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(smoke detector beeping) – Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! Louise! – God, you scared me, please. – Scared you? There’s an alarm going, there’s almost a fire in the kitchen. – What? – Are you cooking something? – No, I’m not, I
just came in here and laid down. – Honey, you gotta
be more careful, you almost burned the house down with you in it. – I don’t remember, I’m sorry, I don’t remember doing it. It was probably
Breeze, she burns everything she cooks. – Breeze is in New
York for fashion week, she’s not going to
be home until Sunday. Okay, Louise, just a
few more questions. – Of course, Dr. Karel. – Doc, I understand you
need to be certain before you diagnose this, but please, you’re killing us. – Okay. Okay, we won’t know for certain until the
test results come back, but I’m afraid from everything you’ve told me so far, it’s pointing to one conclusion. – I don’t understand. How can that be? Louise is so young. – Yes. But there have been
a number of cases where those in their 50s and 60s have been diagnosed with it. You know, one
study suggests that those that have
suffered some kind of severe head trauma, brain
injury in their life are more likely to
experience early onset. Louise? At any point in
your life, have you suffered an accident where you injured your head? – I have, when I
was much younger. It wasn’t exactly an accident. – Get me another beer. – Aren’t you going
to be late for work? – Late for school,
late for work, what are you, the damn clock? – I have to be, Gonzalo. We can’t even afford one. You spend too much
money on this shit. – I gotta find a new one. This carpet cleaning
business is going too slow. – Gonzalo, you got fired for
coming in drunk again? Yeah? Well, how the hell
are we supposed to pay our bills? – Maybe you should
go out and clean some more houses. And get out of my face. – I’m not going to
clean houses forever. I have an interview at
the diner this afternoon. I’m just trying to help you. Help us, I want
more for our son. More than this. – He’s got a roof over his head and so do you. That’s all I had growing up. – But what – That is all he needs. We ain’t gonna turn
him into a little brat. – You forgot your shoes, baby. – Hi, Mama. – How’s my baby today? – Great! Look what I made. – Wow, this is wonderful. Really. My little artist. You are very talented. – Mama, what’s talent? – Talent means you
can do something well. Your talent is
God’s gift to you. What you do with that talent, that’s your gift back to God. So, what do you want me to draw for you this time? – One of those fancy
dresses that girls wear. – Why do you always
want me to draw you dresses, Carlo? I could draw you
a ship, you know, or a racecar. I could draw you a jet. – Because I want to
know what kind you like. I’m going to buy you
one when I get bigger. – You promise? – I promise. – There. You like this? – Look, Mama, it’s Dada, Mama and me. Our family. – Oh, that’s very nice, baby. – Mama. – Mm-hmm? – All my crayons are
getting messed up. – Oh, well, we just
don’t have a, um Maybe we can buy
you some new ones. – Really? – Yeah, sure. – My damn head’s killing me. Where’s the damn aspirin? – We’re out of aspirin. – What have you got there? – Nothing, I was just
making some oatmeal. – This late? – Well, it’s not
exactly like we have a full menu around
here to choose from. – Go get me some. – We don’t have any money. – You worked today. Give me what you made. – Do you want to go play with Jimmy next door? – Okay, Mama. – Just be back for dinner. – Okay, Mama. Bye, Daddy. – Gonzalo, Gonzalo. Hey, hey, hey. I didn’t make that much today. – I don’t give a
shit what you made. – I need to buy some food. – I don’t give a shit! Give me the money! I don’t give a
shit what you need! – You’re hurting me! – Give me the money! Give it to me now! – Stop! (door slamming) – [Gonzalo] Open the door! Open the damn door right now! (screams) – Never again. (somber music) – Look, Mama. Mama, Mama, look at me. – Carlo, you dressed yourself. Ah, and you remembered
your shoes, huh? Come here. Well, I’m very proud of you. – Mama, you got a lot
of boo-boos again. How come you always fall down? – Well, don’t worry
about me, I’m okay. Your Mama’s always
been a little clumsy. See? Makes me feel better already. Now let’s go to the bus stop. – I’m a big boy, I can do it. – Are you sure? – Daddy always
says I should start walking by myself. – Well, your Daddy
isn’t always right. – But I’m ready. – Okay then. You go. – Love you, Mama, bye. – I love you, too. (melancholy music) – Wake up, baby. – Mama? – Shhh. It’s time to go, my son. – Gotta go to school? – No. It’s Saturday. But we are going on a trip and I need you to get ready. – But I want to sleep. – You can sleep in the car. Now please put your shoes on, I need you to hurry. – Where are we going? Is Daddy coming with us? – No, he’s not coming. – But I don’t want to go. – Carlo, I need you
to listen to me, we need to go now. Okay? – Okay, Mama. – Thank you, baby. – Can I bring Coco? – Of course. – But Mommy, when
are we going back? – Never. – Can you tell me about
your work history? – This should be an easy one. (upbeat dance music) – You look beautiful, Mama. (phone ringing) – Okay. Fred will see you now. – Mr. Fred? – No, ma’am. He just goes by Fred. There’s nothing really
mister about him. – Wish me luck. – Good luck. – Thank you, baby. Kiss me. – Uh, oh. Come in. Please, have a seat. – Hi. Hi, I’m Louise Conlin. I’m here to apply for
your fashion designer. – Love the shoes. Beautiful. – Thank you. I borrowed these from a friend. – Yeah, well she has good taste. – Yeah. – Very couture. What size are they? – Uh, 8, I think? So I saw you had a job opening in the Sun Tattler. – Those designer heels? They look French,
