In the Shadow of the Moon | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is a normal, boring shift
too much to ask? Looks like a puncture wound. Boys across town
just got two more bodies. Said both had some kind
of mark on their neck. I got three random victims,
times of death are minutes apart. The bodies are miles apart.
How does that work? Suspect heading west
across Liberty. Hello, Thomas. What did you say? Is this where it happens? No! Today marks
the nine-year anniversary of the Market Street murders and a still
unidentified suspect. Detective Lockhart,
yes, hello. What do you mean,
it’s happening again? You guys got to see this. Philly PD.
You seen this woman? Nice to see you again. She gets torn apart by a train and nine years later,
she’s back? She is priority number one for all law enforcement
agencies. You have to stop chasing me. I’m doing all this for a reason. We’re all going forward,
but her. She’s going backward. You have no idea
what’s coming. If you kill me now… the world as you know it
will end.


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