#IHeartCY – Toby – The Courtyard Youth Theatre

I’ve been a part of the Youth Theatre for about three to four years when I was about five or six I came to watch my very first pantomime and I was really excited and when the Dame came on stage I was like yeeeeaah! I think with Youth Theatre, it makes you more confident about speaking in front of people and just being yourself and being over-the-top and not shy and tucked away in the corner I think I get a lot of acting experience and socialisation skills so because it has helped me with socialising with people and basically building my character art and culture are definitely important because it brings the creativity in to the younger generation instead of like all the academic skills you learn in school it gives, well it makes me happy because I’ve had so many happy memories here but I feel a bit excited because every day is new and you don’t know what you’re going to do today I’ve probably made the most amount of friends I’ve made in my whole life through The Courtyard

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