probably Paris. I collect shoes. – Oh. – Not for me, or
for work anyway, I just adore them. They’re really nice. – Look, I, um, I really want to be
a fashion designer. So, – Do you have a license? – A license? I mean, no, I
didn’t actually know you needed a license? – No, darling, I mean a license for that hideous outfit
that you’re wearing. I mean, thank God for the shoes. – I knew it. This whole time I was
afraid it looked like it came from a
second-hand store. – And did it? – Yes. (laughing) – Don’t worry,
sweetie, I’m probably sure it didn’t look so
hot first-hand either. – Well. I’m going to get
going, I have a few more job interviews today. – Uh, you know what? Someone who’s
friends with someone with such great
taste in footwear deserves a chance. Show me your best designs. Just one. – Oh, yeah, oh. – Something that
goes with the heels, not the dress. – Oh! Girl! – Did you get the job? – I start Monday! – Yay! I’m proud of you, Mama. – Let’s go celebrate, huh? We’ll go get some dinner, I’m going to buy you
a new box of crayons. – The big box? – Sure, why not? – Mama, where are you shoes? – Hey, honey. You can cancel my
1:30 and move my 2:00 back a half hour. I’m going to be
in a meeting with my new favorite
couple and I do not want to be disturbed, okay? Thanks. – Absolutely, yes. Yeah, I know, I know. But they close at like 3am. I’m telling you,
we’d be better off on South Beach. Okay. All right, I’ll see you tonight. Yeah, look, I gotta
go, I just got to my mom’s appointment. Okay. Bye. – Wow, Carlo. I’m surprised you’re even here. And sober. – You know, contrary to what you and your dad believe, I’m not the worst son ever. – This isn’t even
about me or Dad. – Bob. He’s not my dad, remember? – Of course. How can anyone forget? You remind him every
opportunity you get. I’ll let them know
you finally made it. (phone buzzing) – Excuse me. Carlo’s here. He’s outside with Breeze. – My Carlito. He’s always running late. Come on, Carlo, I can’t be late. I’m meeting my new boss today. It’s almost your
birthday, honey. – Bologna again? – Have you thought
about what you want? – Not balogna and cheese. – I meant for your
birthday, silly. – Here. I don’t want this. Buy me lunch today. – Carlo, we’ve
talked about this. I can’t afford to buy you
school lunch every day. – Why not? All the other kids
get it every day. No one else brings
their stupid bag lunch. – It’s very
expensive to send you to Catholic school and I cannot – Forget it. I never get what I want. – That is enough,
you get plenty. I just asked you what you wanted for your birthday. All you have to do is tell me. – Anything? – Anything within reason. – I wanna talk to my dad. – You ask for the one thing that I cannot do. Just take this and
buy your lunch today. (thumping music) – Good morning. – Uh, girl, you look good, okay? Hell, you just have
to impress him, not sleep with him. Mmm, unless he’s about to fire your ass, then spread ’em wide. – You’re so messed up. – Hell, and he is cute. Maybe I’ll sleep with him. – Yeah. Hey, any word form BRY and Sons? You know, it would
be really impressive if we got our line in there. – Well, then call
this bitch impressed because we are in like Flynn. – No way. – Check it out, baby. – No way! – Yes way. – Oh my God! Oh my God! – It’s got a nice beat. Not sure I could dance to it. Hi. I’m Bob Hall, your new boss. And you’re both fired. I’m just kidding,
you’re not fired. I am your new boss. I totally support
dancing on duty under the right circumstances. – Pleasure. – Yeah. – Hi. – So. What are the circumstances? – Well, after all these
years, BRY and Sons has finally agreed to
feature my clothing line in their stores. Our clothing line. – We have a preview
next week with their executive buyers. – That is cause to celebrate. Wow. (phone ringing) – Yes. Thank you. Test results are back. I’ll be right back
with them, all right? – You okay? – Yes, I’m just tired. Where’s Breeze? – She’s outside with
Carlo, remember? – Of course. Of course. (Latin style music) – Okay, sweetie,
what time we have to be there? – About an hour and a half. – Okay, yeah, we’re
not gonna make it. – No, we’re gonna make it, just – All right, hold
still sweetie, okay? Trust me, I do not
want to poke you. – Bet that’s the
first time she’s heard that and it was ever true. – Speaking of which,
have you seen Bob today? – No. – Yeah, he was looking
for you earlier. – I know, he’s
been looking for me a lot this week. – Could be he’s just
interested in your clothes. – He’s interested in
the clothes I’m wearing. He is kind of cute. – Yes, he is. – But you know the problem with office romances. – Honey, what problem
you talking about, baby, having sex
on the boss’s desk? Trust me, he won’t mind at all. – Damn it, Fred, we gotta hurry. All right ladies, don’t worry, I’m not going to send
you in there naked. – That strategy
might get us some attention, Louise, but I don’t it’ll sell
us as many clothes. – Good afternoon, Mr. Hall. – I told you guys, it’s just Bob. – I prefer kneel and bob. – I can see you
guys are very busy. – Yeah, we’re
trying to get ready for our BRY and Sons
debut this afternoon. I know. – Do you need a hand? – No, absolutely not,
that’s not necessary. – I insist, I insist, deadline. – Thank you. – So, Louise. – Just hold this right here. – Oh. – Don’t move. – Oh, okay. Wow. You’re very good at this. – Thank you. – I’m sorry, what? – She said thank you. – Thanks, Fred. – No problem. – So, I was saying, – Move your left boob
over for me, sweetie. – Anyway, I have this awards
banquet that I have to go to this weekend
and I was wondering if you’d care to join me. – Um. – She said I’d love to. – You don’t have to. I understand, no pressure. With me being the boss and all. – No, Fred got it
right, I would love to. I would love to go. – I can’t promise
the banquet will be any fun, but I’ll do my best to
