IN SEOUL Web Drama EP.8

Feeling nice, huh? Hello. You’re supposed to be
at the class. Is it over already? I got accented. To what? To a university! Additionally! Additionally? Yes. Great job! [In Seoul] Why is she calling
at this early time? I am going to find a place
to live in Seoul. So? Have you called Yoon Seonghyun? Did you wake me up for him? I guess I have to see him and talk
about it but he hasn’t called me. I guess he’s still asleep. Who’s up at this early hour? Come and have breakfast. I see. Hey, Harim. I will call you later. You’re asking for troub…. As soon as you arrive in Seoul,
find a house to rent. Then, let’s buy blankets
and dishware. Yes, okay. Then, in the evening, I will show you how to
cool Kimchi Stew. Look at that and learn.
Got it? I see. Delivery food is not good for your health. Call me after you get up
and read this. Have a habit to cook for yourself. Kang Dami. Are you hearing? Yes, I am. You told me to learn
how to cook Kimchi Stew this evening. Hurry up. If we start too late,
there will be a serious traffic jam. I’ve finished. You did? We’re going to eat something
in Seoul later. I’m not hungry. Mom, even though you
walk slowly to the subway station, it will take 10 minutes to get there. There are a lot of bus stations here. This is one of the best district
when it comes to mass transportation. What do you think?
Isn’t it nice? I want to see a clean
and nice house. Oh, you’re looking for such houses. Why didn’t you tell me? The next place is a clean and nice one. Oh, really? Let’s take a look. Okay. Let’s go. [Seonghyun]
Dami, I just got up. What’s up? What do you do this evening…. What are you going to do
tomorrow? Let’s meet up. Kang Dami, hurry up. Yes, I’m coming. [Seonghyun]
Okay, see you tomorrow. What are you doing?
Come inside. Oh? I was about to come inside. It’s very nice, right?
Will you sign the contract? It’s better than
the previous one. But a semi-basement is
not a good place to live. Ma’am, a semi-basement is
in trend among youngsters. But a young girl has to live alone.
Is there any other place? On an affordable rent,
clean, and not a semi-basement. Yes, of course. Hmm… I have one. Shall we go there? Okay, let’s go. – Kang Dami.
– Yes? Oh, let’s go.
Let’s go. Come on in. Please take a look around. The heating system works fine? These days, every house
has a good heating system. What about water pressure? No need to talk.
Try yourself. But it’s on the 2nd floor…
It could be dangerous. Mom, it’s okay. I have
nothing valuable to steal. Oh, my. Look at you. Don’t you know how
dangerous this world is? I’m fine. You always worry
before anything happens. About the security,
ma’am, don’t worry. Because the university is in front
of this house, and it’s next to the wide road. I will have a dressing table here
and a bedside table here. Hey, make sure to
keep this room clean. Your room is like a pigpen. It’s not as dirty as a pigpen! I love this place. Mom, can we rent this house? That’s true. It’s really hard to get
such a nice place at this rent. Can I sign the housing
contract today? Sure. Dami, let’s take a look at plates. [Harim]
Tomorrow? You don’t have much time! I can’t help.
I have something to do with my mom. It’s not my style. Hey. This may look nice,
but it’s not practical. It’s hard to wash
and it will crack soon. But it’s so sentimental. You’re looking for a plate,
not sentiment! Such things. This is durable and nice. What about this?
It has a bright color. Wow, old-fashioned. It’s not old-fashioned. Do you like this without patterns? Yes, I like that. This? That’s so pretty. What’s the material?
High density cotton? Dami, what do you think? What do you think? Oh? Oh, that’s nice. Oh, my back. Let’s have a break for 30 minutes
and have dinner. Yes. [Seonghyun]
Dami, I’m so sorry. But my grandmother will visit my parents
tomorrow and we’re going to have a family trip. [Seonghyun]
Can you see me now? Okay, let’s meet up now. Mom, I will be back. Where are you going? I will be back in a minute. I thought we would go
to a cafe. You said you didn’t have a meal
today. I ordered Kimchi Stew
because you like it. Is it okay with you? Okay, fine. Kimchi stew. Did you find a new place to live? Yes, of course. It’s right in front of the university. Great. It’s good to live
close to the college. Enjoy. Thank you. It’s amazing that we will
enter the same college. Right. Oh, I heard that the buildings of oriental
medicine and liberal arts are very close. I saw that from the homepage. I wish Harim went to the same university. I don’t think so. Harim said so, too. Yoon Seonghyun. Yes? Can I answer the question
that you asked a few days ago? No, you can’t. What was that? Go out with me. I wish we were not
at this Kimchi Stew place. What? Is that all you want to say? Why do you smile? Just.. because I love it. If you don’t answer,
I will leave. No, don’t go. So, what do you want?
Go out with me or not? May I have some time to think about it? What? Are you asking for trouble? What are you doing here? Did you have dinner? What took you so long? Oh, that’s… You said you’d be in a minute. I thought so, but
I hung out with friends… Friends. Yes, Yoon Seonghyun
and Lee Harim. It took longer than I thought.
Sorry, mom. I wanted to come home
as earliest as possible. Why are you so selfish? I’m sorry for being late. But it’s not too late. Did I do something so terrible
that you call me selfish? Do you think I say that
only because of this? What’s wrong with you, then? I’m talking about your attitude
throughout the day. My attitude? What was wrong with that? Do I have to talk about it? You should talk about it.
How can I know what I did wrong? I woke up early in the morning
and prepared breakfast for you. You didn’t touch it
and I had to throw it away. Well, that’s… You kept looking at your phone
at the houses and the mart. We went there to find a place
for you to live, not for me! Am I your chauffeur? It took 7 hours from home
to Seoul on a round trip. Is it too hard for you to say
thank you mom? Oh? Even after we arrived home, you won’t be able to see me
for months. Do you really want to see kids? Today, I have some inevitable reasons. Inevitable reasons? Do you remember
what you said last year? I can’t do this, it’s too hard to do that
because I’m in the 12th grade. Because you’re in the 12th grade… You always have an excuse.
Always! I got it. I’m sorry. Do you know you’re so selfish? It’s so hard to please you.
You’re always so demanding. That’s why I go to Seoul. I am leaving now. What? You will be so happy, if you live
without this demanding and selfish one. Isn’t it what you wanted? Do you know what you mean? Do you think it’s easy for
me to live with you? Mom. I guess I was too bad
last night. Sorry. I didn’t want to say that. But I happened to say such harsh things. Will you show me how
to cook stew today? Mom? Go to Seoul tomorrow. If you live with me,
it will hurt our feelings. You want to live away from me.
Just do as you want. [From Jeonju to Central City (Seoul)]
[You’ve changed the departure time] Mom. Hello. Oh, you’re here. Yes, I will be outside in a minute.

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