In Youth EP15 趁我们还年轻 – Chinese youth emotional drama (Qiao Xin, Zhang Yunlong )【Fresh Drama】

[Episode Fifteen] At first I had wanted to learn to drive But every time after I finished an operation, I was too tired to keep my eyes open It’s true If I drive in that situation It’s dangerous for myself as well as for others Indeed On that thought, I need to keep myself alive Many patients are waiting for me to save Right? Of course My mom is a TV fan She loves participating in TV programs She would go to studios for any program Mom What program are you going to today? It’s called Everyone Comes to Discuss It has a high audience rating Have you ever watched it? I am telling you We sit on the TV every time and finished watching the whole show with great patience We saw her only at the end of the show Enough for your nonsense But every time before she went to the studio, she dressed herself up as if it was an important occasion Of course I need to do it, right? Anyway I am on TV, right? You have to respect the audience You’re right You old man Here, here Good morning You came so early Bye She’s so busy Uncle Shall we find a place to sit and wait for her? No I need to go to the university Several graduates are waiting Please drop me there I need to go to national exhibition center There is an infant education promotion I want to see it Exhibition center? It’s closer. I’ll drop you there first I am going to the new one The new one? The one in suburbs? Fanfan, I need to go to work. Time is money In order not to waste his valuable time, I made a table for him This table specifies we three’s starting times finishing times, and the time it takes to shuttle among three places In this way Shi can make overall arrangements and coordinate the times Right? Ok, uncle I got this From now on Lin Ziyu is officially a member of our team I hope we can cooperate well Welcome, welcome Thank god we have one more girl And she’s single I need to learn from you all from now on Mr. Fan, please save me Mr. Shi went missing again Hello? Hello? Shi, My phone is out of power Give me yours No problem Thanks Mr. Zheng, it’s me My phone is out of power I am using the phone of my son-in-law to talk with you What do you want to tell me? What’s wrong? Something bothering you? It’s not urgent But it’s office hour And I am out here for personal affairs Doesn’t matter You are director You can arrange your time freely Shi I need to go to operation room to perform an operation Send me to hospital at once It’s an emergency, you understand? Ok. Life is priority So we go to the hospital directly? No To Chengde Shi, please hurry up They are doing first aids there I need to instruct them Please hurry Hurry, hurry You can drop me by the road Send my father first Then come get me when you return Thank you, my baby The number you dialed is busy now Please dial it later It’s occupied Mr. Fan, we can’t reach Mr. Shi now You should make the decision And Ziyu Can you let her finish what she left before she comes to your team? I only have the program of Central Lake Flat unfinished on my hand The procedures are settled And we have found a famous host from TV station as our customer required And the symphony orchestra also replied that they are ready Now we have finished the setting of the stage And, the boss asked us to write a speech for him I have confirmed the draft with him What’s left is to supervise the scene Nothing else The ceremony is in the afternoon Can you supervise the whole ceremony on your own? No problem Ok Zheng Qi Send me the programs that need Shi to decide Got it I shouldn’t have lent him the car This morning he vowed to compete the position with me And now he went missing He’s so unpredictable I need to go to do my work Ok, you can go Call me if you have any problem Ziyu Thank you so much You could’ve stay in Team one, but you came back to help anyway It’s nothing, Qi I have no idea why they transferred me there. I need to learn more given my poor ability I am not as good as Yueying And I came from Team two So of course I won’t forget about you guys Don’t you forget me either No we won’t We still in the same company Share the same table If team two has any activity in the future You are welcome to join us I miss our team already Don’t go then It’s too raw, can’t eat it Is it? I’ll cook it longer then You can eat salad first Are you feeding me like a rabbit? I’ll prepare another plate then No need I had my breakfast late, so I am not hungry Take these away Then let’s hang out. It’s your noon break It’s all yours You want to eat this? If you eat an ice cream, you can eat popcorns over there I am kidding Give me two Thank you Thank you Dushan It’s been a long time The child has grown so much Yes, I bring her to see her grandma The movie is about to begin We need to go Call me sometime I’ve said we couldn’t do three programs at a time Which one can you do now? Are you capable of doing three? If you take every one of the cases in so many universities, what are we gonna do? Look at your case I think it can work I don’t think so at all Shut up It’s useless to argue One thing at a time Hello What? I’ll be right there Mr. Fan Mr. Fan, are you ok? I am fine You must be tired these days Do you want to have a SPA after you are