show you a good time. – Well, I’ll hold you to that. – Great. Great. – We’re odds on your ladies. – Yeah. I want to bring the van around. Ladies. We’re gonna knock ’em dead. – Thanks. – Woo. Don’t worry, sweetie. He’s gonna learn real quick who the real boss is, and it ain’t him. – That’s nice, Fred,
I’m not that bossy. – You’ll hit it off. Yeah, just like
I’m not that gay. – I really hope I didn’t
just make a mistake. – No, sweetie, you didn’t. Don’t sweat it. You won’t know
until you’re looking back at him 30 or 40 years. – Thank you for
another lovely evening. You should, um, you should come
inside, I have this great bottle of Merlot
I’ve been saving. – You’re a devoted Mom, designed amazing clothes and you know your wines. What other hidden
talents do you have? – Well, maybe if you’re good, you’ll find out later. – I like the sound of that. Thank you. I’ll do the honors, I guess. – Thanks, yeah. – You don’t have to answer this, but um, did Gonzalo ever lay
hands on him, too? – No. – No. – No, oh God. I mean, that’s the
reason I finally left. I was just, I was terrified
that he would start to take things
out on Carlo, too. – Did you ever, ever tell him what
Gonzalo did to you? – No. I will one day, I just, I think he’s
too young right now. – Let’s have a drink. Sounds good coming out. – It smells great. Thank you. – Mmm. You know, you should tell him, he’s a smart kid,
he’d understand. – Yeah, I know, I just um, I don’t want to burden him. He does not deserve that. – He deserves to
know the sacrifices you made for him. – Well. Like my mother always said, when it’s time, it’s time. – Of course, you’re his mom, you know what’s best for him. – Thank you. I think I know what’s
best for you, too. – Really? What might that be? – Now I know why
you left my dad. – Carlo. – I am so sorry, Louise. – It’s not your fault. Carlo? Carlo, honey, please
open the door. Open the door right now. – It’s going to be okay. Just give him some time. – I’m really happy Carlo’s here. – I’m surprised
he’s here at all. The way things have
been going lately. You know, you should have told
him a long time ago. He always resented
you for taking his father away. And resented me for
trying to be one. – I know. And I’m sorry for that. (throat clearing) – Hey, guys. Mind if I sit down? Let me squeeze in here. I want some kisses. There we go. So, um, how are my new bosses doing? – We’ll be doing
just great as soon as we deduct your
little shopping spree from your first paycheck. – Oh God, Bob, it was
a graduation gift. Anyway, the best
way to get your life organized is to start
with your closet, right? – So true. – I give up. So I hope we bought you
something nice, then. – Oh, you did and, uh thanks for being so generous. – We just started a
DVD, would you care to join us? – And watch old
people making out? Ew. – This isn’t a movie
about old people. – Oh, I wasn’t talking
about the movie. – So fresh. – Show us what you bought, huh? – All right, all right. Since you forgot
to take my black strapless dress to the cleaners, I had like nothing
to wear tonight. – I’m sorry, it
completely slipped my mind, I have a
million things going on. – You’ve been
working night and day for two weeks. I’m sure Carlo can help
us get things organized. – Carlo? The only thing he’s
concerned about organizing is his
social schedule. – Did you have a
good time today? – I did, yeah. The restaurant was
great, thank you. – Yeah it was, wasn’t it? – Yes. – What are you doing? – Oh, come on. – I mean, no, stop it. Can’t we just watch
a movie or something? – There’s nothing on TV, I don’t have any movies. – Oh, well there’s nothing – There’s nothing. Oh my God. It’s my mom calling. No, it’s really my mom. Seriously. Hey, Mama. – Oh, please. – Bob? – Your mom’s name is Bob? – No, it’s my stupid step-dad, he calls from my mom’s phone so I pick it up. – Yeah, Bob? Yeah, no, I can’t do it tonight, sorry. I really can’t, I’m
not gonna be able to get down there. Listen, I’m right in the middle of something, okay? Bob, I’m not gonna come down. Call Breeze, she can come down. I’m not going to
be able to make it, I’ve been heading
out, I’ve got company. No. I’m not gonna Bob, it’s just not
real good for me tonight, okay? Fine. I’ll be there in
20 minutes, bye. – Hey. These are really good. – Yeah, let’s not look at those, we better just put them away. – Sorry. – It’s fine, I’m just, look, I gotta go out. But maybe we could just finish what we started real quick, huh? – Oh. I’m sure your hand will
be plenty fast enough. – Are you kidding me? – Not tonight. – Shit. – So, uh, where’s Carlo? – Should be here any minute. – I’ve already been
waiting 20 minutes. – Yeah, considering
we’re choosing runway models today, I’d expect he’d be
the first one here. – What? I’m here. – Yes, you are. – Where have you been? – Busy. This going to take long? – I don’t know. That depends. How many models have
you booked today? – I booked about, um, I can’t remember. I wrote it down
on a sticky note. I can’t seem to find
my sticky note either. – You need a sticky
note to tell you where your sticky note is. That’s okay, it’s no problem. Let’s do a head count
when they come out. Let’s get rolling, all right? – No problem. – Since we’re already
behind schedule. Okay, bring them out, please. Come on. Go. (thumping music) – Maybe I just need
to get one of those electronic organizers,
what are those called? Raspberries? – They’re Blackberries, Mom. – Carlo. Take your sunglasses off. It’s rude. – Does it matter? Now I like that one a lot. – For the show or as
a bedroom accessory? – Shut up. – Sober up. – Enough. – You know, we’re trying
to run a business here. – Yeah? Good. Because when this
whole thing’s over, I need my paycheck. – Shhhh. – I thought you just had yours direct deposited to that strip joint of yours? – Yeah, you should
