, “Please stop.” I wanted to play a role like that. I’m never like that. Something really drastic, a very excitable character. (Excitement that can’t be contained) Like that. She’s all excited when we’re all exhausted. “Don’t hesitate!” The life of the party. I like it. Are you usually quiet in SONAMOO? I probably speak less than I do here. Really? So you’re quiet in real life. Let’s break that shell. – This could be a good chance. / – Thank you. (Thank you, everyone) (D.ana will play the spaz) Yooa looks really pretty. So we’ll play off that. Like she goes to bed with a bunch of dolls. (That’s being a princess) She only knows herself. Always looking in the mirror. Every team has a member like that. We’re all having a meeting and she goes to bed. “This is time for my skin.” (They win) Time for my skin to rest. (Yooa will play the high-maintenance girl) Seulgi… You’ll be good at everything. The best speaker, singer and dancer on the team. So much pressure. She has skills. She can do it all. I say Seulgi should be the funny one. – I’m known for being unfunny. / – That’s why. That’s why you should be the funny one. So every word I say… (They’ll all laugh at Seulgi) (Can Seulgi play the funny one?) I like it. I’m going to try my best to play this character. (Seulgi will play the funny and talented one) Sujeong is the tough one. I like that too. Wearing all leather… – And a guitar. / – An electric guitar. You love rock music. Always playing guitar solos… I’m cheerful but a bit clumsy. What if I’m the clumsy accident-prone one? The ditz. That’s the kind of role I want. The silly one. Silly. Right. Okay. (Sujeong will play the clumsy rocker) Sohee. The saleswoman of the team. “Buy this.” (Can’t believe it) Sounds like fun. (Wait until it’s your turn, Somi) The quirky space cadet? That sounds like fun too. The quirky girl sounds cute. – Being ridiculous. / – Saying ridiculous things. Sometimes people sell things on the subway. And Sohee is so naive and she sells stuff too. Saying, “It’s a great product.” She becomes conflicted. We can add this to the quirky character. You suddenly suggest to people to buy things. (You guys win) (Somi is excited at her idea) (Sohee will play the quirky saleswoman) Somi. Somi needs a twist. Then she needs to be really quiet. We brought it up before. Bipolar. Bipolar or I can’t even speak. Just to myself… (Inner-self: What are you doing?) (That’s so funny) You only talk to yourself. I greet someone and then you hear my thoughts. I like it. (Somi will play the quiet one) We have all our roles. If this was a real group, they’d be ruined. Such a bad combination. None of us are alike. We’re all on different paths. (A girl group filled with unique characters) (You can look forward to it!) So the seven of us start together as trainees. And suddenly a guy appears. (A guy…) But there’s only one guy. It’s like we’re stranded on a deserted island with him. Someone really handsome. Or he’s a fellow trainee at our agency. Oh… A fellow trainee that we all like. And he can sense the admiration. – He relishes it. / – He enjoys it. So we all develop crushes on him. (Having a crush is so exciting) (Why does it smell like spring now?) (Who is this man that will be loved by 7 girls?) A charming guy that all 7 of us will fall for. A charming guy… GD. (Ooh) Why? (That sounds wonderful) This is the first time we’re all acting. It should be an actor. Someone that can lead us. But won’t be awkward… – Daniel Henney… / – Park Bogum. – How about Park Bogum? / – I love it. (Bogum right in front of my eyes?) (Park Bogum’s mere presence is handsome) (Shy, excited) That’s my answer. (My answer is you) Let’s keep talking. I think Gong Yoo is so dreamy. Wow… If Gong Yoo is in it, nobody will notice us. (Sad but true) (Gong Yoo and the idols) Gong Yoo and the idols. Seo Kangjun. Seo Inguk. Nam Joohyuk. They don’t have to talk. We’ll do all the talking. We’ll do everything. (We should finish the script) If he just shows up… (Yooa, what are you doing?) (I wish we can cast everyone I write down) Good job. Good job on taking notes. (Throughout the entire meeting) Oh, my God. (I’ll take all the notes!) You be the scribe. (I love taking notes) This is going to be so much fun. (I’ll be the note-taker of this group) (Yooa’s list of candidates for the male lead) How about this? This is good too. The main theme is romance here. But instead of that. This guy likes Sohee. But Seulgi likes this guy. So the two of them don’t get along. Seulgi and I? Just an example. And Somi is dating someone secretly. A different guy. And the guy betrays her. – Don’t be hurt. / – She’s hurt. I almost got into character. The agency director. Oh… You like the agency director? The agency director likes D.ana. The young director. But she doesn’t mind him either. How about this? Yooa wants to date. But her standards are too high. She keeps in contact with many guys. She keeps them on her hook. Let’s do that. For Sujeong… She walks by in the hall and the guys all fall for her. We’re all trying to look pretty but with one flick of her hair… She’s like the magical girl. So this is why everyone loves Chubby. “So it’s her.” It can be more relatable this way. Is there anyone else who should be in this? A dance teacher. We need one. A vocal trainer and a dance teacher. – Hong Jinkyung… / – Jinkyung. “Somi, that’s not how the dance goes.” (Hong Jinkyung can be the dance teacher) I like it. Just for fun… How about Producer Park Jinyoung? He could play a funny cameo. He judges us and we’re thinking… “Who are you to judge us?” Like that. Who picked you? Let’s talk later. What agency would want you? (He’s the one that picked Somi) (Just thinking about it gets her excited) (The big fight! JYP vs. Somi) (Will this dream come true?) So everyone… We had our meeting and talked. So when we meet next time let’s all bring in stories that we wrote and bring them together. Maybe it’ll make one whole story. Just think of different scenes. You’re a great leader. Thank you. – Good work. / – Good work! (They’re all on the same page today) A strong story that isn’t ridiculous… We want to show the viewers our sincere thoughts. (Don’t hesitate, 7 Princesses) What is this? Can we practice this? Should we try it? Hey, ugly. Where’d you leave your brain? You startled me. Why does my face keep getting redder? We brought someone. Gong Yoo? I sure wish he’d show up. Hello. Hello.


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