off work? Why didn’t you introduce me to her? She didn’t even look at me Who does she think she is? Provoking?Or contempt? It feels like you are the leftover of her Ge, you are my boyfriend now What? You two had a deep love? Does she think you belong to her because you were in love? You belong to me Calm down, don’t be angry Don’t be mad at me I love you the deepest We were together for a short time It’s not what you think She’s already a mom How dare she show off to me? What did you talked about? Why speak Japanese? You know I don’t speak Japanese. Nothing Just greeting Who knows? The way you looked at her is so enjoying A man can never change his character Xuanli If you are unhappy about it Just tell me I thought your unhappiness in these day came from your stress at work If it’s my fault, just tell me I can apologize We were good all the way before. You know perfectly what I want to say Tell me Which girlfriend was she during your time in Japan? Xuanli Don’t be so unreasonable I am just that unreasonable, any problem? If you don’t want to make me happy, then don’t I am ok with it Go find her She’s in China anyway She knows both languages but only spoke Japanese Were you two expressing love in Japanese right in my face? Ji Xuanli, you are going to far I am also tired at work I tolerated your willfulness, tried to make you happy You should know, I owe you nothing I did this because I love you My patience has a limit My love is based on respect Don’t use up all the love that I have for you I can live without it The exit is there See you Shi Your phone is out of power Father, just put it there I’ll charge it later Okay The setting of your car is kinda low In the future when the time is right, I’ll buy you a top-level one I need to get some rest Wake me up when we arrive Okay Mr. Fan Thank you for today If not for you I must’ve screwed this up It’s not your fault It’s Shi It seems that you helped me fix every time I had problems Don’t mention it From now on You are in my team I got your back Besides It’s not over for today One more thing is waiting for you Welcome welcome Welcome welcome Welcome Welcome welcome Surprise It’s a tradition of our team We hold a party when a new colleague comes Although technically you are not new here, they want to cost me a meal for this You just help they have their way This is a little formal But please don’t mind it For those who know we are holding a welcoming party Those who don’t know think a new couple are here Nonsense Ziyu, welcome We are teammates from now on I’ve heard that You are so good at drawing and planning I’ve always wanted you to come Let’s work hard together from now on Let’s do it Don’t just stand here Come on Ziyu, today is about you Please sit in the middle No, I can sit anywhere Here is just fine Come over there We’ve ordered some foods for you Don’t save money for Mr. Fan Let’s start Ziyu I can be here thanks to you They say their team has little girl So I came here with you so that you can feel more comfortable Although I work in the front desk if you have any questions, you can come to me anytime I am a good information source in company There no gossip I don’t know No Please teach me more and look out for me in the future Look, this is our team culture Understandable Of course This is due to the guidance of Mr. Fan That’s to say We are family from now on We are family Hewei You are taking advantage of her Just kidding Come on, let’s make a toast Welcome Ziyu to join us Welcome Welcome welcome I am very excited Compared to you all, I am the least experienced in our company But I think I am very lucky because whichever team I am in I can always get help from others I don’t know what to say Nice to meet you all I’ll drink first, all words are in the glass You are good at this Tough girl Emm It’s too much for me Come on While we are all here on this happy occasion Let’s take a photo Let’s take a photo Come on Here here Let’s capture this moment Does your camera have beautifying function? I don’t have selfie stick here So everyone gets closer Make sure everyone is in it Your face Ready? Three two one Done What happened? What happened, Hewei? I just bought it How come it’s broken already? Use another one Use my phone Look here Fix it another day Okay I’ll fix it in the shop Come on One two three Ziyu I wanted to show you my hospitality and send you home But I can’t, because of the traffic restriction It’s ok I can take the subway Don’t. I’ve called a cab It’ll be here any minute And Mr. Fan get injured today Please send him home Then let him call another cab and pay to send you home I think so- Yes You two wait here and decide who gets off the cab first We’ll go first Yes, we’ll go first Let’s go Bye Bye bye Don’t go You guys just go like this! I am a little drunk Sit there with me for a while What happened? You feel uncomfortable drinking too much? A little Sit Thank you We’ve known each other for a long time, right? It’s just two months plus four days So specific I remember every day when I am in Feilin clearly Since my brother left I am literally counting the day in my life So I remember very well What’s wrong? We can’t chat without mentioning your brother, right? What’s should we do? I can promise not to mention Luozong in