have used yours to stuff your bra and
save on the silicone. – Hey, Mom. Did you sign the checks? – What checks? – It’s Friday, don’t
tell me you forgot again. Payday? – Oh God, payday. I did, I’m sorry,
I did it again. Just let me write a
note so I don’t forget. – So what did Carlo want? – The usual. – He doesn’t waste time. Did you write out those
checks or did you? – I know. I know, I’ve been
reminded already. – It’s all right. Don’t bite my head
off, I’m just asking. Look at him. I’m going to have a
little talk with him about not fraternizing
with the models. – Fine, later. – You okay? – I’m fine, I’m just tired. I’m too tired to remember
anything, I guess. – I told you you’ve
been working too hard. We all have. That’s all it is. After the show, we’ll go on a cruise or something. – I’m sure you’re right. I like her look a lot. – Hey. – Hey. – So how’d I do? – Okay, I guess. There were some
pretty girls in there. – You said you’d
take care of me. – Why should I? You didn’t exactly take
care of me last week. – What? What is that? I need this job. – Yeah? Well, I need something, too. Maybe if uh, you come over tonight, we can uh – You’re a pig. I thought you liked me, you wanted to help me. I liked you. But I’m not some
whore that’s going to sleep with you for a job. – Fine. You’re not one of
our models, either. – Carlo. Bob wants to see you. – Why? – I didn’t ask him. – Well can you find out? – Well, I’m not his secretary. Or yours. – Well maybe you should be. I’m sure you have plenty
of skirts at home. – I don’t really
need any other jobs around here. I do enough that I
don’t need to feel guilty about
collecting a paycheck. – God, something’s wrong. Can you look at this? – Must be some kind of mistake. We can’t be overdrawn,
it’s not possible. – No, I know. I mean, do you
think somebody has stolen our identity? I told you not to bank online. And I told you a thousand times to shred all of our
documents and you insist on keeping them
all in the office. Just get off of me. – Honey, it’s okay. – I don’t give a
shit what you need. I don’t give a shit,
give me the money! Give it to me now! – Stop! – Please get away from me! – Louise! – Don’t touch me! No! Get off! – Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Shh, shh, shh. All right? What’s wrong, are you okay? Shhh. – I’m fine. I’m fine, I’m fine. – Okay. Hey. – I’m fine, I’m just upset. – Me, too. All right, let’s just, let’s just figure
this out, okay? Okay? All right? Come on, sit down, sit down. All right? Hey. Let’s just figure
it out, all right? I see what happened here. You paid our bills two, four times. – No, that’s
impossible, I couldn’t have done that. – Honey, this is
your handwriting. – It’s not. I don’t remember doing this. I don’t remember doing this. – Hey, hey, all
right, okay, okay, shh, shh, shh. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. It’s okay. We’re going to figure
this out, okay? Look at me, look at me. We’re going to figure
this out, baby. All right? No, no, shh, shh, shh. – I wanna be in some
of these magazines. I wanna do print work, too. – Mm-hmm. – Not only just catwalk. – Whatever you want, baby, okay? – You put me in the
next catalog, right? – Absolutely. Whatever you want. – Oh, hello. – Who was that? – Keliani Bonata,
doesn’t matter. – It’s nice how you treat women. – Like they treat us any better. – Carlo. – Sooner or later,
they all leave, they’re all the same. They get what they want and then they go someplace
else to be with someone else. – That’s because
you don’t really care about them. – Did you come here just to give me a lecture? Because I don’t need one. I’m a grown man,
I don’t need to be mothered, okay? – We all need to be
mothered sometimes. I spoke to Bob about
what happened yesterday. – I don’t want to
talk about this. – Carlo, what is wrong with you? Huh? You have everything. Money, a career, a nice car. You never even had to
struggle like I did. – You chose to struggle. – What? – When you left Dad. Everything was fine until then. – Are you kidding? You know, I had
to work three jobs sometimes because
your father couldn’t even keep one. We could barely afford food. I was ashamed, I had to buy your clothes and your shoes
at a thrift store. We were in a hole that we would still be stuck in
and I pulled us out. – Yeah, well if you
were so unhappy, then you should have
left by yourself. Go and found all
the men you wanted. I never had a choice. – You have no idea. – You know what, it’s you. It always comes back to you. You’re selfish, you know that? You always have been. That’s why you took me away. – That’s not fair. – Not fair? You want to know
what’s not fair? The fact that I
have been searching for my dad for years
and can’t find him. I may never know him. Thanks to you. What are you doing here? – I came to invite
you to a family dinner on Sunday. I think we all need to talk. – Family dinner, huh? I see you guys plenty. Besides, I think I
have plans on Sunday. – I’m sorry you feel
the way you do, Carlo. But I am still your
mother and I do love you. – Yeah. (sorrowful music) (jaunty music) – Darling, um, you know we’re meeting with some new vendors today? – Mm-hmm. – Going for a new
look there, Mom? – Seriously, is that
what you’re wearing? – Of course. – Okay, I get it. – Nice one, Mom. You had us going
there for a minute. – Too much. – I love the hat. – Is something wrong? – Uh, you are joking, right? – No, what’s all the fuss about? – Mom, nothing you’re
wearing matches. Except maybe Grandma’s
old plaid couch, but that’s about it. – Well, no, I don’t know. Maybe I saw this in a magazine. – Uh, if I saw
something that looked like that in the mag, I’d cancel my subscription. – Well, um, I’ll go change. – It’s no problem, we
don’t have to leave yet. – Dad, do you think Mom’s okay? She’s been acting
