If You’re in a Stadium or Theatre (Earthquake Safety Video Series)

Practise how to protect yourself if an earthquake
happens when you’re in a stadium, theatre or other location with rows of chairs. Drop, cover and hold. When you feel shaking, and if there’s enough
space at your feet, immediately drop onto your hands and knees. An earthquake is less likely to knock you
over in this position and you are a smaller target for anything falling or flying. Then, cover your head with your arms as best
as you can, while clasping your hands around your neck. Bend over as far as possible to protect your
vital organs. Finally, hold on by gripping the leg of a
chair with one hand and continue protecting your head and neck with your other arm. Close your eyes and mouth to protect against
dust and debris. Remain in this position until the shaking
stops. After the shaking is over, wait a moment and
check all around and above you before getting up. If there is not enough space between chairs
or you cannot get down on the ground, cover your head and neck with both hands and arms
and bend over as far as possible. Visit www.happens.nz to find out what to do
before, during and after an earthquake.

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