IN SEOUL Web Drama EP.4

[ORIGINAL EVERY DAY, FIRST RUN] Sunghyun, let me show you what looks like you. – Is there?
– Yeah, look. Hey, it is so similar to you. – Hey, really?
– I think so. – Look at the cheek.
– Oh, yeah. Wait. – What? – What?
– You two. – Why? You two are flirting. [In-Seoul] [Two weeks ago] They must not feel hot. It is so hot although I am sitting. I don’t get it. They are play football. They relieve stress while working out. They smell after they work out.
It is stressful. – Dami, could you keep my mobile and
wallet? – Yeah. Thanks. – Hey. – What?
– See how much in here. – What? Check it out. It is too hot.
The air conditioner is not working. Well, anyway we are having a summer break. – Right?
– Yeah. Kang Dami, hurry up. – He is grumpy to me.
– It takes two weeks to fix it. – Fixing what?
– The air conditioner. Study by yourself home. – Application letters and CVs…
– It has been out of order so many times. – Right.
– The school is so bad. – Kang Dami, anything to say?
– Nope. – Say it loud.
– No thank you. Okay, you are college-bound students.
You don’t need a break. Stay focused. See you two weeks later. – What did he say?
– We have to study home for two weeks
because it is out of order. Oh, no. It is too hot.
Where should I work on CVs? – I don’t know. Let’s go.
– Where are we headed? Oh, it is easy.
There are only four questions. Six schools. 24 in total.
It takes long. Just copy and paste. Change school names only. They look for different types.
Your trick won’t work. The deadline is one month away. We have much time. We should study for the college entrance
exam at the same time. No time. – We may get better while working on it.
– Okay. [Two hours later] Oh, I don’t know how to write CVs. Don’t pretend to be of a certain type.
Show yourself implicitly. The application period is coming soon. Hey, isn’t it a good idea if I jus focus on
the college entrance exam? My cousin did that. He had a stomachache
on the exam and he studies for it again this year. Then, early admissions only? One of my friends focused solely on them.
She failed. She works part time now at a club. A lot to prepare for early admissions.
A lot to study for the college entrance exam.
I have no time. Oh, hey! What should I do? Hey, I am exhausted too.
I can’t do it anymore. Okay, let’s wrap up and go home for the rest. Okay, it will work better home. What? Make sure you fall asleep. I got it.
I can focus home. Oh, no. – Are you working on CVs?
– Oh, yeah. – I apply for major national universities in large
– Are you doing good? – Well, overall. Except this.
– What? Your childhood background. – Hey, it is not hard. Listen.
– How? My mom used to work. – I stayed alone home for most of the day.
– Then, next. I stole money from my mom’s purse. Please stop it. Stop.
Leave me alone. Whether my mom allows or not,
I get what I want. – Bring that plate back after having watermelon.
– Leave me alone. Oh, I am tired of that. Oh, what should I write here? – Hey.
– You’ve come early. Lee Harim? She can’t focus here.
She’s home. You’ve done a lot. Oh, no. Oh, I don’t get it. They want us to study! Then why do they ask what my dreams are! Others may have found their dreams and
set their goals. Oh, what if I got failed alone? – Let’s go.
– What? – To refresh.
– Refreshing? – Yeah. – Do you feel better?
– Yeah. – Why don’t you eat?
– I am enjoying. It is a bit hard at first but it gets better, right? I think so. Let’s do it step by step.
We can comment on each other. That will be good. Can you concentrate at a cafe? Well, why don’t we go to the library? Okay, good. Hey, get more. – Okay.
– Let me give you some. Good? You want some rice balls? Dami. [Let’s get some fresh air] Thank you. Have you done with the question about
your childhood? Well, not yet.
It is hard. It is hard. Did you outline it? I have lots of humanities and
Chinese letter-related books home. Reading them when young… I have grown my interest in oriental
medicine. That is the outline. Wow, you are awesome. I don’t read much now. What was your fun when you were a kid? Well… I can’t remember. Oh, you want me to see my photo when
I was young? – When you were a kid?
– Yeah. So adorable. – You have not changed.
– No. What about you?
Do you have some photos? Me? Wait. Oh, my. You? Yeah. So cute, Sunghyun. Hey, do you have more? More? – Let me find more. Give it to me.
– Oh, here. [Closed every Thursday]
[Homey THE Library Head] Where should we go? I don’t know. Cafes are too noisy. I’ve got a good place. It is air-conditioned. Where? Tell me if you want more. I am sorry to interrupt you. It is okay. Your mother must be proud of you. You are so nice and kind. Hey, we should concentrate on CVs. So you want me to go out? You want to stay here? Will you write your CVs? Okay, fine. I am leaving. Tell me if you need more snack. – Okay, thank you.
– Enjoy. Come often, okay? This is the last place I want to come to. It is cool here. Let’s change ours and check them out. Okay. Everything is so fine. – Really? – Yeah.
– What a relief. You too. We may have to get it edited again and again
before submitting it, right? Yes, however you don’t need big corrections. Thanks to you, I have done it. Do you know why it worked so well? Why? Harim is not here.
She is loud. Yeah. After the break, we must get busier. Yeah. Hey, it was so fun to go to Seoul. Yeah. Let’s try again. Without Harim. Well, he wanted two of us to go to Seoul. Oh, you two got so closer without me. Well, no. Hey, do you think we like each other? Hey, it is too obvious. – It is!
– Oh, yeah. Really? Hey, you know what? What? The college entrance exam is less than
100 days away. I just said so. [D-99] Dami, what’s wrong? You don’t look good. No, it is okay. Let’s try again.
Without Harim. Without her? She will be sulky. It is okay. I can make some excuses. – Let’s get a lunchbox.
– Lunchbox? – Yeah. I can get it prepared. Wow, so good. There is something between them. Oh, it is 100 percent. Oh, I had a crush on a guy when I was
a high school senior. It ended up being bad. Hey, look. Over there! Oh, my. Wow.

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