If I Lived in a Movie!

what will happen if I lived in a movie
maybe like a teen movie like High School Musical or maybe something a little bit
scarier like the purge would I have a romance like in Twilight
and nice turn I have a horror movie hey guys it’s Marissa and today’s video
is going to be if I lived in a movie so basically this is what would happen if
my life was a movie there are so many things that happen in movies that would
be really weird if they happened in real life
like in every single like high school movie and school related movie you never
see them in class you never see them doing homework or doing tests or
studying or anything like that and yet they’re all going to like Ivy League
colleges and Harvard and Stanford and Yale and it’s like you never even see
them study like what the heck is up with that
like on Gossip Girl oh yeah and comment down below what your favorite movie is
mine is Angus and perfect snogging and make sure to give this
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playlist up if I lived in I lived in a movie theater I lived in Universal
Studios Starbucks the zoo all these places so I’ll leave that playlist for
you guys down below and onto the video so I’m living in a teen movie and
obviously I’m the nerdy loser because I have my hair up and I’m wearing glasses wait what all I have to do is take my
hair down and take off my glasses and now I’m cool now all the girls want to
be me and everyone wants to be my friend and guys want to date me and it’s all
because of my super awesome makeover I love living in a movie so if I lived in
a horror movie I would go into every single dark creepy scary house that I
saw kind of like at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights so like in every
scary movie I don’t run away from scary things I run towards them I’m definitely
not gonna try and find my way out of this house I’m just gonna go
deeper in Oh No blood lucky for me doesn’t actually bother me because I am
the queen in scary movies when there’s a on the loose we don’t
call the police we just you know try and figure it out on their own hi I’m head cheerleader and I hate your
freaking for no reason no reason I’m gonna make your life a living
for the next four years nice to meet you loser who was the first president
Barack Obama there’s always the blonde I think that Khloe Kardashian
should run for president if the deserts are too dry then what we have to do is
put the ocean water on the deserts in every scary movie the group of friends
always splits up as if it’s safer that way
okay you go this way and I’ll go that way
yeah we’ll both be much safer if we do this alone we can run into more bad guys
this way and why is it in scary movies that the is always wearing a mask
I mean if you’re about to what does it matter if you wear a mask Who am
I gonna tell and in every movie right before the about to get you you
fall so now I’m in a teen romance movie maybe
one of us is a vampire maybe he’s a basketball player that really wants to
do theater like in high school musical or maybe he’s like that guy in The Fault
in Our Stars the best part about living in a school
movie is we don’t even have to go to class oh my god I got into Harvard by
the Harvard Manor I must be so smart so thank you guys so
much for watching if I lived in a movie comment down below what your favorite
movie is and let’s see which one is the winner and also let me know where you
want me to live next and make sure to give this video a thumbs up verse 15,000
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and the fam and I love you guys not big kiss and bye


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