Iggy Azalea Carpool Karaoke

[Applause] thanks so much for helping my chance of world your eggy yeah now but that’s not your name no my name is amethyst is it yes it is as in the stunt yeah right so how did you come up with Iggy Azalea as an a dog Street yep their names right yeah it would be specific [Music] [Music] [Applause] ah such a huge change is that attractive to you right so I’m getting this ooh I’m not your type is that we as well phenomenal lovers right that’s that’s what everybody says that’s true you oh yeah yeah everybody shares we’ve got the real [Applause] [Music] [Music] just to get you on doing whatever works you never met nobody better do your how I do your that’ll bring you to your knees praise Jesus hallelujah bake you beg for clean for till you feel like you [Applause] then you started planning your wedding yet yes I have you do you think you’re gonna become a bridezilla no I’d really yeah no one thinks they’re gonna become of me [Applause] [Music] [Music] do you think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me she’s surely going to take that as an insult she has to what’s your first asking I don’t know well Nick wants to have our Kelly performing our wedding so he can sing marry the with our Kelly Wow that is what I think what everyone thinks about straight up Casey how many bridesmaids are you gonna have aa four literally everyone I’m friends with three skinny friends one heavyset girl no off – come on that one’s balls Guinea friends everyone’s got one heavyset girl where the dress isn’t really right no yes me and Demi lavato could sing endless love oh my god this is getting out of control so we’re gonna go with them big long train are we gonna are we gonna push him up or are we gonna let them rest really yeah controversial because you’re a fan of the push up professionally professionally professionally you’re you’re a push up professional yeah you’re relaxed down in your private life do you want to go and look at some wedding dresses now there’s a very interesting Yuen Li a wedding dress shop here look because some common penis is that okay it keeps getting married next year she’s never tried a wedding dress on before can we try some dresses on and see if we can find the one how are we looking eggs well it’s always hard when I have a big bite like tell me about who do you think you’re talking to we need something like classy but it’s also sexy I don’t know what he wants but that’s my girl all grown up you need a veil let’s get a veil let’s see what this is oh my god step together step together oh my god I feel emotion yeah I feel really rational I thought what I don’t know what I’m gonna wear for the wedding for the wedding and he got something that I could wear [Music] [Applause] we’ll take him we’ll take Bothan okay this has been got I really do easy as a work that quite quickly thank you so much for helping me get to work I really really appreciate I’ll see you soon are you gonna be all right getting home you can see all our other carpool karaoke is just here and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel just that


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