kind of odd lately, I mean, even for her,
it’s not like her. – Yeah, you’re right. I’m not getting any
younger, though. – Yeah, but you’re
not acting like that and you’re a lot
older than she is. – Hey. Don’t remind me. – I don’t know. Maybe we should take
her to see a doctor. – Yeah, yeah. Maybe you’re right. – Hey, Anna. Hey. What are you doing here? – I work here now. – Really? I mean, that’s great. As what? – Can’t you tell? She’s your new secretary. She looked better
in a skirt than me. – Well, I’m glad. – Yeah, really? I don’t quite believe that. – You know what? Come, sweetie, the
beautiful Mare Robert’s going to be here
any minute and we have to make some
more adjustments. – Wait, Anna. Can I talk to you for a second? Please? Look, um, I’m really sorry
about what happened the other day. – Really? Because I’m sorry
about the other night. You know, there’s only one thing I’d let you kiss now. And you’ll be staring
at it when I walk away. – The blue dress is phenomenal, I really want to use it. I think it’ll be great. – Come on, let’s go. – You guys are late. – Oh, look, the pot’s calling. – Ha ha. Where’s Mom? – That’s funny. She was just right behind us. – Well, maybe she had to go to the ladies’ room. – Go check to see if
she’s okay, please? – Okay. Can you hold this? – What’s going on? – Everything’s fine. Here, give me a hand. The buyer’s going to
be here any minute. – Hey, who, who hired that girl, Anna? – Your Mom did. Why? – Just wondering. – Well, stay away from her, son. She’s incredible. We don’t want to lose
her to a swimsuit company like the
last girl you tried to sleep with. – Shut up. And stop calling me son. – What? – Maybe you should
turn your hearing aide up to a seven. – Whatever. – Mom? Mom, are you in here? – Where is everybody? – Mom? Okay? – Mom. – She was in the bathroom, waiting for the
meeting to start. – What? – Louise, you okay? – Fine. – You know, we
always conduct our meetings in the showroom. – Yeah, of course. – What the hell’s going on? – She’s under too
much damn stress, that’s what. – Then stop working her so hard. – You think this is my fault? Your mother wouldn’t
have to work so hard if you acted like a
man and did your job. – Bullshit. I do plenty around here. – Oh, of course you do. You procrastinate
on every assignment I give you. You try to, to sleep with every
model we hire. You only wine and dine
the female buyers. Carlo, you’re so overworked, why don’t you go
take a vacation? – You know what? If my Mom asked me
to help out more – Obviously you
don’t know your own mother very well. She puts more
pressure on herself than anyone ever could. She’d work til she
just keeled over before asking for
help, especially from her own kids. – Right. This is my fault. It’s always me. It’s never baby Breeze. – Breeze? Breeze may be younger than you, but she’s knows a hell of a lot more about taking responsibility than you do. – You know what? Everything was
fine between my mom and I until you guys came along. – Then you should know
her better than anyone. But you never take
the time anymore. – You don’t know
a damn thing about our relationship. – All I know is
after everything that woman has done for you, you still treat
her like a stranger most of the time. Or a damn ATM. – Right. Because she’s done
so much for me. – You close your damn mouth. – Stop it! – I remember these. – Bye, Mama. I’ll call you later. – You need to stay
for this meeting. – You need to kiss my ass. – Carlo. – Excuse me. – Have a seat anywhere. – I think your designs
are very innovative. You’re all very talented. And we’re looking
forward to representing your line in our stores. Congratulations. – Thank you, thank you. – Okay, ladies. Let’s go. – Thank you. Great job, great job. – I thought you left? – What’s happening? – Why do you care? Mom’s not okay. I don’t know what’s wrong, but we need to take
her to a doctor. So try to act like you care. – Let’s see what we have here. You see these dense areas here? That’s a build-up of proteins. And these proteins
are very harmful. They result in
plaques and tangles. And cause cognitive decline. I’m afraid my
previous suspicions about Alzheimer’s were correct, I’m very sorry. – Oh my God. – What can we do? I mean, is there any way
to slow it down? – Right now, there is no cure. But the good news
is that there’s a number of drugs on the market right now that can help delay the progression of the disease. – Prescribe them to me. I can’t, I can’t give up without a fight. I won’t. – That’s the attitude to have. – She’s a tough cookie, Doc, she always has been. So, Doc, how exactly does the
disease progress? – Well, it starts with
the forgetfulness, followed by confusion and then the patient
starts to wander. The final stage is
severe Alzheimer’s. Essentially, the
patient can no longer communicate at all and requires total care. – And this will
eventually kill me. – The most common cause of death in patients with AD is in
opportunistic infection. Pneumonia, septicemia
are the most common. Or the patient
gradually stops eating and their body functions
start to shut down. But that’s years down the road. – What can I do? You know, in the meantime. – Support her. Make sure she’s taking her meds, read to her, take
long walks together, make sure she doesn’t
experience any falls. Cases like this,
that’s when they can have terminal consequences. – I understand. – I advise that you keep trying to understand her world. You know, that’s
the biggest enigma in this illness. I believe that, even
through their decline, those with this
disease keep trying to communicate with
us in the simplest of ways, a blink, a look, a touch. – We’re gonna fight this. We’ve already been
through so much together. We’re gonna get
through this, too. – I will fight. You will fight. The doctor said that
