In Theaters Now: Abominable | Weekend Ticket

– New in theaters this
weekend, Abominable. What will you see? This is your Weekend Ticket. (energetic music) – Aah, Nai Nai! – You need to spend more
time here with your family! – Ow!
– Where are you going? – Be back before dinner. – Be careful out there! – No boys! – Got it covered, bye! I just want to escape. Dad always wanted me to travel the world. Someday. (melodious violin) (roaring) Huh? (roaring)
(gasp) (suspenseful strings) There’s a yeti on my roof! – The next film from Dreamworks
comes out this weekend, Abominable. When Yi finds a scared escaped
yeti hiding at her hideout, she decides to set off on an epic journey to help it find it’s family. Now Yi and her friends
must stay one step ahead of the people who took
the yeti from it’s home, and hopefully make it with the help of a little bit of magic. This movie’s for you if
you’re looking for a movie for the whole family this weekend, you’re a fan of any or all
of the Dreamworks films, or if you’re looking to
perfect your Dreamworks smile. You know the one, the one that’s all, the smile that’s on all
the posters, this one. I can’t do it. – [Male Cameraman] Good job, bud! – Thanks! That is your weekend ticket. What will you see? And check back next week for some Joker. (inspiring instrumental music)


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