front of you Not mentioning your brother Can you promise not to mention me in front of him? Not mentioning Feilin? He must speak ill of me Actually my brother doesn’t mention you and Feilin often That’s why I came here for an answer How’s it possible You hate me so much Everyone says you betrayed my brother How How can I have a good impression on you? Who’s everyone? Where does everyone come from? Like those in forum, online And those gossips from PR field Lin Ziyu You are in the PR field now What do you think of the rumors? I have never taken cases like this So in your opinion you experience all cases to form your own opinions And then we can… Never mind As least your brother keeps his style over this issue What has he been through? Why don’t you all tell me about it? This should be told to you by your brother when he wants to What others say is unfair to him unfair to you as well Are you all trying to protect me? You think saying nothing is protecting me? But I’ve grown up now I can tell right from wrong I am not a child I don’t need protection No one says you are a child This thing is a little complicated For me, I will never speak ill of others behind his back You are so… A man of principle, right? You are like my brother very much Where is the cab now? You drive me crazy In fact, my last job is very meaningless I didn’t know what I want to do What I should do But it’s different when I came to Feilin I know what I want to do I got acknowledgement I believe that I can build my own career in Feilin So I regard Feilin as my new starting line As my home And regard you all as my families Actually It’s only two months and four days But it feels like we’ve been through a lot At first I misunderstood you I thought you set me up on purpose in order to steal the program from Shi I thought you had ulterior motives But later when we finished the Chunxiu project and the university movie festival And you helped me with the real estate ceremony And you took me to the fair Always sent me home You’ve helped me a lot Actually today I had a tough day But luckily I have you guys You probably don’t know How important is “we are family” means to me You told me before that you, Mr. Shi, Yangyang and Xuanli had been through a lot You made a lot of troubles So they gave you many first times I envy you so much But I found out today You also gave me many first times Mr. Fan Thank you I am so lucky to meet you You’ve helped me a lot too Once I was gloomy and went to the roof You were there talking with me In the university micro film festival, you helped me design the stage You contact the TV station at last And at that time You helped me change water When Yanran was sick you directly took us to the hospital You also did the honor to go to the brunch of we four Is this a help? Of course, I gain face We can’t talk in this way anymore It sounds like we are parting How is that possible. I won’t leave I won’t leave Feilin At least not now I want to be one of those able women who can make my own career Like Yueying and Miss Yao I won’t leave before I make it I finally found what I am capable of and what is meaningful Good The cab is here Sir Sorry sir I went to buy my dinner And I was delayed by traffic jams Sorry, so sorry I can charge you five yuan less Please don’t report me It’s fine You can have your dinner now I am a little drunk and dizzy I can get some rest Okay, thank you so much Good Whenever you are good to go Just tell me Okay Well go buy three bottles of water I have money Thank you Sir Water No, I am good I am not thirsty It’s okay, just take it We have many left in the meeting It’s for free Thank you so much It never occurred to me that Mr. Fan likes Lin Ziyu No wonder she’s transferred to our team so that he can protect her I was so astonished It was not what Mr. Fan would usually do My fantasy for him is gone for good It turns out that the talent Fan Shuchen also needs love A proud and reserved person like him did such thing today Xuanli Where are you I am here Oh no Here you are Right time Try this facial mask I just bought Okay Can I wash my face in the kitchen? Let’s go Yangyang Do you know how much I spent? Please don’t tell me I am afraid that I will be overwhelmed A lot, very much But I don’t feel happy I keep thinking of that woman The woman who gave me hard time Is she the international student that Ge went to pursue in Japan? The one that he left you for? You are making it worse I didn’t mean to I just want to know the situation so that I can help Yes it is Wait, they look different Oh no It seems that I don’t remember the look of that bitch That’s right This was many years ago She’s not in your memory anymore You should let it go We were too young then We knew nothing and believed that a promise meant forever It’s different now If someone tries to get your boyfriend will you just stand by and watch? Just doing nothing with a promise? Of course not Okay then You are not who you used to be anymore Neither is he He can see your other values besides your beautiful face The values only belong to you He will treasure you If after all these, he still can’t understand Then he lived these years for nothing Yangyang So, you need to cherish him Look You hurt him now What if someone are waiting