I have Alzheimer’s. Oh, baby. Shh. (driving piano music) – I can do this. I have to do this. I can do this. – Why do you always
want me to draw you dresses, Carlo? I can draw you a ship, you know, or a racecar. I could draw you a jet. – Because I want to
know what kind you like. I’m gonna buy you one
when I get bigger. – You promise? – I promise. – Honey. What are you still doing here? I thought we agreed
to, you know, cut back on your hours. – I’m working. – Being here all the time is not good for you, you
need your rest. – I want to work. Anyway, I need to
finish the design for the new winter collection. – I’m sorry. It’s just, I mean, sure. I should know better
by now, not to interrupt you mid-design. A new dress? – Yes, finally. It took a while. – It’s great. You still got it. Now go home an get
some rest, please. – All right. – All right? Home. – All right. – Oh, hey. Listen, you gotta stop, okay? – Stop? – Yeah. – Come on, baby, I
haven’t even started yet. – No, no, no, I just don’t want to do this, okay? – I do something wrong? – No, I just, I just don’t want to do this anymore. – Fine. We do something different now? – Listen, I just don’t want to do this at all, okay? You just have to leave. Now. – Fine. But no calling me again unless you have fashion show. – Baby, don’t worry. She had terrible
technique, okay? Hell, I could teach
her a thing or two. – Oh, Fred. My life sucks. – Yeah, hell of a way
to get a promotion. – Yeah. You know, I liked
my other position a lot better. I was never here past 5:00. – Listen, I know you and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I’ve known you and
your mom a long time. – You know, I still
remember the day you hired her. I hadn’t seen her that
happy in a long time. – Yeah, she was very persuasive. – I can’t believe she
gave you her shoes. – Woo, I still have those heels. And they still fit. – Well, I’m sure. – Anyway. If you need me, I’ll be here, just
give me a call. – I will. Thanks, Fred. – You should call her. She’s a good girl. And she likes you for you, not what you could do for her. – How do you know that? – Honey. Many a truth is
revealed by naked girls when they change
into their clothes. – Where’s Mom? – She’s upstairs sleeping. It’s time we started
making some plans. – Plans? I don’t like the sound of that. – Don’t worry, Breeze, gonna keep things positive. Anyway. Your mother and I are revising our estate plan and getting our wills in order. – I thought we were
going to be positive? – We are. But, in light of what’s
going on and the fact that no matter how hard I try, I’m not getting any younger, we just want to make sure that you guys are taken care of. Both you guys and the business. – Of course. Always concerned
about the business. – You are so insensitive. We need to be
supportive of whatever – Whatever Dear Daddy Bob does? – No, whatever our parents need. – Okay, enough. There’s one more thing. I’m hiring somebody to help out with your Mom. – Dad, we don’t need to do that, I’ll do whatever I can to help. – Breeze, you do
too much already. You have your
hands full at work. Your mother needs 24-hour care. I hired a nurse for her. She came highly recommended and she starts Monday. – Dad, but I can do it. – No, no, no. Look, the most
important thing to your mother and I,
despite whatever’s going on, is that you guys don’t stop living your lives. – Well, which is it? Because with everything I have going on, I don’t have time for a personal life. – That’s funny. You seem to have plenty
of time for Anna. – Shut up. It’s none of your business. – You know, you must really have her fooled into
thinking she’s anything more than bedwarmer of the week. She seems like a nice
girl, yet I don’t know what the hell
she sees in you. – Breeze. – Dad, he needs to hear it. – Apologize. – Sorry. – Look, we’re all
under a lot of stress. – I don’t think I want
to do this anymore. – Your mother and I need you. – You don’t need me. You need an accountant
and a marketing guy. – For once in your
life, can you just think of somebody
else beside yourself? – I don’t have to listen
to this shit from you. – I have raised you like
you were my own son. – I don’t need any
of this bullshit. You are not my dad. You never have been. And you never will be, either. – Will you let me finish? I’ve never treated
you any differently than Breeze. And I never expected
you to treat me like your real father. – How would I know
how to do that? I can hardly remember him. I’m done here. I quit. – Carlo. – No, no, no, no, Let him go, let him go. We’ll respect your
wishes, Carlo. – What are we going to do now? – Take Carlo’s advice. – What? – I want you to find a good CPA. Then get a good marketing firm. That will help you
focus on the lines and the models. – That’d be great. Thanks, Dad, I’ll
get right on it. – Okay. – What are you doing? – Something I should have done a long time ago. – All right, well, I’m gonna go check up on Mom. – Okay. – Mom? Mom, where are you? Daddy, she’s gone. – What? – Mom’s nowhere upstairs. Call 9-1-1, please. – Did you check everywhere? – I checked everywhere. (police radio squawking) – Come on out, dear. It’s okay. You’re home now. This is where you live. Your family’s waiting for you. – Mom. – Where was she? – We found her wandering
near Alton Road. – Thank you so much
for finding her. – Thank you, thank you. – You’re welcome. – Honey. You scared us half to death. Hey, come on, let’s get inside. – Dad, I’m worried. Mom needs full-time care. – You look lovely, as usual. – Thank you. – This was the last
bottle at the wine shop. It’s Merlot, your favorite. – Oh, my favorite. Can you two please
make sure that all the swimwear is
cleared out of my office? I just want to
start making way for everything for the Fall. Thank you very much. – Sophie’s buyers arrived. She’ll show them in. – Ah, great. – So what do we got? – We have (squealing) – Oh my God, are you guys ready? Okay, I’m gonna model this line for them, okay? Oh, I can’t believe we’re going to be in Sophie’s store. Sophie’s is a bitch! Ahh! – Honey? Honey, where are you going? – We were eating
dinner and all of a sudden, she just
stood up and left. – Her symptoms are
getting worse, I’m afraid. – What could she
be thinking about? – Miss Louise? Come. How about I take you up to get ready for bed, okay? (sad music) – How you holding up? – Okay, I guess, I mean, things are easier at work with the added help, but I, I mean I know it’s stupid, but I just wish that – I wish that Carlo was there. – Yeah. Speaking of Carlo, any luck? – I’m working on it. But these things take time. – Have you seen him lately? – He comes by now
and then to see your mom, but he doesn’t stay very long. – Oh, Dad, it’s so hard. I mean, it’s like Mom’s there, but it’s like she’s not, she’s not the same. – I know. I understand. We just, we have to make the
most of the time that we do have left with her. – Okay. – You look so pretty today. – Thanks. – Oh, hi, sweetie. Is that Italian? – Yeah, Mom loves eggplant. I don’t know why. – Her meds are
ready, Miss Breeze. – Thanks, I’ll take
them up to her. – Okay. And I’ll get this ready for you. – Thank you. – Hey, Mom. It’s time for you
to take your pills. – I don’t want to. – You have to. They’ll make you feel better. – You have a fever, honey. Now, I know this tastes icky, but you’ve got to take it. – I don’t want to. – It’ll make you
feel a lot better, I promise. Okay? That’s my good girl. – That’s my girl. See, it wasn’t so
bad now, was it? – Did she take them? – Yeah. – Good job, Miss Breeze. You know, because
she can be a bit stubborn at times. Oh, sweetheart, it’s okay. You’re doing everything you can. – I know, it’s just, she’s becoming more
and more forgetful. Sometimes she doesn’t
even recognize me. It’s hard. – I know. I’ve been doing
this for a long time and it doesn’t get any easier. – I just wonder what’s
going on in her head. – What’s up here doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in here. And she knows you. And she knows you’re
there, even if she can’t show you she knows. Okay? So stop worrying. It’s okay. It’s okay, that’s my girl. – Hey, Mom, breakfast is ready. – I don’t know you. – Yes you do, I’m your daughter. – Where’s Bob? – He’s in a meeting at work. – No he’s not,
we’re getting ready to go on our honeymoon. – Get your hands off me! Don’t touch me! I don’t know you. – Mom. Let me help you down, though. – I don’t need your help. And stop following me. – Mom! Mom! Mom, can you hear me? – We’re here, honey. We’re here. – Bob, Breeze, she’s recovering very, very well. The pin’s been
inserted in her hip and everything looks good, physically at least. – Will she be able
to walk again? – Well, I believe
so, but I’m much more concerned about
her head injury. It’s difficult to gauge
the effects this can have, especially on an
Alzheimer’s patient. – When can she go home? – I know this is a
difficult decision for you, but I’m
recommending that she go to a nursing
and rehabilitation facility where she
can get the care that she needs at this stage. – Yeah, but we have Angela. – I’m sure she’s
done a wonderful job. But, quite frankly, this job is much bigger than
one home healthcare professional can handle. – The doc has a point. We should hear him out. – The obstacle that
has to be overcome in the care and
rehab of AD patients is that they often forget what their therapists teach them, so it takes longer than it does in healthy people. – Yeah, but there has
to be another option. – I think this is
the very best option for her at this point. Now, I know you have
a lot to talk about as a family. – What are you doing here? Did you get lost? – I come to see Mom plenty. I just make sure you
guys aren’t here. – Stop this! Don’t do this in
front of your mother. – Not that it matters. She can’t hear anything anyway. – Yes, she can. She can hear everything
and understand everything you’re saying. I’m telling you. I’ve heard stories about it. There was a man,
he was in a coma for 20 years and one
day he just woke up. He knew everything
that was said to him. He heard everything. He just, he couldn’t express himself. He said some of the
exact things that were told to him
when he was in a coma and the doctors, they
could not explain it. It’s the same with
Alzehimer’s patients. I believe their
subconscious minds they can recognize the places and the faces of the people that they love, but
their damaged mind just can’t communicate
what they want to say. Not everything can be
explained, you know. That’s why I have faith. – Man, you’re crazy. I mean, face the facts, Bob. She’s so out of it,
she doesn’t know what the hell’s even going on. – Dad! – You will not
disrespect your mother. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – How’s she doing? Any better this week? – No, I’m afraid not and since she’s no
longer responding to therapy, the doctor’s
discontinuing treatments. I’m sorry. – Thank you anyway. You guys have been
great and our family knows you did the
best you could. – You’re welcome. – Maybe it’s time
we took you home? You want to come home? You know, the blue in this
dress really brings out your eyes. And what about your hair, Mom? You want me to style it up? – Mom, I hate this hair. – No problem. Let’s try something else here. – No my hair sucks. – You have my hair. That’s perfect. (doorbell ringing) – Oh my God, he’s here. – You look beautiful, beautiful. Wait! Come here. Close your eyes. Go. – Thanks, Mom. You’re the best. – Mm-hmm. Hey, don’t forget your curfew. – Okay. – I’m gonna be here waiting up for you when you get home. – Okay. – Please, just let me
know you understand. – Home. – Mom? – Breezy. – Hey. – Even a take a break sometimes. – I know, it’s just, I’m in desperate need for a new designer and all