to fill your position and comfort him? You are just giving him away to others How dare he? So Don’t be so stubborn Go make peace with him Yangyang, you are so good Go wash your face Then I will do it again I need to wash my hair Be good Why do you need to do it again? I need to return the car to Shuchen Should I drop you at the entrance of your community? Are you tired today? Absence forms work for a whole day It’s my first time You want me to make it up for you? How? Go to my place and you’ll find out Your place? It’s It’s not appropriate You mom is there This house is bigger than your home with three bedrooms I didn’t show you before Do you like it? Yes So big More rooms there, let me show you More? This is our bedroom And over here This is our study This is our… Baby room Many people will live in the future so it needs to be bigger If your parents come to see their grandkids they can live here for a while I don’t know what to say Fanfan, you are so good You leave rooms for my parents Of course, it’s not easy to raise children If your parents can help It’ll be more easy for you Now I hand this house over to you I doubted whether you would treat me well Or treat my parents well According to my test today You are good You must be a good husband Good father Good son-in-law So I hand this house over to you official So you were testing me today? Thank god I am good enough But you gave me such a big house Is it appropriate? Of course You are half the owner of this house You are in charge of the design Me? You don’t want to? Of course Our budget for this is 1.5 million Just don’t go beyond it Design it the way you want it to be How do you like it to be? I like it the way you like it to be You are more serious than at work I am under great pressure now With such a big house I don’t know where to start Am I technically a kept man? Don’t show off yourself My life is so lucky I must’ve done many kind deeds last life Among the four of us Xuanli wants to reap without sowing the most But it turns out I am the one who reap without sowing Are you really going to marry her? She already gave me the house I must live up to that trust What’s more I have no one else to choose I only have her Don’t you tell me You love me all the time Go away I just think What Someone has a crash on me and I don’t know? Lily? Or Ruolin? If I get married, the girls in our company must be all heartbroken Don’t make a scene Are you envy me for getting a house? Cheer up man And speak out your envy It’ll make me happy What I think may be discouraging to you You won’t listen We two are best bros Just say it Shi It’s your first absence from work for no reason. Because of this I don’t like her We can let go other things But being chauffeur for them? Why not hire one? Aren’t they rich? Maybe it’s just for today She said she was testing me It probably won’t happen next time You never understand You deserve to be eaten alive by her What? It’s marrying, what are you talking about? Yangyang I want to ask you something very important Do you still remember I said if you are 40 and still single I will marry you? Yes I do Good Back then I also asked you to remember my asset amount and some pass codes to the emails Do you still remember? You came to me just for the pass codes of the email? Yes Fanfan let me design our home But the designer sent the map to my old email address Oh, right We had many flowers left in yesterday’s event So I brought some for you Am I good to you Yangyang, please sign here Wow, pursuer? So many flowers Give me that He’s the active kid You once said He got you kicked out off the gym? No I didn’t It’s my assistant Praise me when you ask something from me Denounce me when you don’t No I didn’t This is my best friend since childhood This is a bunch of flowers left by others Take it away What’s wrong with the flowers? They are pretty And they can last for some days I don’t want it, no No Get out Go away I am going back to Australia tomorrow Anything you want to say? Take care of yourself, enjoy your trip What Why can’t promise me not to see the girl Lin Ziyu? I won’t do harm to you She’s a trouble maker Whoever meets her is in troubles Do you want trouble? Mom Ziyu is my sister No she’s not She got my husband killed And broke our family Good morning, Mr. Fan Good morning Mr.Fan Your package It’s the tickets for drama It’s a new drama of my friends Mr. Fan I’ve seen the promotion of this drama All-star cast I was thinking, if you are too busy You want to watch it? I’ll think about it Mr.Fan Can I help you? Nothing, I just came early So I am working out Where is Xuanli She said she wants skip lunch today Did you have a fight? Thank you It’s beautiful Let me take a photo and pose it online Let me try Delicious She’s so lucky You are so good Why are you here again? Yangyang Xuanli and Shuchen gave me a lecture and said that I was such a jerk to give you what others left It’s my fault Please let me mend our friendship by treating you a dinner You guys Let it go, it’s nothing Come on No I am off work early today I need to get some sleep That means you are still mad at me You don’t want to see me And that means you hate me Don’t be mad Don’t hate me Okay I’ll go

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