these applicants, they all suck. They all suck, they all suck. – How you holding up? – I’m tired. I’m tired, Fred. I think, I think my Mom knows
that she’s dying. That’s why she
wanted to come home. I mean, we have Angela to help, but it’s my responsibility
to take care of her. I’m her daughter and – Sweetie. It’s okay. It’s all right. It’s all right. You know, sometimes
if they give you lemons, then you make lemonade and if they give
you shit, you just, it stinks. You know? – Fred, we’re losing her. We’re losing her more
and more every day. I can’t even bear to
come to the studio and the business
that they’re starting to build, it’s starting
to falter and I don’t even know what to do. I don’t know what to do. – It’s all right, sweetheart. Maybe you can convince Carlo. – Carlo? He hasn’t spoken to
me or Dad in months. He could care less. He barely even
visits Mom anymore. – God, where is she? Where? Where did she go? – Honey, we’ll find her. All right. Hey. Would you stop
looking at that thing and help me find your sister? – Did you check
the laundry room? – Why? – Breeze? – I won, Mama. Carlo didn’t find me. – Take your feet off the table. Give me this. – Don’t you ever do that again. Look how much
trouble you caused. Look at me. – Fine. It was a joke. Can I have my game back? – No, it wasn’t funny. – You have no idea what it feels like to lose someone
you love and not be able to find them. I really hope you never have to experience this. (soft music) – Why do you always
want me to draw you dresses, Carlo? – Because I want to
know what kind you like. I’m gonna buy you one
when I get bigger. – You promise? – I promise. – It’s good to see
you, Mr. Carlo. – Hello, Angela. – You want me to stay with you? – No. I’ll be out in a few. – Come on, sweetheart. I’ll fix you something to eat. You models always
look hungry to me. – Mom? Hi, Mom. I hope you can hear me. I, uh, I just, uh, I don’t know, I, I just had some things
I want to tell you. – It’s good that
you’re here, though. – Yeah, thank you. He’s been so upset lately. – Yeah. – Hello, Anna. – Hi. – I’m glad to see you here. How’s Louise? – Not so good, Mr. Bob. Not so good at all. – Son? – Who are you? Dad? – Finally. – Well, how’d you find me? – I didn’t. No, I tried for so long. It was Bob that found me. – What? What? – She’s still so beautiful. – Dad, I, – Carlo. Wait, before you say anything. I need to apologize to
you for not being there. For missing out on
so much of your life. – You don’t have anything
to apologize for. It was Mom who took
me away from you. – What? – She broke up our
family, it’s not – No. Oh my God. – What’s the matter? What’s the matter? You okay? – I wasn’t a good father. I was young and poor and drunk and stupid. So stupid. I treated your mother, no I mistreated her badly. – What are you talking about? – What I did to her. She took you away from me so that I would never do to you what I did to her. – What do you mean? What are you talking about? She left you. She took me away from you. It’s her fault. – No, Carlo. You have it all wrong. I’m so ashamed. It was so long ago. But I can admit it now. I abused your mother. I don’t remember
much because most of the time I was drunk. I drank every night. And sometimes every day. – Why? I don’t understand
why you would do – I thought, I thought, I, I just assumed that your mother had explained to you why she left me. – She didn’t. – The truth? – She didn’t tell me anything. I just always thought that she, that she was Mom. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Mom. I know I don’t deserve this, but please forgive me. Please forgive me, Mama. I just always thought it was you who took me away from my dad. But he’s here, Mom. He’s here with us
now and he, uh, he told me, he
told me everything. I was so wrong. Mom. I know you can hear
everything I’m saying. I love you, Mom, I love you. – I’m sorry to
interrupt, Mr. Carlo, but it’s time for her meds. – Her hands are
cold, she’s like ice. – I’ll go get Mr. Bob. – What’s the matter? What’s the matter with her? – I’ll be right back. – Mom. Mom, Mom, Mom. Mom, look. Look up. I’ve been drawing and
designing like you. All these years, I
just never showed you. I should have
showed you earlier. – Wow, this is wonderful. Really. My little artist, you
are very talented. – Mom, wake up, please. Look at this. This is the dress
that I promised you. Please wake up, Mom. – I can do this. – Mama? – Shh. It’s time to go, my son. – Shh. It’s time to go, my son. (emotional music) (pumping dance music) – Ladies and gentlemen, now please allow me to introduce you to the man responsible for this amazing new line. Carlo Hall. (cheers and applause) – I want to thank you
all for coming out to support our new line. Buy all you want,
we’ll make more. (laughter and applause) But I couldn’t have
done all this alone. Breeze, come on up here. (applause) Not only is she a great sister, but she is the best
business partner anybody could ask for. – Thanks. – And we’d both like
to thank our dad, Bob, for all his guidance
and support. Oh, and then finally
retiring and sticking us with all the bills. I’d also like to
thank my wife, Anna, for breathing life
into my designs. And finally, I’d like to I’d like to, um, I’m sorry. – We’d like to
dedicate this line to the greatest
woman that we have ever known, our mother, Louise. – You know, she used to always tell me that talent
was a gift given to you from God, and what you did
with that talent was your gift back to him. I finally know what
that means now. And even though
my Mom was in her own world, she never left mine. I hope she’s up
there looking down upon us at this moment, smiling. (applause) (mid-tempo pop music)

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